30 Short Curly Hairstyles To Consider If You Need a Change

Short curly hair is one of those combinations that can be tricky to style. If you don’t have the right products or a stylist who knows what they’re doing, your hair can end up looking like a hot mess. Luckily, there are plenty of styles out there that require medium-to-low maintenance.

Whether your hair is merely short and wavy-curly, short and kinky-curly, or short and traditional-curly, there’s something for you.

For ideas on what haircut will work best for your curl type, check out the 30 short curly hairstyle ideas below.

1. Tapered Short Curly Hair

A short curly pixie with tapered sides is great for an oval face and super low-maintenance for those of us not into early mornings!

2. Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Whether you have thick or thin short curly hair, plumping up those curls with a perm, curl creme, or hair oil will keep them healthy and luscious.

3. Short Curly Blonde Hair

Have you always wanted to be a blonde bombshell? If you’re not a natural blonde, treat yourself and your locks to a dye job on a neck-length cut.

4. Curly Bob

The always classic curly bob gets a hand with dimension from a side part.

5. Curly Pixie

Curly pixies that are cropped into layers not only keep your curls healthy and happy but depending on how you style it, are edgy and chic.

6. Short Curly Ponytail

These short curly ponytails start at the back of the head below the crown, are sleeked back with no frizz, and can be framed with tendrils for softness.

7. Updo For Short Curly Hair

Going out with the girls or have a special event to attend? A messy bun will display your curly hair in a gorgeous way.

8. Short Curly Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Wondering what the best style is for your short curly hair? Let those curls flow and part them in the middle for a truly stunning look.

9. Asymmetrical Curly Hair

An asymmetrical cut on short curly hair is very flattering. It shows off the shoulders and jawline and brings dimension to your whole style.

Braids for Short Hair

10. Very Short

Both of these curly pixies are beautiful, but one of them uses minimal highlighting for a warm touch of color.

11. Short Curly Hair for Round Face

On a round face, a short haircut that covers the ears will help elongate your face.

12. Short Curly Weave

This short curly weave is full of tight glossy tendrils accentuated by a center part. For date night pull it into a low updo or simply leave down and loose.

13. Short Curly with Ombre

A curly half updo with ombre gives you lots of color options, whether it’s caramel, strawberry blonde, or something darker.

14. Short Curls with Highlights

Golden highlights are all this short asymmetrical haircut that needs to bring curls to life!

15. Textured

For women over 50 looking for lots of body, add that extra texture to your curls with a hair oil which will also keep frizz at bay.

16. Kinky

If your curls are more kinky-curly, long layers will help you manage their thickness while a side part is a simple and sweet style.

17. Pixie with Short Curls

Curly 3C hair looks super cute as a pixie. Styling tip: adding too much product will weigh your curls down, so add a little as you go to shape effortless curls.

18. Short Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Formal events require more glam looks, like this afro. You can leave it like this or style it up with a few well-placed flowers.

19. Curly Shaggy Hair

When it comes to a shaggy curly hairstyle, don’t be afraid to put your own special touch of you on it, like your favorite color. This dark pink is rocker glam.

20. Curled Pixie with Undercut

If your pixie is normally straight or semi-wavy, style it up for a formal event by curling hair into glossy swooped waves and smoothing the undercut.

21. Curly Mohawk

A platinum mohawk with fade detail is a definite showstopper. Choose to keep the crest long as seen here or shorter depending on how much time you want to spend styling it.

22. Short Curly Black Hair

Black women look good with curly hair. If your naturally short curly hair needs a glow-up, some layering will help! Start it around eye-length to frame your face and make your eyes stand out.

23. Short Curls with Undercut

Thick blonde messy curls top this pixie fade with an undercut for a truly edgy hairstyle like no other.

24. 80s Curls

If you’ve ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade, now’s your chance to model your hairstyle after the 80s. Keep it neck-length with bangs and crazy textured curls to truly channel your inner diva.

25. Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

If you like the pixie hairstyle and have thin hair, keep the style on the long side so as not to thin it out even more. Long curly bangs keep this sweet look soft and feminine.

26. Curly Crochet

A soft coiled bob is full of beauty and an understated classic – if you have naturally curly hair, this one should be on the list!

27. Curly Half Updo

Tired of your go-to half updos? Try this one: gather just the top half of hair into two buns making sure your bangs are nice and loose. This look says you’re all about fun!

28. Curly Bun

Whether you’re heading to the gym or out running errands, a messy bun is an easy updo that’ll show off your curls. Don’t worry about flyaways – this look is better with a little frizz!

29. Short Layered Curly Hair

Short layers are the easiest way to give shape to your curly haircut; the shorter on top, the fuller look you’ll get. Tapered bangs are also softer than a blunt bang.

30. Short with Side Part

A heavy side part is not only easy to do and switch up, but it’s a quick way to give style and major lift to your curly hair.

So which short curly hairstyle do you like best? With 30 hairstyles to choose from, one of them is bound to keep your locks looking fresh, staying healthy, and making you feel like a queen!