22 Most Eye-Catching Small Box Braids in 2023

Small box braids are one of the best hairstyles because they tend to suit everyone. They are also good for your hair because they protect the thread from dust and other external factors.

When building the hairstyle, make sure you think about the parting, extensions used, and probably most important, the prepping that must be done before actually doing the plaits.

If you are searching for some inspiration to create or even style your small box braids, we present you some of the coolest hairdos that will suit Afro-American hair and regular white girls locks.

So if you are ready to embark on a low-maintenance hair journey, scroll down and look at these gorgeous examples.

1. Small Crochet Box Braids

Parting plays an important role when braiding the crochet box plaits because you want to be uore the sectioning is even, has a nice shape, and the braids have the same thickness.


2. Small Knotless Box Braid

The braiding direction is also crucial when knitting the plaits. Go for squared sectioning to get these astonishing thin knotless box braids and carefully style the baby hairs using a toothbrush and some edge control.


3. Small Box Braids for Long Hair

If you love having more volume for the box braids, add the Jumbo hair extensions at the roots. Make sure you have enough spare time because the procedure is really long-lasting.


4. Medium Length Small Box Braid

When creating your small braids, you can either tie the ends to secure the braid or dip the tips into boiling water.


5. Small Box Braids with Triangle Part

Before sectioning and braiding the hair, your locks need to be prepped. Use a jam to make the strands easier to manage.


6. Small Square Box Braids

Detangle the hair before braiding and section it into small squared pieces. Use thin strands of Jumbo hair to achieve these gorgeous box braids.


7. Bob with Small Box Braid

Small box braids are versatile and can be used to extend your hair and protect it or create bob haircuts.  Recreate that inverted shape by making your front braids reach the chin and braid shorter locks in the back.


8. Small Blonde Box Braid

When picking the bundles for your small box braids, you can opt for multiple colors such as light brown and blonde Jumbo hair. Secure them by dipping the hair in hot water.


9. Small Box Braids in Bun

Box braids are phenomenal protective hairstyles that don’t allow dust or either external factors to damage your hair. If you want to keep the plates away from your face, roll them in a big bun on top of the head.


10. Ponytail with Small Box Braids

The color of the hair extensions doesn’t necessarily need to be the same as your natural hair. If you have dark hair, you can create a striking contrast by using lighter colors for your extensions.


11. Small Box Braid on Natural Hair

As a woman with natural hair, you might find it hard to take care of your hair and detangle it each and every day. Tight box braids can last for weeks and you’ll get a break from fixing that unruly mane.


12. Small Box Braid with Curls

Did you know that you can have both box braids and curls? Opt for wavy hair extensions and braid only half of them. Keep the tips untied to reveal the curl.


13. Small Wavy Box Braids

Once you have all the plaits, to achieve those wavy braids, spare them into sections and braid the hair again. Dip the whole braid into boiling water and here you have this stunning effect.


14. Middle Part Small Box Braid

Give those box braids a gorgeous effect by sporting an ombre or making a few white or blonde braids. Creating such a contrast will definitely get everyone’s attention.


15. Side Part Small Box Braids

If you want your parts to look really clean and to avoid flakiness, add some edge control at the roots. When braiding, make sure the knitting is tight to get those unique plaites.


16. Small Box Braids for Black Girl

To attach the braiding hair to your scalp, place it on top of the section you have already parted, make sure your hair is in the middle and start to braid regularly.


17. Small Box Braids for White Girl

The box braids and protective hairstyles are so popular that even white girls want to pull them off. You don’t have to braid the plaits all the way down, you can keep the ends untied and they will look fabulous.


18. Small Ombre Box Braid

If you don’t have thick coarse hair like Afro American women, getting thin braids will probably look so much better on you than the chunkier ones. Combining it with dark make-up, you’ll get that grungy rock look.


19. Small Micro Box Braids

A thing you need to know about micro braids is the fact that they will take a lot of time to style. But the outcome worths every cent! Slip in a few dark blue and purple knits to add a pinch of color.


20. Small Box Braids with Color

If you want to get a vibrant color, you’re not obliged to bleach and dye the hair, you can also go for box braids. Use ombre hair or any other extravagant color for the extensions.


21. Half Up Small Box Braid

Half up half down hairstyles make you look sophisticated and cool, whether you pin the top hair in a ponytail or in a big braided bun. They also look great on women with glasses so you don’t have to worry about that.


22. Small White Box Braid

As a girl with blue eyes and dark hair, you have two options: to use Jumbo hair extensions to brighten your face and hair or opt for textile threads to make the braids. Half up half down hairstyle will suit you like a glove if you want an upbeat modern hairdo.

Change your vibe with some gorgeous small braids that are low-maintenance, look so cool and modern, and can be pinned in buns, styled in half up half down hairdos or simply kept on the back. No matter your pick, these plaits will boost your confidence and give your hair length and volume.