25 Amazing Top Knot Buns for Women of All Ages

With so many ways to rock top knot buns, there’s a reason it’s a favorite for women everywhere. It can be worn with or without bangs, tames thick hair and makes thin hair look thicker. It’s an easy way to look polished without putting a whole lot of work into the style.


Pictures of Top Knot Buns

If you’re looking for a new updo to wear to work, class, the gym, or on a date night, look through these top knot bun hairstyles for all hair types. You’ll come away feeling more inspired than ever!

1. Top Knot Bun with Bangs 

This top knot bun is super chic paired with pin-straight bangs that come down past the eyebrows.


2. Top Knot Bun for Black Hair 

Wear your top knot bun with a poof or slicked back with a tight wrap.


3. Curly Top Knot Bun 

When you get bored with your straight hair, let your naturally curly hair fly free with a half updo top knot.


4. Messy Top Knot Bun 

Messy top knots look super pretty especially when loose tendrils of wavy or curly hair drape down by the ears to frame the face.


5. Double Top Knot Buns 

Throw it back to when you were a kid and go for funky double top knots.


6. Top Knot for Short Hair 

Getting bored with your go-to short hairstyles? Try a neatly coiled top knot with a little volume or simply slicked back.


7. Top Knot Bun for Long Hair 

This top knot makes long black hair look even longer. Swoop bangs and feather earrings make a truly stunning statement.


8. Top Knot Bun for Medium Length Hair 

On medium hair, the top knot might look simple but it’s totally cute and easily done up for a fancy night out a relaxed weekend around the house.


9. Twisted Top Knot Bun 

To create the twisted top knot bun, pull hair into a ponytail then wind it into a bun and pin into place with bobby pins or other decorative pins.


10. Big Top Knot Bun 

When it comes to top knot buns, the bigger the better. Use a braided lock of hair or a colorful handkerchief to keep your bun in place.


11. Tight Top Knot Bun 

Instead of a loose, messy top knot, try your hand at a tight top knot which can easily be smoothed back with gel or hairspray.


12. Loose Top Knot Bun 

Heading to the gym but still want to look cute? A loose top knot is a perfect mix of messy and adorable.


13. Top Knot Bun for Thin Hair 

If you have thin hair, a top knot bun with a few bumps or loose pieces is the perfect style for helping hair look thicker.


14. Top Knot on Thick Hair 

Taming thick hair can feel like a hassle sometimes, but slicked back or side-parted top knot buns are a beautiful, easy way to style it.


15. Top Knot with Weave 

Similar to the top knot ninja bun, this one is piled high on the head but right in the center at the crown with baby hairs softly framing the face.


16. Small Top Knot Bun 

A small top knot is just as cute and easy to style! This highlighted one combines a short, thin top knot with shaved sides for an ultra edgy feel.


17. Half Top Knot Bun 

Show off your beautiful curly hair with a small top knot bun on a half updo. This look is versatile enough for a fancy dinner out or for a day at the office.


18. Braided Top Knot Bun 

A braided top knot gives the traditional style a romantic, flirty touch perfect for a special occasion!


19. Top Knot Bun for Straight Hair 

Women with straight hair will appreciate the neat, polished appearance a top knot gives.


20. Top Knot Donut Bun 

A donut is one of the easiest ways to create a top knot and an essential in any girl’s hair kit. Pick one up at any store that sells hair accessories and you’re on your way to creating the perfect top knot bun!


21. Blonde Top Knot Bun 

The way this platinum blonde top knot uses a faded streak of pink as a pop of color to make its statement is a super pretty way to stand out.


22. Top Knot Ninja Bun 

Top knots come in many height levels, but this ninja top knot takes the prize! Piled high on top of straight bangs, the look is edgier than ever.


23. Top Knot Bun with Box Braids 

You’ll always look your best with beaded detail on a box braided top knot bun. Pile it high and use a couple of the braids to wrap it up.


24. Top Knot Sock Bun 

Make your mornings easier and look fabulous with a sock bun. With plenty of online tutorials, you’ll master this beauty in no time.


25. Top Knot Bun with a Bandana

A bandana is a great accessory to have on hand to style up your top knot bun and tame your locks.

Whether you choose two top knot buns or a single messy top knot, you’ll feel styled and chic enough for both a day at work or a night out. Slay away!