23 Easy & Chic Wavy Hairstyles With Bangs

If you’re looking for a chic, classy and trendy hairstyle, then perhaps wavy hair with bangs is a hairstyle for you to try. It can give you an eccentric and youthful look while making heads turn! For wavy-haired girls out there, this would definitely elevate your look while keeping it low maintenance. 

As they say, short hair never goes out of style! You could wear it straight, you could wear it curly — but definitely try out the wavy style. Matching it with wavy bangs frames your eyes more, and a balayage hair color would definitely highlight your luscious locks, perfect for day getaways or night outs. Here are some hairdos that you may try for a fresher look this year!

1. Short Wavy Hair with Bangs

Looking for a funky hairstyle that is trendy all year round? Give this hairdo a try! A few layers here and there will definitely frame your face for an instant chic look. 


2. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

An ethereal look can be achieved through long wavy hair with bangs. Match it off with this strawberry blond hair color, no make-up makeup, and a classy outfit and you’re good to go!


3. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair with Bangs

This hairstyle definitely screams edgy! Shoulder Length hair is a great way to change up your style, especially with dip-dyed hair in electric yellow. You’ll definitely make head turns with this hairdo.


4. Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs matched with wavy hair is the new in! For a professional look, while still going for a low-maintenance routine, this hairdo is perfect when you’re always on the go.


5. Wavy Black Hair with Bangs

Red ombre and wavy hair with bangs? Yes, please! This fun and flirty hairstyle is perfect for parties and night outs if you wanna elevate your look! No fuss, only chicness.


6. Layered Wavy Hair with Bangs

A little bit of throwback, shall we? This hairdo gives you a laid-back style that gives texture to your luscious wavy hair. These layers will definitely frame your face beautifully.


7. Wavy Bob with Bangs

If you want short hair without a boring look, try these short wavy locks with short bangs. Paired with brown hair, it will make you look more youthful, perfect for a new look!


8. Blunt Bangs with Wavy Hair

Blunt bangs never go out of style! This eccentric hair-do got the best of both worlds, literally. With the blue and pink half color-matched with waves, you’re surely a head-turner in town.


9. Bangs with Thick Wavy Hair

A classic, ethereal and luscious hairstyle. If you want to lose some weight in your hair, try getting some layers and watch these waves become more defined. These beach waves are effortless and don’t need too much styling!


10. Brown Wavy Hair with Bangs

Looking for an opportunity to chop off your locks? Take this hairstyle as a sign! Brown wavy hair with bangs is the new in. It will make you look more fresh and youthful, trust us on this.


11. Wavy Hair with Straight Bangs

Want to have Zooey Deschanel as your inspo? Try these soft wavy locks with straight bangs and balayage that will surely frame your face. You’ll look like a “new girl” instantly!


12. Bangs on Wavy Hair with Weave

Update your wavy hair with this eccentric blue color! The defined waves will make your hair look luscious and soft, while still looking effortless and chic. This is the perfect hair for all seasons.


13. Beach Wavy Hair with Bangs

An effortless, straight-out-of beach look is always a classic look for every woman out there. This is a hairstyle that every woman should try, it will make you feel fresh and classy that is ready for all events.


14. Blonde Wavy Hair with Bangs

Strawberry blonde is a hair color that you must try once in your life. Match it with soft waves and curtain bangs that frame your face, you’ll exude that sweet, innocent look that is perfect for first dates.


15. Chinese Bangs with Wavy Hair

For long-haired gals, these Chinese wavy bangs will definitely give you a laid-back vibe. Match it with a chill outfit and brown hair, you’ll look effortless yet still fresh and chic!


16. Dark Wavy Hair with Bangs

If you’re looking for a messy yet well-put hairdo, then this one’s for you. Shorter bangs are the new standard for low-maintenance hair, it gives you more time to enjoy your bangs without the weekly trims!


17. Messy Wavy Hair with Bangs

Messy hair is the new in! With this look, a mix and match of neutral outfits and accessories will definitely give you the “girl-boss” look! This hair is also low maintenance, just a quick blow dry and you’re off to go.


18. Wavy Hair with Bangs for Round Face

For round-face gals out there, don’t be afraid to try a new hairstyle like this. Wavy hair bangs will definitely make you more youthful. For a fun twist, a teal color will give you an edgy vibe.


19. Long Wavy Bob with Bangs

Try something new like this long wavy bob with bangs. If you’re tired of long hair, this hair length is a must-try for a new you! The red half-dye is a fresh take from your usual bob.


20. Asian Wavy Hair with Bangs

For gals who have thin Asian hair, give your hair some life and volume with wavy hair and a short length. It definitely exudes a fresher style, making you look like a lead in a Kdrama show.


21. Baby Bangs with Wavy Hair

A shaggy do with baby bangs is a must if you’re feeling funky and want an eccentric change in your life, particularly in your locks. New hair, new you! This is low-maintenance hair, great for on-the-go!


22. Bangs with Thin Wavy Hair

If you want a hairstyle that will showcase your hair texture and framing glasses, then this one’s for you. Perhaps you could also match it with wavy bangs for a cuter look!


23. Bangs with Wavy Hair and Glasses

Short bangs with wavy hair are definitely in style today and will probably stay for a very long time. These low-maintenance locks are perfect for girls who are always on the go!


Every once in a while, it’s nice for a fresh change of hairstyle that will suit your look. A chop in the locks that achieves wavy hair with bangs will definitely make you feel like a brand new woman. If you have wavy hair, don’t be afraid to try it out with bangs. These hairstyles will definitely give you an idea of what styles to try out for every phase of yourself.