23 Ways to Style a Short Ponytail for Hot Days

Look, we get it. Short ponytails are so much better in all weathers – nothing sticking to your face, nothing blowing haphazardly around you in strong winds, and best of all, everything neat and properly tied up. This is why you’re here, isn’t it? To find some creative ways that you can style a short ponytail? Well, you have come to the right place.

Youthful Short Ponytail Hairstyling Examples

In this list below, we’ll explore different ways that you can wear a short ponytail. You can make this hairstyle look more than just fun and youthful – you’ll see! Keep scrolling to see the best of short ponytail looks that you can copy for your next outing.

1. High Ponytail for Short Hair

Nothing beats tying your hair up in a quick ponytail when you need to go kayaking or head somewhere where you might get wet!

2. Low Ponytail for Short Hair

Different hair texture produces a different result when you try to tie it in a ponytail. As an example, this girl here has her hair a little more brushy than usual, and it makes her look absolutely adorable!

3. Sleek Ponytail on Short Hair

Having a hairband could help you to keep those pesky baby hair off your face if your hair s really too short. Having a smaller elastic hairband would definitely be good too!

4. Black Girl with Short Ponytail

High ponytails will need you to tie your hair really tight, and you’ll almost definitely need to have hair extension to get the entire ‘tied up high’ look. Even short ponytails can look good for this style!

5. Short Curly Ponytail

If you try to tie up curly hair, you’re going to get a very visually attractive hairdo. It’s okay to keep some of those soft waves in your hair too – adds some character, don’t it?

6. Ponytail for Short Straight Hair

Even if your hair is straight, chances are that the ends of your hair curve in a certain direction. Do you notice some curls at the end of your strands?

7. Short Wavy Ponytail

A ponytail with wavy curls at the end is just perfect. It’s a good hairstyle on its own – no further styling needed! The maintenance would need more time though – beauty is sacrifice!

8. Half Ponytail for Short Hair

Not all ponytails need to be fully tied up. You can always just tie up the top layer of your hair and have something that looks just about like this!

9. Very Short Ponytail

What would you rather call this hairstyle? A mohawk with a tail? A Motail? Anyways, you have to admit that the tail does look good with the color highlight!

10. Side Ponytail with Short Hair

Don’t want to go the old school way? Don’t worry, you can always tie your hair to the side instead! You’ll probably instantly feel 10 years younger!

11. Short Ponytail with Dreads

Even with your hair organized into dreads, they may still go everywhere – a bit inconvenient sometimes. So, why not have it all tied up with some accessories?

12. Two Ponytails for Short Hair

So technically this isn’t really ponytails anymore, but hey, who’s to say that pigtails can’t be known as double ponytails?

13. Messy Short Ponytail

One of the first rules about messy ponytail hairstyles is that they do not need to be neat and tidy to be considered stylish. A bit of a natural-looking mess is always good too!

14. Short Braided Ponytail

Adding accessories and smaller hairstyles into your overall look is one of the quickest and easiest ways to spice up whatever you initially wanted to do. Braids are best done by someone else for a neat look though.

15. Ponytail for Short Layered Hair

You might be surprised by how good your ponytails can look if you have layered hair. Due to all the different hair lengths, this simple hairstyle can look extravagant and amazing overall!

16. Short Ponytail with Bangs

This ponytail with bangs has to be one of the hairstyles that girls have had at least once in their lifetime. You’d probably have worn your hair like this when you were in school too!

17. Short Sew In Ponytail

Loose curls all around are almost always perfect for any hairstyles at all. You can have your curls hanging as they are, tie them or style them in any way, and still look good.

18. Genie Ponytail on Short Hair

It probably won’t take you much time to figure out why this style is referred to as the genie ponytail. We have to say though, the color is definitely eye-catching!

19. Bubble Ponytail with Short Hair

If you’re rushing but still need something exceptionally stylish for an upcoming event, consider the bubble ponytail! This can work even on short hair – just make sure you have several elastic hairbands handy!

20. Middle Part Ponytail for Short Hair

A ponytail’s appearance can vary greatly depending on where it’s parted. And just like we mentioned earlier, the braids sure do help in styling up the middle part ponytail look, eh?

21. Short Ponytail with Weave

Here’s one unique look that you definitely won’t be expecting – platinum silver hair with a mohawk braid down the middle!

22. Ponytail for Short Thin Hair

Here’s the thing about short ponytails – it works well whether your hair is thick or thin!

23. Short Hair Ponytail for School

Hairstyles for school need to be more proper, and a simple short ponytail definitely fits the list! Braids can also be a part of this neat style.

Who knew that there’s so many ways to style a short ponytail? There may be some style limitations due to the hair length, so just imagine what else you can do with your hair if you’re trying for a long ponytail instead!