23 Gorgeous Braided Wedding Hairstyles (2024 Ideas)

Every woman wants to impress on her wedding day and there’s no reason to wonder why most of the brides adore braided wedding hairstyles.

On this important day, you want to be in the center of attention and all eyes will be on you, so the hairdo you choose will make a big impact on the way you feel about yourself and the way your guests see you. You want them to remember for the rest of their lives how stunning you looked!

However, in terms of styling, it doesn’t matter the thickness of your hair or the color, intricate braided wedding hairstyles will make you feel like a princess.

So if you want to get a memorable look for a memorable wedding, scroll down and discover our tips and tricks for having the chicest hairstyle at the event!

1. Long Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

On your wedding day, not only the dress is essential, but also your hairstyle. Don’t stick to only one type of braids and pull off simple hairdos; make the hair look as complicated as your want. For the top area, roll strands from one side to another and continue with a French braid. Decorate it with leaves and pearls for a more relaxed touch.

2. Medium Hair Braid for Wedding

To recreate this awesome braid, start from the forehead with a Dutch braid and make sure the braiding is not too tight. End the knit in a low bun and pull off the edges as much as you can to give the braid volume. Also, create a wave that will make the face look elongated.

3. Short Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

Even if the hair is loose and looks messily styled, that one-sided intricate braid is just what you need to give this braided wedding hairstyle some sass. Use thin strands of hair when braiding and pull the edges off, then tighten the braid.

4. African American Wedding Hair with Braid

If you want volume, make sure you use Remy hair for the extensions.  Build a big bun in the nape area and use sponges to create that fabulous dimension. On the top, build a hair bump that will be your holder for the crown. By drawing away from the hair from the face, your makeup will be more revealing.

5. Wedding Hairstyle with Braid for Bridesmaid

Boho looks seem careless but in fact they are very chic. Split the mane in two and braid each section and direct the knits to the top, crisscrossing them to create a crown. Spare a few strands from the long bangs and loosely curl them with a wand to complete the look.

6. Braided Hairstyle for Wedding Guest

When you already have an ombre, your wedding is the perfect occasion to accentuate and make that gorgeous color blend pop. Loosely curl your hair, just enough to get some bounce and volume. Starting from the forehead, create a braid that integrates the top and midsection strands, by building a simple hair crown.

7. Little Girl with Braid for Wedding

Is your little princess going to attend a wedding or be one of the flower girls? In this case, her hairstyle must be gorgeous and suitable for her age. Part the hair in two and, on each section, create a French Braid that starts from the nape and goes all the way up to the top. Here you will master two messy buns and you can even add sequins or glitter all along the parting line.

8. Side Braid for Wedding

This classical bridal hairstyle features a thick braid that starts from the top and ends in a one-sided low bun. Also, a part of the bangs should be covering the lower part of the braid while a pearled golden pin will decorate the hairstyle.

9. Box Braided Style for Wedding

You probably already know that box braids are quite versatile and yes, as you can see, they can be styled to suit a wedding. Work with them the way you do with unbraided hair. Make a middle part and use the knits to style a stunning outwards roll in the back. Choose a decoration with large stones and place it on one side if you really want to sparkle at your wedding.

10. Braided Updo for Wedding

The key to creating such a diaphane blend is a balayage with highlights, with rolled strands and braids that mix together in a gorgeous bun in the back. To create it, you need to use strands from both sides and meet them in a crisscross.

11. Fishtail Braid for Wedding

Fishtail braids can be just the thing you needed to create the perfect braided hairstyle for your upcoming wedding. The thicker and denser your mane is, the more voluminous outcome will get. Section the top in three uneven parts and knit the fishtail, making them loose. Add thickness to the braids by feeding them in with gray hair extensions and ribbons.

12. Half Up Wedding Hairstyle with Braid

A honey and almond balayage will certainly provide texture. For your wedding day, by waving your tresses you add volume and a marvelous touch for the mane. Use the top hair to create loose braids that you will gather in the back, in a half up half down hairdo.

13. Twist Braid for Wedding

Most women want to look like real princesses for their wedding day and most of the time this involves having gorgeous wavy long blonde hair. So do not despair, because hair extensions are here to help you achieve your dream look. Use the braids to create a headband on an existing diadem and style the extensions on the back.

14. Braided Ponytail for Wedding

Section the hair in three parts, two for the sides and one for the top. Using the bangs, start braiding down a  French braid which you will secure with an elastic. Glue the sides to the head, making them look sleek, and join them with the braid in a ponytail.

15. Wedding Hairstyle with Braid and Flowers

Elegant and gracious are the words to describe this ravishing braided hairstyle for a wedding. The updo will reveal your face and highlight the heck area, making you look more feminine.

16. Curly Braided Hair for Wedding

From the center of the forehead, create a one sided French braid that reaches the back. Use a rounded sponge to make that great bun and decorate both, the knit and the low bun, with shining rhinestones.

17. Braided Bun for Wedding

As simple as it might look, this lovely braided bun hairstyle for thin hair captured our hearts. Keep the bangs on the forehead and gather the long mane in the back, in a braided pony. Twist the ponytail to build a bun and place a black headband with a glamorous decoration on your head.

18. Crown Braid for Wedding

As a blonde with blue eyes, you will certainly look angelic in your wedding day, especially if you choose to combine braids and curls. Also, this hairstyle will be the perfect thing for you if you have a round face because those bangs will be swooped on one side, minimizing the roundness effect.

19. Braided Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

Boho braided hairstyles suit women who want to pull off that messy look with a touch of glam. To recreate this hairstyle you certainly must have thick and dense hair because you will sport two chunky braids on each side and they will meet in a more oversized knit in the back. Create that frizzy messy aspect and place the veil on the midsection area.

20. Crochet Braid Style for Wedding

When volume and kinky curls is what you need for your wedding, hair extensions are here to do the trick. Attach them as close to the scalp as you can and use the mane to build a massive bun on top of the head. Place a crown on the bun and get ready to get all the WOWs!

21. Wedding Hairstyle with Loose Braid

A loose braid in warm, pleasant tones will totally suit your relaxed wedding decor. Prep your hair for the braid by previously waving it. It will add so much dimension to the knit and the pearled decorations will properly complete the look.

22. Micro Braid Style for Wedding

For this hairstyle, you will probably need a whole day off because you’ll be spending it in a hair salon. Part the hair in three pieces, two for the sides and one for the top. Feed-in the braids to gain more thickness and length.

23. Waterfall Braid for Wedding

The waterfall braid looks fabulous on bobs but will transform you into a real princess if you have really long hair. Build it on top of the head, creating a hair crown, and wave the mane to get that full of dimension aspect. Let you hair fall in a cascade on the back.

In 2023, braided hairstyles are among the most popular choices for soon-to-be brides. The twists you can pull on a braid can vary so much, from classic hairdos, to boho-chic looks, or hairstyles with a romantic touch. Tell us in the comments how you imagine your perfect outfit and hairstyle for the wedding!