23 Chic Undercut Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

Bob hairstyles are edgy, timeless, and modern at the same time, but undercut bobs scale on another dimension. They are so 2021 and look so fabulous in all lengths.

The undercut bob hairstyle gained so many followers after Hollywood stars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, or Rihanna were spotted on the red carpet rocking this smart in style hairstyle. It is easy to achieve but a little bit low-maintenance, especially if you like adding some colors, highlights or ombre.

Also, when asking your hairstylist for an undercut bob, you should keep in mind that razored designs are also a must-try for those who feel a little rebellious.

1. Short Bob with Undercut

In order to achieve more thickness, many women go for this short bob with a razored nape. The cut is perfectly straight, giving the hair more density and texture. The haircut works so fine with short bangs but also with a swiped on the side fringe.


2. Long Bob with Undercut

Bobs with undercuts on one side have a particular punk touch and will suit like a glove all strong, rebellious, and independent women. The short side is sported around the ear, high, reaching the corner of the forehead.


3. Undercut Bob for Medium Hair

It’s totally up to you how short you want the undercut to be. Grab your trimming machine and set the clippers just the way you want them. For a more dramatic effect, you can even get that temple a bald razored cut.


4. Undercut Bob with Bangs

A new trend is quickly occupying a spot in our heart, and it involves extended bangs for your gorgeous bob with an undercut.  You will get not only great framing for your most delicate features but also a modern haircut. Get a blunt cut for the hair and fringe, and instead of ending the bangs around the temples, extend it until it overruns the ears.


5. Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

As a woman with very thick hair, you can play with all sorts of haircuts until you find the one that makes you reach your full potential. A stacked bob haircut with an undercut will add volume to the nape with loads of layers and the undercut will sass up this classical haircut.


6. Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

Platinum blonde nuances are ideal for women who want to enlighten their thin hair color. While that nuance gives your hair an elegant touch, the razored side will cut that glam a little bit and make the hairdo extremely trendy.


7. Pixie Bob with Undercut

The combo between the pixie bob with an undercut and those messy layers will certainly step up your appearance. You might as well maintain the short hair in its natural color and dye only the top and bangs. The hair will fastly grow and you’ll be able to switch between hair colors each time you crave for a change.


8. Undercut Bob with Braid

Braid bobs can be your best friends when you have an undercut or a shaved design on one side. By knitting around the undercut, you will highlight the shorter hair and pull off an intricate hairstyle that won’t pass unnoticed.


9. Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

Asymmetrical bob haircuts keep your bangs longer on one side and shorter on the other part. By choosing a natural hair color, you’ll master a glamorous look, while if you go for a more electric shade, the outcome will be a real eye-catching haircut.


10. Side Part Bob with Undercut

One of the most incredible things about combining a one-sided undercut and a bob haircut is that you can always switch between an elegant hairdo and a trendy rebellious look. And the way you do that is by revealing the shorter side. Just pass the hair over the ear and Abracadabra! You have a whole new look!


11. Wavy Undercut Bob

Combining those feminine, delicate waves with an edgy, powerful undercut will say a lot about you and your personality. Your wavy bob haircut with an undercut will scream confidence and sass.


12. Blonde Undercut Bob

Bob undercuts are designed to fit women of all ages and it doesn’t matter if you’re already in your 50’s, this hairstyle will help you rock this age. Instead of getting the undercut on one side, do it on the back. You’ll get more volume, and your hair will look thicker. Once you used the trimmer to cut the blonde hair, use a razor to give the nape hair a more edgy look.


13. Undercut Bob with Design

Intricate bob undercuts will make you adore designs. You can get a triangle shape for the nape hair, with an abstract design or go for a haircut that’s even bolder, a spider web razored cut. One of the downsides for these looks is their high maintenance because once the hair starts growing, your nape hair will require some professional trimming.


14. Colored Bob with Undercut

Gothic and punk looks most of the time involve bright colored shades and unusual trims. You can go for a bob with extended bangs and shaved temples or you might fancy something even edgier. Use the trimming machine to actually shave a great portion of hair above the ear, until you reach the top. Keep the baby bangs and a small piece of your sideburns and temple hair.


15. Nape Undercut Bob

Good precision cuts will help you achieve that clean, blunt-cut look. The line is flawless, while the back is shortly trimmed to build more thickness. Create a stunning framing by getting straight bangs just above the eyebrows.


16. Undercut Bob with Layers

Work with your face shape and skin color to get the most out of this layered short bob with an undercut. If your face is round, you might want to try some swept bangs that will slimmer your face.


17. Undercut Bob for Black Hair

If your hair is curly, in order to get this flawless look, you will need to straighten your hair with a heated brush or an iron. To highlight the undercut, use hair fibers that will match your natural threads.


18. Inverted Bob with Undercut

Messy glamorous bobs with undercuts are your best friend if you adore looks that take almost no time to style. Keep the roots in their natural shade and opt for an ashy gray ombre. Use some orange shampoo to counter the copper or red reflections.


19. Curly Bob With Undercut

There is no hair type a bob with an undercut won’t match. Transform a dull curl hair into a stunning hairstyle with a subtle line design on one side and give the other part more volume by tossing the fringe in the opposite direction.


20. Angled Bob with Undercut

As an older woman, angled bob with an undercut in the back will get you so much volume. At this age, your hair loses its pigment and it starts to fall off and a haircut that preserves the thicker aspect is highly recommended. Avoid layered haircuts and go for blunt cuts for the bangs and hair.


21. Textured Undercut Bob

Combine the layered, textured hair with short baby bangs that you can extend on the side. They will go just above the undercut, revealing and highlighting it. Keep the bangs perfectly cut and straightened and make the rest of the hair look messy.


22. Concave Bob with Undercut

Who said bobs with undercuts couldn’t look more captivating and elegant. By creating a concave bob with long bangs on one side, you will reveal the undercut. The loosely styled curls are certainly going to make a gorgeous contrast with the trimmed hair.


23. Shaggy Undercut Bob

Wanna look like a rockstar? Shaggy bobs and undercuts work together like bees and honey! Loads of layers, messy looks, and low maintenance make these picks one of your best options when you really want a dramatic and striking hair transformation.


Bobs with undercuts can be either bold or subtle. Depending on your courage, the need for attention to your hair, and your personality, you can find the one that will best represent you. Also, if you have strict bosses, that don’t appreciate uncommon hairstyles, there are a few bobs with undercut hairstyles that can be elegant and chic. So which one are you going to choose: the bold and edgy or the subtle and sweet?