25 Gorgeous Updo with Bangs Styles for Any Occasion

Updo with bangs are one of our most highly recommended hairstyles for professional looks, but there are just so many ways to style it that it deserves its own list! Remember, as it is for all other hairstyles, these recommended hairstyles below can all be styled differently with different lengths, colors and more. It’s only up to your imagination!

Updo With Bangs to Look Stylishly Professional

Take a look at some of the ways that you can style your updo hairstyle with bangs in our list below, and let us know which one you’ll be trying out next and whether it’s for a working day or for a casual day out!

1. Updo with Side Bangs

Who doesn’t love a neat hairstyle like this? This lady has her updo done perfectly with a mixture of braids down the back and side bangs down the front. The silvery-gray color adds a nice touch to the look too!

2. Updo with Bangs for Wedding

This hairstyle is also very suitable for people who are looking to attend a wedding. For a formal yet not too uptight appearance, you can try keeping a few stray strands in your hairstyle.

3. Updos with Bangs for Black Hair

Black hair with this particular type of texture will be sure to drive attention to your hairstyle. You can definitely have your updo tied up in a bun at the top – it works out well!

4. Half Updo with Bangs

Not really feeling like having all your hair scrunched up at the top? How about doing it half-half instead? This lady here sports her hairstyle with half her hair let down, while the other half is curled towards the top.

5. Updos for Short Hair with Bangs

This particular hairstyle can look absolutely adorable for ladies with short hair! The bun will definitely be smaller, but that doesn’t diminish any good qualities of this hairstyle.

6. Updos for Long Hair with Bangs

Let’s say your hair leans towards the longer side; Well, that just gives you more ways to style it all up! In fact, you might find yourself creating different ways to tie your hair into an updo with any style for your bangs.

7. Medium Hair Updos with Bangs

It’s all in the length of your bangs and how you style your hair into the updo. Find a length that suits the shape of your face and the rest of the process will be easy peasy.

8. Messy Updo with Bangs

Having a sleek, neat updo with side-swept bangs can make you look strict and uptight. Keep your hairstyle looking somewhat casual and natural just like this!

9. Braided Updo with Bangs

If you’re looking for a hairstyle with more details in it, you can consider adding some braided details into your updo. They’ll match your bangs just fine, so don’t worry!

10. Curly Hair Updos with Bangs

Even if you have curly hair, you can still achieve this casual yet lovely hairstyle. If anything, your curls would add some details into your updo, so even this simple hairstyle can look stylish!

11. French Twist Updo with Bangs

A French twist is suitable for formal events, and you can look elegant and fashionable with anything else that you wear with this hairstyle.

12. Updos For Layered Hair With Bangs

If celebrities are also wearing an updo and bangs along with a layered look, then you know you’re choosing a good hairstyle to go for. What more do we need to say?

13. Updo Bun with Bangs

Here’s another hairstyle that works well with an updo – buns. Simple hairstyle elements often work well with one another, and this hairstyle is proof of this fact. Try it out some time!

14. Updo with Chinese Bangs

There are a few hairstyles that are popular among Asians. An updo with some loose curls is one of these popular hairstyles! This might have to do with how bangs fit their face shapes.

15. Cornrow Updo with Bangs

Even cornrows can be worked into this particular hairstyle! It may be a little tricky to tie it all up into an updo, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need to work out how you want to wear your bangs!

16. Flat Twist Updo with Bangs

Ladies with cornrows can also opt to tie up their updo in this manner. A flat twist pairs up perfectly with cornrows, and you can segment your hair in ways that most people with straight hair won’t be able to.

17. High Updo with Bangs

A high updo is a perfect hairstyle when you need to be stylishly formal. Unless you have a really thick head of hair, you’ll probably need to resort to adding some hair extensions to make this look work!

18. Updos with Bangs for Mother of the Bride

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or a relative, a soft updo and loose curls like this is the perfect hairdo to wear for weddings and similar occasions.

19. Side Updo with Bangs

Not all updo needs to be worn at the back! You can also wear it towards one side to give this hairstyle a fashionable edge. What an easy way to make a simple hairstyle more gorgeous!

20. Updo with Straight Bangs

Straight bangs work well with most hairstyles too, perhaps due to how they match well with most hair lengths and textures. Bangs can easily enhance any face shape as well.

21. Updo With Swoop Bangs

There are few hairstyles more dramatic than a tall updo with some swoop bangs. The involvement of hair extensions is almost 100% certain in cases like this!

22. Updos For Thin Hair with Bangs

While most hairstyles won’t work well for individuals with thin hair, an updo isn’t one! Thin hair can be easily bunched up and tied loosely to create the illusion of a thick head of hair.

23. Vintage Updos with Bangs

If you’re looking for a suitable updo hairstyle with bangs which you can wear to a Halloween party or any other themed events, why not try something from the vintage ages?

24. Updo Hairstyle with Bangs and Weave

Easily look more playful and youthful with an updo tied up high. If you have an oval face, then having bangs and some longer strands along the sides of your face will work in your favor as well.

25. Loose Updos with Bangs

As long as you tie up your hair in a loose and natural manner, you can easily achieve a soft, gentle look about yourself. This is one of the examples of such hairstyles!

Remember to match your updo with bangs along with other important details, such as your face shape and the occasion that you’re going for. One of the best things about updo hairstyles is that it’s so flexible you can make small tweaks to make them fit into any occasion!