30 Gorgeous Curly Bob Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Curly bobs are hairstyles cut in different ranges that can start from your ear and even reach your chin line. Curly bob hairstyles are a real statement, and women who embrace their ringlets love to define them with a short-medium cut that makes their hair bounce with every movement they make.


What to Consider When Choosing a Curly Bob

Curly bob haircuts are perfect choices for women who want a trim that accentuates their curls. Because the hair doesn’t have a great length, the curls will be well defined and with stunning shape. However, when you are getting such a hairstyle, make sure you don’t chop your strands too short because after the cut, your hair will settle, and the ringlets will get tighter.

To learn how to create a hairstyle that fits your facial features, hair type, and skin tone, scroll down and discover the best curly bob hairstyles for women who love being in the spotlight.

1. Short Curly Bob

Short curly bob haircuts are perfect for busy women who are always on the run but still need a haircut that defines their curls and makes them look stunning whatever they do. Whether the bobs are inverted or cut in a straight line, this hairdo will accentuate your curls.


2. Long Curly Bob

A long curly bob is a great match for all those women who want to show off their curls and emphasize the volume. Keep your ringlets in a shoulder-length and use the layering technique to give your hairstyle the shape you want.


3. Curly Bob for Medium Hair

A medium curly bob can be styled with both side parts and middle parts. It is feminine and amazingly frames your face. To create that wet look, define your ringlets with foam or hair wax.


4. Curly Bob with Weave

If you want a curly bob that looks perfect all the time, you can always use a weave to build this gorgeous hairdo. If done by a specialist, nobody will notice that you’re using hair extensions to build your hairstyle.


5. Curly Bob with Bangs

Bob haircuts can have all shapes and sizes, and they can look fantastic if you want to pair them with bangs. Depending on your facial features, keep the fringe covering your eyebrows or feathered, above them.


6. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Asymmetrical curly bobs are not only mindblowing but also used to hide certain facial features that you want to diminish, like a round face. By switching the attention away from prominent cheekbones and highlighting your curls that come in different sizes, you can totally hide certain features.


7. Curly Inverted Bob

A curly inverted bob will have so much dimension in the back. If you love getting all that volume, create layers in the nape area and keep the front strands longer.


8. Layered Bob for Curly Hair

Layers should be used each time you want to give your curly bob a certain shape. As you can see in the image below, you can play around with your trim and add more volume in certain hair areas.


9. Curly Stacked Bob

Stacked bob haircuts provide all the volume you need! Layer the back and wear your top hair on one side. You can even spice things up with a few blonde highlights.


10. Sew In Curly Bob

For a sew-in curly bob, you need a weave that matches your natural hair or one that can be styled just the way you want. Cut it in a length that you’re comfortable with and use your natural hair to create a part and cover the sew.


11. Curly A-Line Bob

Mild highlights look great with an A-line bob haircut that is a little bit sorter in the back and longer in front. Swipe the long bangs and top hair to one side if you want a chic appearance.


12. Curly Angled Bob

Angled bob haircuts are certainly very eye-catching! You can use foam or wax to create a wet look for your curls and make your coils tighten.


13. Middle Part Curly Bob

Curly bob haircuts with middle parts are ideal when you want to frame your face. Use wax to get that stunning glow and a toothbrush to style those cute baby hairs.


14. Side Part Curly Bob

Bobs with a side part are a stunning choice for black women with coils. If you get a straight cut, your hair will have loads of volume and will be perfect for all types of activities.


15. Curly Bob for Black Woman

As a black woman with curly hair, you might want to give these coils more definition. Use your favorite jam and style your bangs on one side.


16. Blonde Curly Bob

Women with fair skin will adore this blonde bob hairstyle because blonde nuances and shades suit their skin tone amazingly. You can opt for ashy and creamy nuances that beautifully mix.


17. Curly Bob for Woman Over 50

A bob haircut is elegant and chic and can be a good idea for women over 50 who want a modern hairstyle that suits their age. One of the best things about this haircut is that it can be adapted to all personalities, skin tones, and ages.


18. Curly Blunt Bob

Curly blunt bobs are a statement because not many women have the strength to get such an imposing haircut. If you have very curly hair, your hairstyle will have a lot of volumes and will catch people’s eyes like a magnet.


19. Curly Shaggy Bob

If you like haircuts that have a retro touch, this combination between a shag and a bob is exactly what you need. Layer your hair and style bangs that will stunningly frame your features.


20. Crochet Curly Bob

Need more volume and length? In this case, some curly hair bundles will help you recreate your favorite crochet bob haircut. Go to a salon, show them one of these pics, and they’ll know what to do to make you look stunning. You can also try to recreate this at home if you feel confident.


21. Curly Bob with Undercut

Bobs are suitable for all types of women: elegant and classy and even rebellious, who want to stand out. Style a bob haircut and use a trimming machine to create an undercut on one of the sides.


22. Kinky Curly Bob

Kinky hair is one of black women’s hair choices because it provides so much volume and shape. Use such bundles if you want a bob with a middle part or with a side swooped fringe. Either way, you will be glowing, girl!


23. Messy Curly Bob

Messy bobs have a layered cut that makes your hair look fantastic even on windy days. It requires less styling and is a match for women who want to pull off a casual look that can be easily coiffed or requires no styling at all.


24. Curly Bob for Thick Hair

When you were blessed with such thick hair, you can wonderfully highlight your waves and curls. We know that washing such a rich mane can be quite a struggle, but if you keep it short, you will look feminine and will be able to get out of the house in no time.


25. Ombre Curly Bob

Ombre hairstyles are mindblowing, especially if done on curly hair. This way, each riglet will be highlighted, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the hair salon every day.


26. Braided Bob with Curly Hair

Women with very short hair and no volume can also build a bob hairstyle. But, in this case, they’ll be using box braids that are cut and knitted to resemble the bob haircut. The plates can be decorated with golden rigs, and some wavy unbraided strands that are waved can pop here and there for a more elegant touch.


27. Asian Curly Bob

Asian girls with curly hair will adore this hairstyle because it is chic and totally mindblowing. But if you have straight hair, there’s always an option for a digital perm that will curl your hair and last for a few months.


28. Choppy Curly Bob Haircut

Choppy bobs for curly can suit all women who want a messy look. Keep your hair in its natural color or dye it in an electric shade. Either way, you will stun everybody without lifting a finger.


29. 50s Curly Bob

Bob haircuts are popular even nowadays because such haircuts are women’s fav for decades. And if you love those vintage looks, you can easily pull off a hairstyle that resembles your icons from those golden ages.


30. Curly Bob for Round Face

A curly bob is a great match for a round face that needs to look thinner. Do a side part with bangs to draw away all the attention from your cheekbones.


Bob haircuts are just lovable, and most women want at some point a hairstyle like this. That happens because bobs are cute, casual but can also be classy and even rebellious. It all depends on your personality and your tastes. Curly bobs are perfect for women who want to keep their ringlets in a nice shape and look their best at the same time. If you loved the examples above, tell us which one was your favorite hairstyle in the comment area!