25 Undercut Hairstyles For Women That Are Trendy in 2024

Undercut hairstyles are still a thing in 2024, and women who want a sassy hairstyle that gets all the attention will definitely love such a look.  They will manage to create real works of art if they combine several elements. An undercut can be pulled off so easily and adapted to any haircut, from pixie cuts to bobs, braided hairdos, and even long hair.

How to Do An Women Undercut?

An undercut is a very short haircut that can be pulled off in the nape area, or on sides. To get it, you will need a trimming machine and some clippers if you want to play around with several lengths. After choosing the perfect spot, attach the clippers and start shaving. You can also make it look even more stunning if you opt for an abstract design to create an eye-catching look. To discover the best ideas, scroll down and find out how to make the most surreal undercuts.

1. Long Hair Undercut

First of all, create blonde highlights. On one side, opt for an undercut with abstract lines design that will greatly highlight the short area. Use thin strands of hair to style a French braid and tie it several times to get that Viking look.

2. Short Hair with Undercut

Older women with gray hair would love a short pixie haircut with an undercut. Use the top longer hair to build height and style it up and towards the back. The hairstyle can be both classy and elegant or rebel and sassy.

3. Undercut for Woman with Medium Hair

Spice up your regular medium brunette shoulder-length hair. Firstly, use a semi-permanent hair dye to create dark purple chunky highlights. On one side, shave the area around your temple and style two short lines with your trimming machine.

4. Undercut Hair for Black Woman

Do you want to shine bright like a diamond? If the answer is yes, this is a hairstyle with an undercut that you will deeply love. Shave the sides and back and in the nape area, use the trimming machine to pull off a diamond shape. For the top, create box braids and tie them all up in a high bun.

5. Faded Undercut

Inspired by men’s cuts, this hairstyle is a great choice for women who love undercuts and fades. Go for a temple fade and maintain a high top that you’ll use to build a small mohawk. Dye your hair in a burgundy nuance.

6. Undercut Hair with Ponytail

If you have thick hair, you don’t have to worry about the thickness of your ponytail. Create a V undercut shape that starts from the temples and ends in the back. Create a copper-red ombre and pin the long hair in a ponytail.

7. Undercut with Bangs for Woman

Want a distinctive look that will match your fair skin and blue eyes? Go for a medium haircut with bangs and a one-sided undercut. Die your hair in a dusty pink color and use a wand to style your curls. If you want more, you can always opt also to paint your eyebrows.

8. Shaved Undercut Hairstyle

Undercuts are fierce and a great way to show off your extreme side and rebel nature. Delimit the longer blonde top from the lower part with a shaved undercut. Pin the longer locks in a messy bun, on top of the head.

9. Mohawk with Undercut

Red, pink, and orange nuances are the best way to show people your true nature. As an independent woman who wants to show off her greatness, braiding your hair and creating two shaved sides is the greatest way to highlight your colors.

10. Layered Undercut for Woman

Opt for a duo-colored hairstyle with an undercut and a long top, and feathered bangs. For the undercut, maintain your hair in its natural color. As for the longer pieces, dye them in a mauve gray nuance.

11. Curly Hair Undercut

First of all, you need to take care of these stunning curls. Highlight them with blonde dye, and use your favorite jam to create that amazing curl shape. On the other side, shave the section above the ear and style pointy shapes.

12. Undercut for Wavy Hair

This aquatic hairstyle inspired by marine colors is certainly eye-popping. Maintain your natural hair color in areas where the hair is shortly trimmed. Wear the longer sections on one side and slightly wave the hair.

13. Woman with Nape Undercut

Undercuts can become your canvas for all sorts of designs. If you love the mermaid‘s look, you will certainly adore this unique pattern. It spreads only in the nape area and you can opt to reveal it by wearing your long hair tied into a bun.

14. Undercut Bob

Short bob haircuts can be both classical but they can also have a wild side. Use your straightening iron to create that flawless look. Place your hair over the ear to reveal the shaved side.

15. Disconnected Undercut for Woman

Who said that a disconnected undercut will only suit men? This hairstyle is ideal for all those who want to stand out and sport an unusual hairdo that gets all the attention. Keep the roots in black color and add a red copper note.

16. Blonde Hair with Undercut

Style your undercut with different hair length levels. Separate your sections with razored lines and you’ll obtain a gorgeous abstract design. Go for a stunning white color but remember that you will need to use a lot of bleach to reach this shade.

17. Shag Hair Undercut

Your shag undercut must maintain the color of your natural hair.  On the other hand, you can sport all sorts of nuances for the top. You can opt for something fierce like red, bright pink, or orange. Keep the eyebrows in a dark color.

18. Undercut for Woman with Fine Hair

A pixie that features longer bangs will draw all the attention to your face. Opt for gray and platinum blonde nuances and sport an undercut. Shortly trim the sides and back and texturized the ends of your hair.

19. Pixie Hair with Undercut

Opt for a platinum blonde with gray reflexes and dye the tips in a faded mauve nuance. In the back, create an undercut, maintain its natural nuance, or paint it in the same color that longer tresses.

20. Colored Hair with Undercut for Woman

When you want a fierce look, red hair color will yell confidence, and you will love the way people admire your bravery. To define this dyed section better, create an undercut for the pixie and highlight the red part with a razor line.

21. Braid with Undercut

Such a spectacular way to braid the hair! Firstly, to recreate these looks, you need to sport an undercut that resembles the scaly of a mermaid. You can continue with a tail by pulling off an inverted braid that starts from the nape and goes to the top.

22. Side Swept Hair with Undercut

Undercuts for women can have numerous lengths, and you can style them to suit any personality, personal style, and hair type.  Create a side part and twist those strands on the opposite side. Style two or three lines and opt for a thick black eyeliner to draw all the attention to your face.

23. Messy Hairstyle with Undercut

Inspired by regular cuts for men, this tomboy pixie with an undercut is an attractive way to draw all the attention to your face. Opt for an ombre that goes from a dark blonde and enlightens into a platinum nuance.

24. Cropped Hair with Undercut

If you love messy looks, this one is for you. It doesn’t require too much styling because the combination between the pixie haircut and the undercut works their charm and give you that modern, sexy tomboy look.

25. Undercut for Woman with White Hair

When you say white hair, most women tend to cringe because they’d love to stay away from this hair color for as much as possible. However, some girls know how to work around this spectacular but fastidious nuance. They can pull off a hairstyle with an undercut that will make all haters say WOW.

Undercut hairstyles for women will certainly draw attention if the length combinations are wild and unusual. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt an undercut and make it suit even a woman over 50. And that happens because these undercuts are so versatile and incredibly hot, right?