23 Amazing Sock Buns for Women of All Ages

A sock bun is everything you need if you want your hair to look elegant and glamorous. This bun hairstyle is also a very good choice if you have second-day hair and your locks don’t have the volume or dimension you desired.


Cute & Quick Sock Bun Hairstyles

The best part about the sock buns is that they are easy to make and can save you in all those occasions when you need your hair to look amazing, withing minutes! Here are 23 styles to inspire your new look.

1. Messy Sock Bun

For this hairstyle, all you need is one of those sponges that were created especially for this sock bun hairstyle. Of course, if you don’t have something like that at home, you can always steal a sock from your dad or boyfriend and use it to create this hairstyle.


2. Sock Bun for Long Hair

If you want this bun hairstyle to look amazing, you have to follow just a few steps. Tie your hair into a ponytail, add your sponge and roll your hair on it. If you want it to look even more beautiful, spare a lock of hair and roll it at the base of your bun.


3. High Sock Bun

This sock bun hair look is perfect if you choose a bigger sponge donut to create the hairstyle. Also, blonde hair color will make you look fantastic and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.


4. Low Sock Bun

These sock buns don’t necessarily need to be placed on top of your hair. You can create a lot of hairstyles using the donut sponge. For this look, you need to braid your bangs starting from your forehead and knit till you reach your neck. There, create a medium sock bun that will give your hairstyle an elegance note.


5. Braided Sock Bun

This braided bun hairstyle is suitable for any reception, wedding or other fancy events you need to attend. Create a sock bun but spare a thick lock of hair. Braid it and use it for your sock bun base.


6. Blonde Sock Bun

These blonde sock buns are fantastic! You can choose the size of the donut, making you bun voluminous or smaller.


7. Side Sock Bun

Tese wedding sock bun will totally get anyone’s attention! If there’s a wedding you need to attend, create a big braid on one side and a sock bun on the other. You can also use flowers or hair jewelry if you want your hairstyle to look glamorous.


8. Sock Bun with Bandana

If you are a fan of retro looks, this hairstyle with a bandana is the perfect thing for you. Create a sock bun on top of your head and use a dotted scarf to get yourself that Girl Power style.


9. Sock Bun for Women With Short Hair

If you have short hair, your buns won’t be that big but they will look fabulous. You can split your hair in two and male two sock high buns. You can even spare your sideburns or flip your bangs on one side.


10. Sock Bun with French Braid

If you want a fantastic look, create a braid that starts from your neckline and goes up, to your sock bun. If you want your hairstyle to look even more mesmerizing, all you have to do is to use some pearled pins or to make two braids that you can use to circle your bun.


11. Sock Bun for Little Girl

If your girl is a proud ballerina or wants to look like one, this sock bun hairstyle is something that she will adore in an instance. Create a small braid for your little girl, that starts from the forehead and use it to give the bun base a nice look. From here, you can add ribbons or other hair jewelry that you thing she might like.


12. Big Sock Bun

If you want a hairstyle that stands out, this big beautiful sock bun looks outstanding. Give it a try and you will adore it.


13. Sock Bun with Bangs

If you have bangs and long or medium hair, the sock bun hairstyle with bangs is perfect for you. Spare your fringe and fill your forehead with it and pin the rest of your hair into a big high bun, on top of your head.


14. Sock Bun for Women With Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and your locks tend to get greasy easily, this sock bun is the perfect solution to hide this problem, yet have a gorgeous look.


15. Sock Bun for Thick Hair

This beautiful women’s hairstyle is perfect if you are getting ready to go to a prom or an event, this look will give you the glam you wanted. Create a high voluminous bun on top of your head and spare a lock that you have to braid and roll at the base of the bun. Use a double diadem to look like a real princess.


16. Military Sock Bun

This military sock bun looks just perfect! gather all your hair in a low sock bun and use a medium donut to create this look. Also, circle the base of the bun with a braided lock from your hair.


17. Heart-Shaped Sock Bun

This colorful sock bun look is absolutely mesmerizing. If you want to have this, you need to get a pale purple color for the base of your hair and easily transcend to a pale pink color. Create a low bun and instead of using a donut sponge, search for a heart-shaped sponge. Roll your hair on it and you’ll get this breath-taking look.


18. Sock Bun for Wedding

If you want a glamorous look for the most special day of your life, your wedding, this hairstyle will make you feel like a true princess. Create a low bun and search for the perfect t hair jewelry to pin just above the bun.


19. Loose Sock Bun

Create a loose bun on top of your head if you are a woman who loves the messy look. You can also keep a few strands of hair that you can leave loose.


20. Sock Bun for Curly Hair

This bun is so stylish and cool! All you have to do is to pin your hair in a sock bun using a sponge donut. In order to do that you have to use a lot of moisturizer for your hair because you want it to look glued on your head. Keep your fringe loose and curly.


21. Double Sock Buns

This double sock bun hairstyle looks fascinating especially because of those rainbow colors! If you want a crazy modern colorful look, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you.


22. Half Up Sock Bun

FOr this beautiful hairstyle, you need to split your hair into two parts. The upper part needs to be pinned in a sock bun while the bottom part should go loose.


23. Mini Sock Bun

Even if you have short hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a small sock bun. You can even a thick hairband to accessorize your look.

If you want a hairstyle that makes you look mesmerizing all day and that doesn’t need a big fuss, try these beautiful sock buns! You won’t need to worry about your hairstyle anymore!