16 Hottest Ballerina Bun Hairstyles for The Current Season

Despite its name, the ballerina bun hairstyle is not reserved only for the graceful dancers. In fact, this simple bun hairstyle is now so prevalent for daily hair wear! Part of the reason why this hairstyle is so popular today is due to its simplicity and how easy it can be to create the look on any busy day.


Variety of Ballerina Bun

Even with its simplicity, a ballerina bun can be modified in many ways, so that you’ll never run out of ideas to create the look. Take a look at the list below for some inspiration!

1. Braided Ballerina Bun

Any hairstyle can be easily enhanced when you have bright blue and purple hues in your hair. A ballerina bun is one of them! This hairstyle can also be enhanced with a braid formed from the bottom up. Find more braided bun hair inspirations here.


2. Ballerina Buns Shoulder Length Hair

When you tie a conventional ballerina bun, the loose hair around the front can be loosely curled to create an elegant style worthy of being word to wedding events!


3. Ballerina Bun Short Hair

If your hair is short, you can still tie the typical ballerina bun hairstyle. However, you may not want to expect much to play with or modify with various short hair length.


4. Ballerina Bun for Long Hair

When your hair is long, you can easily create a swirling bun at the back of your head. If your hair has color highlights, it will be very prominent here.


5. Big Ballerina Bun

There are hair accessories that are made to help you create buns just like this one. No more excuses for not getting this simple hairdo done in the morning!


6. Low Ballerina Bun

If you want a more formal look for a ballerina bun, try tying it low. This simple modification makes it a graceful look that no one can resist!


7. High Ballerina Bun

Don’t be too surprised to see celebrities wearing this hairdo as well. This is such a popular and simple hairstyle that it can be worn even onto the red carpet. No need to worry about matching hairstyles here!


8. Donut Ballerina Bun

Due to the appearance of a ballerina bun hairstyle, it is easy to add accessories to it. Whether you want to add a few colorful ribbons, hairpins or even smaller braids around the bun, everything is possible. The only limit is your imagination!


9. Ballerina Bun for Black Hair

Try braiding your way into a bun at the back of your head. These braids can easily accessorize the simplest of ballerina bun hairstyles, so you don’t need to crack your head over how to make it more graceful.


10. Ballerina Bun for Thin Hair

With ballerina buns, every day is a ‘thin hair, don’t care’ day! Every bun like this can be fluffed up to create the illusion of thicker hair. Just tie your hair into a bun first, and then pull around the bun to create a fluffy look.


11. Ballerina Bun for Wedding Hair

Buns like this can be a great way to accessorize match with your scarf, wedding veils or any other wedding attire accessories. Having thicker hair will work in your favor for this use!


12. Ballerina Bun with Bangs

Just because you need to tie your hair in a bun, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have another element from a different hairstyle to it! Let your bangs flow free even with a bun hairdo.


13. Ballerina Bun with Sock

Yes, you heard it right! If you haven’t heard of the sock bun technique, now is the time to search it up. You can create a ballerina bun within a matter of minutes with just a single sock.


14. Blonde Ballerina Bun

Get a little more bright colors into your ballerina bun by dyeing the ends of your hair blonde. This simple trick is enough to get your bun looking more eye-catching!


15. Messy Ballerina Bun

Part of the charm of this type of bun hair is that you can wear it a little messy and you’d still look just fine. So, don’t worry about the stray baby hairs. It’s alright!


16. Toddler Ballerina Bun

The above ballerina bun hairstyle is worn by toddlers. This style is often colorful and decorated than that of an adult’s. Bring on the colorful hair ties and ribbon accessories!

Are you convinced that a ballerina bun should be a go-to hairstyle for your normal days yet? These buns are so easy to tie and match with any fashion sense that it’d be a pity to not consider it as a daily hairstyle!