25 Perfect Side Bun Styles for Brides

If you have seen any woman wearing a side bun, you would know that this hairstyle is an elegant choice for most ladies. Depending on how a lady would wear her side bun, this hairstyle can dramatically change from a super casual to a hyper formal one.

25 Ways to Wear A Side Bun

A side bun sounds like a perfectly normal and plain hairstyle, but there are also many other smaller hairstyle elements that one can add into it to create a more stylish hairstyle. Below, we’ll show some of the stylish ways that you can wear your side bun.

1. Side Braided Bun

The simplest way to make your side bun more elegant is by adding some braids into it. The braids, when tied from the sides to form a bun at the back, would become a hairdo that you see many brides wearing.

2. Messy Side Bun

If you want to have a more casual side bun, then you can can wear it in a slightly messier fashion. Add some tiny hair clips onto your braids as well, and you’ll have yourself a neat side bun!

3. Low Side Bun

Side buns can also have a graceful appearance when you tie it to the side. Most ladies would add an elaborate hair pin to make their hair bun more beautiful.

4. Side Bun for Wedding

With the help of some hair extensions, a lady  can wear her braids in a low bun at the back, creating a perfect, thick bun well-suited for weddings.

5. Curly Side Bun

Even with your curly hair, you can still achieve a side bun look! Due to the texture of your hair, you can definitely expect your bun to have a more unique look, which requires no further styling.

6. Side French Braided Bun

In case you haven’t notice, you can in fact, wear a French braid with your bun! The braid’s size and style makes it a perfect way to style it into a side bun.

7. Loose Side Bun

When you tie your braids a little loosely on the sides, you’ll create a hairdo which looks much gentler and softer.

8. Side Bun with Box Braids

Box braids work very well with various hairstyles. You can leave it as it is, leave it in a bob, or have it tied in a bun just like this!

9. Cornrow Side Bun

Ladies lucky enough to be able to rock cornrows might find themselves being able to rock a hairstyle as beautiful as such too.

10. Side Chignon Bun

If you’re not a big fan of braids, maybe you can also wear  it in a style that doesn’t involve any braids at all! A chignon bun would do the trick for you.

11. Sleek Side Bun

If you happen to have some hair band to spare, it will make it so much easier for you to get a bun in this shape done perfectly.

12. Vintage Side Bun

When we mention a vintage hairstyle, we usually involve some waves in the bangs or along the entire hairstyle – just like shown above!

13. Flat Twist Side Bun

In some sidebuns, you might notice the braids being very prominent due to the natural shape of these braids. If you fashion them into flat braids however, you’ll get yourself some braids which look more suited for a formal occasion.

14. Side Bun with Rope Braid

Ladies with long hair can style their braids in so many unique ways! One such unique braid styles would be the rope braids, in which a long braid is twirled around in no consistent pattern.

15. Side Bun for Long Hair

You may want to reconsider getting a side bun if you have really long and thick hair! When left unbraided, your hair can look heavily scrunched up – a look more suitable for older, more mature women.

16. Side Bun with Short Hair

Even with short hair, you should still be able to create a small side bun. As you can expect, the bun is going to look rather tiny, but that’s nothing a few colorful or flowery hair accessories won’t fix.

17. Side Bun for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair would be the ideal length for a loose side bun hairstyle with sideswept bangs. Having some flowery hairband would work very well in your favor too!

18. Bun with Side Swept Hair

This is one of the sidebun hairstyle which will still work well even if you have silvery gray hair. This simple hairstyle remains timelessly stylish even as you age.

19. Big Side Bun

Prefer a bun without braids? How about trying a neat, streamlined bun? You won’t even need any braiding at all for this, and one hairband can easily do the trick!

20. High Side Bun

Even for side buns, there is a variety of ways that you can tie them – even up top! A loose bun up top would be a good option for a casual style.

21. Side Bun on Black Hair

The thing about black hair is that it comes in so many different textures! This in turn makes it possible for you to style your hair in many ways, including a braided side bun!

22. Side Bun Hairstyle for Bridesmaid

Loose curls around your face paired with more loose curls around the back just speaks for itself – graceful. Opt for small accessories to keep your hairstyle looking even more graceful than ever!

23. Straight Hair with Side Bun

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t style your hair with a sidebun look if your hair has no curls! Straight hair works just as well, giving you a more gentle look.

24. Blonde Side Bun

Hairstyles know no color bounds. Regardless of your hair color, you can go for different hairstyles, whatever they may be! In any case, having some slight variation in hair color will still enhance your hairdo looks.

25. Finger Wave Side Bun

Nothing beats a retro look once in a while. Finger wave styled buns will make you fit in instantly if you were to go for a 60’s themed party! Trust us, these bun haristyles are absolutely in for that era too!

And so, there you go! 25 different bun styles and how you can style them depending on your hair length, hair color and preferred styles. We hope that this list has given you some ideas for your own hairstyling too!