30 Cool Undercut Fade Haircuts To Wear In 2023

The undercut is a retrograde haircut that was very popular in the 20th century. But this style has been brought back into fashion lately thanks to its many variations and versatility. As a general rule, the hair on top is long; however, it’s cut very short on the bottom and the sides, creating a somewhat harsh contrast between the top and the sides of the hair.

This is when the fade technique comes into play. Fading reduces the hair from the bottom and sides of the head as smoothly as possible. This reduction creates a transition of lengths and color on the back and sides of the hair.

Thanks to a fade, when you mix the two styles, you get an undercut style that doesn’t have a sharp contrast. This particular combination gives a modern and casual look that can also glide through a professional environment without any problems.

Undercut Fade Haircut Ideas

If you’re a man who’s not afraid to experiment with his hair and likes to stay on-trend, we have this perfect list for you. No matter your hair type or length, you can never go wrong with an undercut fade, and here are some inspirations to help you find your new look.

1. Low Fade Undercut

A low fade is one of those haircuts where the fade line of the cut is much lower than so many other fade styles. This is also a standard cut in the male community, making it not only a favorite of many but also a fantastic and risk-free haircut.

2. High Fade Undercut

The high fade undercut looks neat and chic. However, it also has a disconnected look due to the contrast between the top part of the hair and the faded sides, which look high and blurred. Thus making it one of the most popular cuts of the lasts years, thanks to its elegance and perfection for any occasion.

3. Undercut with Mid Fade

While, as we know, the medium fade shows us the visual appeal of the gradient style, on the one hand, it avoids excessive use like high fade or skin fade. Therefore, this is a highly recommended hairstyle for men who want to look good without much effort while keeping it neat.

4. Faded Undercut for Black Man

Here we can find another significant undercut that spares no expense at all. You can mix it with a pompadour on top to create a great contrast to the short, dark sides of the facial hair. It’s a gorgeous and highly versatile cut that you can wear to any special event.

5. Pompadour Hairstyle with Undercut and Fade

A textured pompadour with a medium fade can be a great style as it requires very little work and often looks top notch. Just let your hair grow a little so that the top part looks way much better, and you can get the full potential of this style.

6. Disconnected Undercut with Fade

The disconnected undercut is one of the most noticeable and extreme variations of the classic undercut. This style disconnects the hair from the top of the head to the bottom with a hard part. It’ll be a cut that will make you look very masculine but stylized, especially if you combine it with a lumberjack beard.

7. Man Bun with Undercut and Fade

Wear a spectacular man bun with your short hair by adding a slight undercut. Then, try to smooth your hair towards the back to look more elegant, or if you want to try a different style for a night out or a special event.

8. Slicked Back Undercut with Fade

This haircut is perhaps the most widely used fade haircut of all. The slicked back fade is one of many haircuts that cut the hair’s sides and back, while on top, it’s long enough to be combed back.

9. Taper Fade with Undercut

The taper fade cut represents a spectacular combination of three styles of haircuts, thus achieving a sharp gradient. This style will make you look like a leading man thanks to its avant-garde and refined style. This gives the person that air of elegance necessary to stand out and look incredible.

10. Faded Undercut for Asian Man

This style shows up as a high fade on most occasions, and the slicked-back texture of Asian hair will make you look way more attractive. In addition, the faded combination is always something that will make you look elegant and adds a neater touch to the cut.

11. Bald Fade Undercut

The bald fade gently blends your hair harmoniously with your scalp. As a result, a somewhat disconnected look is formed between both hair parts. For those men who want to experiment with their hair, we recommend this style one hundred per cent, and you’ll see that you’ll not regret it.

12. Long Hair Undercut with Fade

When using a fade haircut with very long hair, you almost always get a chaotic look. However, if you’re a man who wears long hair, you can try combining hairstyles such as a long toupee, pompadour or side part hairstyle with undercut fade.

13. Medium Hair Fade with Undercut

When using these fade haircuts with medium hair, you almost always get a pretty disconnected look. However, suppose you’re a man who wears medium hair. In that case, you can try combining hairstyles like a medium quiff and a faded undercut.

14. Faded Undercut for Short Hair

Speaking of avant-garde and refined styles, this is another one that moves along that line. This is one of those looks that can be classified as an understated military hairstyle. The faded sides with the undercut top feature little hair, making it a perfect match.

15. Comb Over Hair with Undercut and Fade

The comb-over has shed the classic look tag to evolve into something much better and sensational, becoming a trendy and refined hairstyle in modern times. It retains its classic look with some modern details, which will make you look spectacular. It’s best to opt for a low gradient, which will make it stand out much more.

16. Drop Fade Undercut

This style shares many similarities with so many other fade styles, the most apparent difference being the line fading gradually at the nape area. If more detailed touches are added to this cut, they can increase its impact.

17. Faded Undercut with Mohawk

The combination of different elements here becomes a risky mix in appearance but with excellent results. The top of the hair is cropped with heavily faded sides. The rest is cut with a neat shave so the neat shape stays even across the top.

18. Zero Fade Undercut

A zero fade haircut can also be called a bald fade or a skin fade. The zero fade is a versatile haircut that looks well with an undercut, making it a popular choice among stylish and easygoing guys.

19. Razor Fade with Undercut

The razor fade haircut, sometimes called a straight razor fade, is a type of skin fade cut in which the man’s hair is shaved on the sides and back. This cut is one of those very confident styles and quite neat for your appearance, very common among men.

20. Side Part Undercut with Fade

The side part fade is one of the most underrated haircut styles, being one of the most impressive styles in the men’s catalog. The hard part also acts as a flat undercut, the sides of the hair are faded, and the top part is long and with the distinctive side swept back.

21. Faded Undercut with Design

This style of cut tends to look great with darker hair. Using the heavy line, you can disconnect the top from the sides, thus creating quite an interesting contrast. You can add any design to the sides with the fade. It usually looks spectacular and gives poise and elegance to the man who wears it.

22. Burst Fade Undercut

This gradient haircut is an excellent example of how this cut goes beyond any hairstyle. Most fade looks look good on all men, and this faded cut with an up-swept style is one of those. It’s so simple yet perfect for any person.

23. Faded Undercut with Line

Two undercuts are better than one, and this is the perfect example of that. The clean-shaven lines also appear as undercuts, and the cut’s fade brings it that touch of rebellion that’s sometimes necessary. Definitely a splendid cut that you can try whenever you want.

24. Messy Hair with Undercut and Fade

This mostly-curly-styled hairstyle can also be considered an undercut as it features a long top with short sides. This is the perfect style for those who don’t look for many details when cutting their hair since it’s a beautiful and straightforward cut.

25. Skin Fade Undercut

The skin fade haircut is also employed as a bald fade or zero fade. The skin fade is a haircut that can go fabulous with an undercut, making it one of the top choices for independent and free-spirited men.

26. Quiff Hair with Undercut and Fade

We can say that the quiff is a hairstyle that combines perfectly with the undercut on many occasions. This haircut is suitable for short, medium and even long hair. There are many options to choose from, and above all, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

27. Faded Undercut for Curly Hair

The fade style also gives a fascinating look to men who wear curly hair. We know how difficult it’s for men to maintain and manage curly hair. But thanks to an undercut fade, hair care and styling will never be a problem again.

28. Undercut with Fade for Round Face

Of the many face shapes, the round shape is one of the most difficult to style. It’s not that it’s a bad face shape, but the truth is that men with round faces have fewer styles that suit them. However, a simple style with an undercut and fade can make the shape of the face more even and highlight some face features.

29. Undercut Fade with Beard

If you want to achieve a great contrast, you’ll achieve this by combining a thick beard with a clean and neat hairstyle. A superficial cut with a clean gradient on the sides is perfect. The two together make for a genuinely mesmerizing figure, as if the beard wasn’t already manly enough.

30. Faded Undercut with Glasses

Everyone has heard the saying that simplicity is the best sophistication. This combination of hairstyles is the spitting image of this saying. One of the sides is kept a little shorter than the rest of the hair. This hairstyle will come in handy for guys who wear glasses to make the most of their appearance.

Guys have many haircut style options thanks to the range of undercuts and fades available. Get to know the several styles of undercut fades that could work best with your current hairstyle, face shape, and features. You can wear your hair short, long, high, low, classic or modern, and still look great. After all, the final cut will undoubtedly be fantastic by combining two of the trendiest men’s haircuts.