25 Trendiest Short Shag Haircuts to Try in 2023

Short shag haircuts are back in trend in 2023, and women worldwide are getting fascinated  – once again – about this messy low maintenance hairstyle. It impresses with the edgy layers and tons of styling possibilities.

Even if you might think the shag haircut will look retro and old-school, you haven’t seen the examples we provided below. It looks impressive with all sorts of lengths: from short shaggy pixies to long rockstar looks. It is not that fastidious and looks perfect with thick and fine hair, curly or frizzy, and can be adapted to all face shapes.

Another brilliant feature that shags have is their capacity to build more volume. If you are ready to get a makeover that will totally simplify your styling routine, short shag haircuts are the perfect hairdos.

1. Short Shag Hair with Bangs

Prep your hair with a little bit of curl cream that will also give your short shaggy haircut a little weight but also some of that hold. Short bangs are definitely going to help you frame the face, and the haircut looks stunning with cat-eye glasses.

2. Short Shag for Fine Hair

Some stylists say that a shag haircut isn’t even a shag without the font part being cut away.  This is one of the timeless iconic, recognizable traits of this hairstyle. By pulling your hands through our hair and messing it up, you will have that stunning rockstar look.

3. Short Shag for Thick Hair

Make two diagonal partings to delimit your fringe, and make sure the corners of the bangs are in the same spot on the eye on each side. Once you feel good with that, part the bangs in three. The middle one will be shorter, and the bangs will have a lot of texture.

4. Short Wavy Shag Haircut

Having wavy hair will help you get a gorgeous dimension for the shaggy hairstyle. Cut the hair with a soft edge, and at the same time, build a lot of weight for the shape.

5. Short Curly Shag Hair

There’s no hair texture a shag can’t handle, so even if you have curly hair, you might find yourself loving this hairdo.  If your hair is too curly, creating loads of layers will get that beautiful classical shag shape.

6. Short Blonde Shaggy Hair

Shags can be both classical and modern, depending on the way you style them. To give them that glam touch, opt for a platinum blonde hair color and loosely wave the hair. However, straightening your hair is also an option that shouldn’t be ignored.

7. Short Shaggy Bob

Highlights play a  great role in better defining the layers and adding even more texture to the shag haircut. Use the point comb cutting technique and try getting the perfect balance between sides.

8. Short Shaggy Hair for Women Over 50

When cutting your hair, properly wet your hair before you start.  Bring the top hair straight forward towards the face and softly point-cut your way to the mid-neck. These choppy ends will create a marvelous frame for your face.

9. Short Shaggy Pixie Hair

Short pixie haircuts suit women all ages, especially if they have rounded or chubby faces. Instead of spreading the bangs on the whole forehead, try arranging them on one side because you want to build angles that fight the roundness of the face.

10. Short Messy Shag Hair

Another face shape that can benefit from the shag haircut is one where the forehead is large and wide. These specific bangs will cover it and will draw all the attention away from this feature.

11. Short Shag Hair for Round Face

Blunt bangs can be very well integrated with a shag haircut, especially if your face has a round face. Your hair must reach the shoulders to create length and to elongate the face.

12. 1970s Short Shag Haircut

If your hair is naturally wavy, you must take advantage of its texture, create layers and highlight those bouncy locks. The bangs should be rounded and short, covering half of the forehead.

13. Short Shaggy with Baby Bangs

Before getting baby bangs, you have to think this because they don’t suit all face shapes. They open up the face and draw attention to the eyes and make a face look longer.

14. Short Gray Shaggy Hair

Salt and pepper hair might be an option for women who want to embrace the transition to gray strands. Keep the bangs straight with a little wave and curl the rest of the shag.

15. Short Shaggy Hair for Woman with Glasses

Shag hairstyles can look retro, inspired by the 1970’s trends, or modern if you want to give haircuts a more trendy twist. A pair of fashionable, slightly round glasses with black and light brown prints can make a difference.

16. Short Shag Hair with Spikes

If you love playing with colors, you should definitely embrace this look. Mix a bright red shade with teal and green nuances on one side and give your hair more volume by creating a spiky punk hairstyle.

17. Side Bangs with Short Shaggy Haircut

Straighten those side bangs and create a curl at the tips. Use pomade to style the hair because it won’t make it look too bulky. Some Spray will also help you build more volume for the top.

18. Short Shaggy Hair for Fat Face

Turn your shaggy haircut into your canvas and work with various shades and nuances of fuchsia. Build more volume on the top and twist the longer strands outwards.

19. Short Shag for Straight Hair

A slightly V-shaped fringe will look modern and cool. Shaggy haircuts can be so versatile because they look stunning with both waves, curls and even perfectly straightened hair.

20. Short Shaggy Hair with Highlights

Looking at this hairstyle is like admiring a piece of art! I mean, look at those stunning layered curls that are gorgeously highlighted by the pale green strands.

21. Balayage on Short Shaggy Hair

One thing you must know about a balayage, if you never hand one, is that the outcome is so low-maintenance. Even if the hair grows, it will still look stunning, and it suits all types of haircuts, including shaggy cuts.

22. Textured Shaggy Hair

First, let’s take a moment to admire this light almond hair color! It works perfectly with light skin tones, and the shaggy haircut becomes even more eye-popping thanks to this color choice.

23. Short Colored Shag Hair

If you’re not afraid to stun people around you, electric lime green is a must! Build the choppy layers, mess the hairstyle and reveal your pierced ears. Wear the fringe beautifully spread on the forehead and highlight your eyes with black eyeliner.

24. Short Shaggy Mullet

Mullets were very popular haircuts for men back in the 70’s and they paved their way to 2021. This particular mulet has a lot of volume for the top and midsection and the hair is highly layered at the nape.

25. Asian Short Shag Hair

This combination of pixie haircut and a shag will get all the eyes on you thanks to those layers and brown highlights on a dark Asian hair base color. Straighten the hair with an iron and use a pomade to messily arrange the bangs and long sideburns.

Short shag haircuts were very popular in the ’70s, and both men and women sported them. Now, in 2023, the haircut received an upgrade, is more versatile, suits both rockstars girls and trendy women. To make the hairstyle look more up to date, you need to pay attention to colors and integrate loose waves or even highlights. Shag haircuts are low maintenance, and we are curious to know which of the examples above you fancy more.