Straight Hair With Bangs – 25 Super Cute Looks

Do you know which hairstyle looks good on every girl? Straight hair with bangs. You can wear it long, short, medium length, with long bangs or short bangs – you can modify this any time! As you look at our list of pictures below, you’ll realize that there are many ways to wear this hairstyle.


Straight Hair With Bangs

It’s hard to explain just how simple yet gorgeous this hairstyle is. You’ll have to look at our list of 25 hairstyles for straight hair with bangs below to get a better idea!

1. Long Straight Hair With Bangs

Every girl will look sweet and amazing with this simple hairstyle. Short bangs cut right along the eyebrows pair up very well with long straight hair.


2. Short Straight Hair With Bangs

Bangs on short and straight hair will give you a slightly vintage look, and if you curl the ends a little bit just like this girl in the picture, your hair will wrap around your face nicely!


3. Shoulder Length Straight Hair With Bangs

You can also opt for shoulder length straight hair. We especially love this lady’s hair color choice which makes the hairstyle rock even more than it does on its own!


4. Straight Hair With Side Bangs

This hairstyle is actually sort of loosely curled, but it still looks good enough! Some people with straight hair wake up with a slightly curled look just like this one – although this look typically only lasts until they brush their hair!


5. Thick Straight Hair With Bangs

Thick hair gives your long straight hair a more voluminous look, so you can look like an amazing model all day, any day. This lady has an equally amazing set of bangs to sport too!


6. Bangs On Fine Straight Hair

Is your hair of a finer texture? Guess what, that’s alright too! Try leaving your bangs around the eyebrows level as well, and you can see for yourself how naturally your hair frames itself around your face.


7. Straight Crochet Hair With Bangs

With a hair texture this unique, no hairstyle will not be suitable for you. This lady here sports her crochet hair with some long side bangs, and she looks absolutely awesome.


8. Straight Layered Hair With Bangs

Layered hair is always the secret to making your hair look like it has more volume, even if you don’t actually have thick hair. This hairstyle is suitable for most events, if not all!


9. Straight Bangs For Wedding

Leave a few strands curling freely around your face, and tie the rest in a bun to create a look perfect for weddings. Look how gorgeous the bangs make her look in that wedding veil and dress!


10. Back Straight Bangs

The thing about having straight hair with bangs is that you’re free to accessorize and tie it any way that you want to. As an example, you can leave your bangs down and tie a bun at the top, even when you have your long hair free otherwise.


11. Straight Bangs With Weave

The two-toned look is awesome! Any typical hair dye color can look good when you blend it well with your natural hair color. The key to this is just to have a skilled hairdresser.


12. Straight Hair With Braided Bangs

What did we just say about having different hairstyles when you have straight hair with bangs? This lady here just proved our point once more. If you have long bangs, you can braid them to the side and create this look.


13. Emo Hair With Straight Bangs

Remember when this look was all the rage 10 years ago? The emo style was the trend, and it required these layered straight hairstyles with bright vibrant colors and of course, piercings.


14. Straight Hair With Korean Bangs

In the Korean hairstyles, the bangs are a little scarce, and the ends of the straight hair will be loosely curled. You’ll find many Korean ladies sporting this hairstyle, which makes them look graceful and innocent at the same time!


15. Side Swept Bangs With Straight Hair

Not super into the whole looks with bangs thing? How about having just half the bangs? This lady here kept her bangs side-swept to look like she doesn’t have a set of full bangs, but if you comb it the other way, you’ll see that she totally does.


16. Blonde Straight Hair With Bangs

These amazing bangs are going to take quite some time to create. Ultra-fine hair, well-combed and styled with a hair iron would be what it takes. It’s so neat that it almost looks like a pre-set wig!


17. Straight Bangs For Round Face

The best part about straight hair with bangs is that it can cover up the fact that your face is actually quite round. Keep your bangs a little sparse, and your straight hair on the side will take care of the rest.


18. Sew In Straight Hair With Bangs

It’s amazing how perfectly some girls can pull off their straight hair. This style is so neat that we can’t help but to love how her hair cascades down her shoulders – it’s almost like liquid!


19. Side-Parted Straight Hair With Bangs

Want your long straight hair to look less formal and more casual instead? Part your bangs along the side so that your hair looks almost loosely curled, even though it’s not. For most of us, our hair will also curl up loosely around the ends.


20. Straight Dark Hair With Bangs

Short black hair has never looked so good. When you have straight hair and some side-swept bangs, you have yourself a hairstyle that you can wear for a casual day out, a formal presentation for your work, or just a simple graceful look for your next photoshoot!


21. Straight Hair Lob With Bangs

If you want to have medium-length straight hair (Usually around shoulder level), this is how you can expect it to look. Pair it with straight bangs, or just keep your long bangs on the side. In any case, you’ll have yourself a nice hairdo that you can wear to the office.


22. Straight Balayage Hair With Bangs

No matter the hairstyle, a balayage bob will always be a trendy choice. The colors blend well with pretty much any hairstyles, so you only need to choose the colors that you want to go with your straight hair.


23. Straight Hair With Feathered Bangs

Why stick to the traditional straight bangs when you can have feathered bangs with awesome highlights like this? This is one way that you can style your hair if you feel that straight hair with bangs is too plain and common.


24. Straight Hair With Bangs for Women With Glasses

Does this girl remind you of Velma? Short straight hair with bangs will likely end up looking like short bobs after some time. It’s a cute hairstyle for younger girls, although some mature women wear it well too!


25. Straight Ombre Hair With Bangs

Here’s to the classic long, straight hair with ombre tones. The bangs are a nice touch! You’d also want to condition your hair to make sure that the bleached ends don’t dry out too much.

Which of the above straight hair with bangs hairstyle do you like the most? While these hairstyles might serve as some inspiration for you, remember that there are many other ways that you can style your beautiful hair.