25 Different Messy Buns That’ll Make You Look Gorgeous

When it comes to messy buns, they’re not all created equal. There are so many ways to wear them from braids and twists to swoops and waves.

Not only are they popular because of their ability to flatter every face shape, but they’re flexible enough to wear to fancy events, such as weddings, or those laid back outings such as movies with friends.

So don’t resort to wearing your same old simple ponytail. Try one of these 25 cute messy bun hairstyles!

1. Long Messy Bun

This long messy bun updo uses pretty purple flowers as accents in its wavy twist.


2. Short Messy Bun

If you have short hair, you can still wear a messy bun – just keep the style lower. A cute side clip pins back side bangs.


3. Medium Messy Bun

If your hair is at a medium length, a messy bun can make it look fuller than it is. Loose tendrils will add to its romantic look.


4. Low Wavy Messy Bun

A low messy bun can be dressed up for a formal event by first curling it to add texture before pulling it back.


5. High Messy Bun

A high messy bun will have any woman looking and feeling like a ballerina with its tight twist. A shiny clip in back dresses up this updo.


6. Messy Bun for Women With Curly Hair

Going out this weekend? Pull your curly hair into a messy bun to show off those locks. Don’t worry about smoothing down frizz – it only adds to the cuteness!


7. Messy Braided Bun

Style up your messy bun with a gorgeous thick side braid. Clip it in place with a pretty barrette or simply pull it into your bun.


8. Messy Side Bun

Messy side buns are the perfect hairstyle if you’re going for a chic look. It flatters every face shape and is a quick style to put together in the morning.


9. Messy Bun for Thin Hair

A messy bun for thin hair can seem tricky to pull off, but the easiest way to make it look thicker is to incorporate a little volume with hairspray.


10. Messy Bun for Thick Hair

Thick hair looks gorgeous pulled back into a rolled bun with face-framing pieces. A pearled clip adds elegant detail.


11. Messy Bun with Bangs

Blunt bangs on a messy bun are a great complement if you don’t have the option to pull all the hair back.


12. Messy Bun with Tight Curls

Kinky-curly hair looks stunning pulled up into a messy bun. Let curly tendrils frame your face and set the look with hairspray.


13. Half-Up Messy Bun

A pop of color really shows off a half updo messy bun, but whether your hair is colored or not, this bun hairstyle great option for a date night or just running errands.


14. Messy Bun with Weave

To create a messy bun with a weave, you can use either a sew-in or a braid with the type of hair you want. This one slicks back the hair into a fuller messy bun.


15. Messy Chignon

Messy chignons are popular for weddings and formal events such as proms and bridal parties because they’re classic and timeless.


16. Wedding Messy Bun

This low updo for a wedding uses wrapped sides to form a crown around a messy bun. Long loose tendrils complete the ultra-romantic style.


17. Big Messy Bun

This big blonde messy bun uses braids of all sizes to detail a gorgeous hairstyle. To dress it up use small faux flowers or rhinestones.


18. Two Messy Buns

A style we all used to wear as kids get a grownup glow-up as two messy buns with shaggy curly bangs.


19. Swooped Messy Bun

Switch up your messy bun from a slicked-back style to swooped sections that come together in a cute wrap.


20. White-Blonde Messy Bun

A stunning wintry white blonde messy bun with a twisty side braid is impossible to resist as your next favorite go-to hairstyle.


21. Messy Sock Bun

A sock bun – a hair accessory easily picked up at any beauty supply store – is another great way to style your hair. To keep the style from being too perfect, pull a few pieces of hair loose.


22. Messy Bow Bun

Bows are cute on clothes and as hair accessories – why not shape your hair into one? Pull hair into a bun, create two rolled loops, and pin in place.


23. Messy Bun with Box Braids

A long hairstyle with box braids looks great with a half messy bun updo. Make sure it’s piled high for a major statement look.


24. Twisted Messy Bun

A simple yet super pretty hairstyle, this messy bun takes small braids and winds them back into a twisty coil.


25. Messy Bun for Straight Hair

Messy Bun for Straight Hair


Side bangs really help make this messy bun flirty and soft, perfect for any fancy event you might have coming up.

Now that you’ve seen how many different options there are for messy buns, you can have fun trying them all! Whether it’s a simple low messy bun you wear on the weekend, a high messy bun at the gym, or a braided messy bun for a friend’s special day, these styles will make you feel your best at all times.