25 Trendy Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women With Thick Hair

Bobs are perfect for thick hair and women with oval faces or simply for those who don’t want the struggles of long hair. If you are worried about your thick hair, don’t shy away from trying the bobs we are about to list below. They’ll look perfect on you if you can pick the right one according to your facial features and personality.


Bobs for Thick Hair

In this article, we handpicked 25 ideal and trendy bob haircuts for women with thick hair that’ll inspire you to change your look. Let’s explore how you can look classy even with short & thick hair.

1. Short Bob For Thick Hair

It’s such a blast to have thick beautiful hair and not many women are lucky to style something like this every day. This short bob with bangs above your eyebrows is glamorous and will certainly make you look awesome.


2. Medium Length Bob for Thick Hair

If your hair is of natural ginger color, this medium bob hairstyle will fit your thick hair like a glove! Such an impressive way to frame your face!


3. Long Bob For Women With Thick Hair

Thick hair does such a good framing for your face, especially when it’s mixed with a long bob hairstyle with short bangs.


4. Bob With Undercut

Undercuts are so popular right now and we can totally understand why. If you have thick voluminous hair, you can get this hairstyle in a blink of an eye, without caring about the dimension.


5. Bob For Thick Wavy Hair

A beautiful wavy bob like this is something you will loke in an instance! Layer your bangs and you’ll be ready to rock this hairstyle.


6. Curly Bob For Thick Hair

If you have curls, why not defining them? Create a medium bob haircut with bangs and use some hairspray to make your ringlets look bouncy!


7. Thick Straight Bob

A blonde amazing ombre goes hand in hand with an inverted bob like this one. Choose a honey blonde color to warm your face features.


8. Inverted Bob For Thick Hair

We adore this combo! Astonishing great red hair with some easy curls and an inverted bob! Girl, get ready to be noticed by everybody!


9. Thick Hair Bob For Round Face

If you have a round chubby face, you need to soften those cheekbones and jawline, right? A beautiful burgundy medium wavy bob hairstyle is the solution you were searching for.


10. Layered Lob For Thick Hair

This inverted lob looks fantastic! Create some highlights if you want your hair to beautifully shine. Also, some easy waves might be just what you need if you want to transform this into a romantic look.


11. Thick Bob for Black Women

This bob cut hairstyle looks just perfect on most black women! Hair split in the middle, dyed in black color and with a straight-line cut. Truly mesmerizing!


12. Textured Bob For Thick Hair

If you want textured hair, try choosing a beautiful blonde color for your ombre. Waves are definitely a good choice if you want to get volume for your hair.


13. Pixie Bob For Thick Hair

A spiked pixie will give your hair dimension and you’ll adore the way it suits you. You can also add some brown highlights and create asymmetrical bangs.


14. Stacked Bob

If you want to give your hair lots of volume, create a short bob for your thick hair. Also, bangs will help you beautifully frame your face.


15. Blunt Bob For Thick Hair

Go for a medium bob haircut and create a magical blue ombre hairstyle. It’s a bold color but you’ll embrace it and love it.


16. Bob With Bangs

This short bob with bangs hairstyle looks mesmerizing thanks to this beautiful caramel ombre hairstyle.


17. Messy Bob For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and crave for a messy look, get a short bob haircut and ask your hairdresser to create loads of layers. You’ll get the effect you craved for.


18. Razor Cut Bob

Razor cuts give tour tips such a fine touch. For this hairstyle, you need to create layers and add a pinch of turquoise on tour roots. Blend that color with your natural shade.


19. A Line Bob For Thick Hair

This is what we call a good framing. Get yourself an A-line bob hairstyle and keep your locks in a natural shade.


20. Thick Shaggy Bob

Grey is such a popular color now so why don’t you try it. Create a choppy bob and some bangs and you’ll adore this new look.


21. Angled Bob

AN angled bob haircut goes so well with electric pink. Keep your roots in a dark color and get ready to draw everyone’s attention!


22. Thick Hair Bob For Woman Over 50

If you are a woman over 50, this medium ombre bob hairstyle will give you an elegant touch and is also suitable for women with glasses.


23. Asymmetrical Bob For Thick Hair

An asymmetrical bob haircut is perfect if you want to blur some prominent face features like your cheekbones.


24. Thick Hair Bob For Oval Face

Bangs make a great job when it comes to framing and making your oval face look smaller. Create a bob haircut and as a dye, use a purple shade for your locks.


25. Very Short Bob For Thick Hair

This inverted short bob looks fantastic if you want an easy to style haircut. This way, you won’t have to spend too much time in the morning preparing yourself.

The best thing about the bobs is that they can be combined with all sorts of colors: natural, electric or ombre and balayage and also on any hair type. So, pick the bob haircut you want to get on your thick hair and visit your hairdresser. Also, tell us which one is your favorite!