30 Short Hair with Bangs You’ll Want to Try in 2023

Short hair with bangs can totally change the whole physiognomy of your face. Bangs create the perfect illusion and if they are properly cut, they can hide all those imperfections like large foreheads or chubby faces. But bangs don’t cover just that! They can help you hide a bad cheek implant or give you that fresh hairstyle you always wanted.

Best Short Hair with Bangs

Bangs are probably the best way to add dimension to your short haircuts. Inverted, angled or blunt bobs work fabulously with bangs, whether they are swooped on one side, baby or wispy bangs. The main goal is to find the right cut for your face.  Below we gathered 30 gorgeous examples that will help you make an idea of the best short hair with bangs cuts.

1. Short Bob with Bangs

Inverted bobs have lots of dimension in the nape area thanks to those layers that gorgeously fall one over the other. The front strands are longer and the bangs are side-swooped to diminish the cheekbones.

2. Short Hair with Side Bangs

Round faces need more angles and you can provide them with a fringe that you will toss on one side. It will cut the roundness of your figure, making it look more oval.

3. Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Getting a short cut on curly hair is a tricky thing to do.  You will lose the weight of your locks and the ringlets may become tighter than you have appreciated.

4. Short Layered Hair with Bangs

Asymmetrical bob haircuts are exactly what you need if you want some sass and flavor added to your regular bob. Built mostly from layers, the haircut is low-maintenance and takes the bore away!

5. Short Wavy Hair with Bangs

Women with large foreheads need only one thing to save their haircut: some long bangs that reach the eyebrows and give the illusion of a smaller face figure.

6. Short Straight Hair with Bangs

Blunt bobs with bangs are dominating 2021 and look fabulous on all hair lengths. Round the tips a little and cut the fringe in a straight line, just above the eyebrows.

7. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

Go for wispy bangs that cover the eyebrows and a messy bob that reaches your shoulders. If you have thin hair, you might consider getting a hairdo that provides more volume.

8. Short Black Hair with Bangs

Short pixie bobs that have more volume on top and tapered fades at the base will give you loads of dimension. Straighten the hair to make it look flawless and spread your bangs on the forehead.

9. Short Hair with Bangs Round Face

Even if this hairstyle has just a few short layers, you can use it as your inspiration and trim it down into a layered bob with wispy bangs. Choose a warm brown color to make your hair look more natural.

10. Short Hair with Bangs for Square Face

Square faces need bangs that soften the features. Also, a wispy fringe will help in cutting off the angles. They aren’t edgy, and they make the jawline look flatten by reducing that sharpness.

11. Very Short Hair with Bangs

The bright blonde hair color and the short bangs will draw all the attention to your eyes and lighten your face.

12. Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Fine Hair

Pixie cuts are fresh and among the hairstyles that will never go out of fashion. They also help women with fine hair get more volume by styling a spiky back and a messy layered fringe.

13. Short Brown Hair with Bangs

When you have a long face and a large forehead, your bangs need to cover the eyebrows. A short black bob hairstyle and some bangs will help you create the illusion of a more oval face shape.

14. Wispy Bangs Short Hair

Combining different hair textures is a great way to rock your wavy bob haircut. If the longer strands have dimension, straighten the bangs to create stunning contrast.

15. Short Choppy Hair with Bangs

Baby bangs won’t work on everybody. Before getting them, make sure they will suit your face shape. Avoid getting them if you have a heart-shaped face or a squared one.

16. Updos for Short Hair with Bangs

Long bangs are so versatile because you can hide them or make them the center of attention. Curl the temple hair and style a chic bun in the midsection.

17. Asymmetrical Short Hair with Bangs


This asymmetrical cut is undoubtedly an attention grabber, thanks to those blunt cuts used in the back and for the bangs. You must keep the temple hair and sideburn longer and the top slightly layered.

18. Short Shag with Bangs

These relaxed beach waves are pretty glamorous, making this cut perfect for all sorts of events. Bangs should be messy and long to complement the waves.

19. Blunt Bangs Short Hair

Blunt bangs that go one finger above the eyebrows will make the forehead look larger. Wave just the tips of your bob if you crave a relaxed everyday look.

20. Short Wedge Haircut with Bangs

As an older woman, you can go for full coverage for those gray hairs or embrace the silver strands and find a haircut that suits them. Blunt-rounded bangs and a bob haircut will certainly flatter you.

21. Short Spiky Hair with Bangs


Blonde highlights will enlighten your face and give the impression of thicker hair with more volume. Side-swept bangs are still fashionable and make real miracles if combined with a short pixie cut.

22. Over 50 Short Hair with Bangs

When you have thin hair, getting a perm that adds texture and volume can be the right choice for older women. Opt for a warm color and short curtain bangs.

23. Short Hair with Bangs for Thick Hair

As a girl with fair skin and blue eyes, you might consider getting a dark brown color. It will provide a gorgeous frame, highlighting those eyes. Also, shorter bangs will reveal the stunning blue color even better.

24. Pixie Short Hair with Bangs

Opt for a balayage that gradually warms that brown base of your pixie’s long top and bangs. The shorter hair should maintain its natural nuance, and you’ll have remarkable contrast.

25. Short Hair Ponytail with Bangs

When you want bounce for your bangs, use a rounded brush to blow-dry the fringe just the way you want it. Wave the hair and pin it in a ponytail, securing it with a scrunchie.

26. Short Ombre Hair with Side Bangs

This stunning ombre enlightens the hair and plays with caramel and honey nuances, creating a stunning natural look. It smoothens the prominent jawline while the bangs cover half of the forehead.

27. Short Emo Hairstyles with Bangs

An undercut is exactly what you need if you want to stand out. Use the trimming machine on the temples and dye that short hair in a green nuance. The bangs should be short and dyed in a slightly darker green shade to match the short layered hair.

28. Asian Short Hair with Bangs


This short inverted bob haircut with bangs frames the face but also creates more volume on the sides. Straighten the hair to gain that particular shine and don’t forget to use heat protection when styling.

29. Short Hair with Bangs and Eyeglasses

Depending on your face shape and your glasses’ frames, you can opt for a short haircut with bangs that will provide such a nice framing.  Use the bangs to fully cover the forehead if you want it to look less prominent.

30. Short Messy Hairstyles with Bangs

Messy, sexy, and with a lot of sass. A short messy bob like this one with wavy bangs will look splendid if you plan to wear a strapless dress.

Short hair with bangs is perfect for all those casual looks you need to wear at the office. It can also get a subtle twist that will give you the amount of sass required from a hairstyle when going to a party. Either way, short haircuts and fringes are an A-team. So, which of the examples presented above will make you switch to the short hair team?