11 Best Variations of A Short Layered Curly Hair

Short layered curly hair is a stunning yet simple look that has become all the rage among young women. This messy look is a bit on the wild side, especially if you’re used to long hairstyles. 

Tight or loose curls go well with most women to bring out their beauty. The chic haircut gives your face a full look, which is great for going to work, picnics, or even a night out. 

If a fresh look is what you’re going for, be fearless and get this short layered haircut. Below are 11 short layered curly haircuts that might get you excited for your next salon visit.

1.Short Layered Curly Hair with Bangs

Looking to try a bold look this season? Go for a curly pink haircut with a few bangs. The mini curls add structure to your face and bring out your natural beauty.

2. Natural Curly Hair with Short Layers

African women’s natural hair comes in beautiful curl patterns. A short layered curly hair cut looks beautiful on black hair. If you want a classic, easy-to-style look, this is the go-to for you.

3. Short Choppy Layers for Curly Hair

Short layered curly hair, when chopped up at the ends, is a daring hairstyle to try. This elegant haircut with bangs takes your confidence to the roof. So why not go red!

4. Short Curly Layered Bob

A curly layered bob cut is that model-like look that compliments the face! Not only does it look good, but it’s also easy to style. Just pair with red lipstick for a stunning look.

5. Short Layered Thick Curly Hair

For women with thick hair, a short curly look is easier to maintain. Just run your fingers through it before going out you’re ready. Plus, adding highlights to the layers gives an edgy look.

6. Fine Curly Hair with Short Layers

Looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle? Try a short layered curly hair cut that accentuates your facial structure. If you have fine hair, this look is great and blends well with any outfit.

7. Short Layered Curly Hair with Braid

Short curly hair brings out your unique cheekbones. Braiding the top will add some style to the plain haircut. This layered cut goes well with accessories on the braids like beads.

8. Mixed Girl with Short Layered Curly Hair

Short layered curly hair is a go-to for natural mixed women. The black curls pop when evenly cut and styled to the side. Try this classy style next time you visit the salon.

9. Short Layered Curly Hair for Round Face

A layered short curly haircut is ideal for round faces. For a stunning look, consider a dirty blonde color with bangs. It’s a modern haircut that sets you apart from any crowd.

10. Curly Blonde Hair with Short Layers

A total blonde bombshell. For an edgy look, go for short layers with bangs. The tight blonde curls shape your face beautifully. This cut is easy to maintain with a few touch-ups.

11. Layered Curly Pixie Hair

A layered pixie cut does wonders for your overall look. It brings focus to your face for an easy-to-do hairdo. Color the ends for a blended look that is sure to turn heads.

If you are in the mood for a hassle-free haircut, a layered curly hairstyle is just the cut for you. It’s edgy and brings more focus to your cheekbones and smile.

You can feel bold and beautiful with the different styles and colors available. Depending on what you are in the mood for, consider these lovely styles that are sure to look good on you.