25 Short & Sexy Bun Hairstyles to Copy in 2023

Going out on a casual day with your friends? Instead of worrying about messy hair, try wrapping this around your head into a bun instead! Short hair buns are cute hairstyles that bring out the youthful side of women. They’re also simple to do with a proper hair tie, and easy to decorate with pins, clips, or even pearls!

Although buns have been used by women for a long time, there’s always something new in the fashion world that you can try out. Thankfully, there are a lot of tutorials online to guide you through these different hairdos!

If not feeling like putting your hair down, or simply want to avoid the heat, here are 25 short hair bun hairstyles that you can do to still look pretty!

1. Messy Bun for Short Hair

Messy short hair buns are always a hairstyle you can count on. Simply tie your hair into a bun, intentionally leaving out a couple of selected strands, and tie it fully at the top. Decorate this with a couple of pearl necklaces to complete the look, if you’re feeling extra elegant.

2. Space Buns on Short Hair

With just simple steps, you can have a cute and space-vibe look. Evenly split your hair into two and tie a bun on each side at the same size and height! Go the extra step and leave two strands hanging at the side of your cheeks!

3. Half Up Half Down Bun for Short Hair

If you want a more outdoor and classy look? Then tie a semi bun at the top of your hair, kind of like a semi-ponytail. This will make your hair perfect for outdoor activities by getting rid of all the hair on your face.

4. Short Hair with Low Bun

Short hair with low buns is cute and elegant. For this style, simply gather your hair at the back of your head and tie it in a low bun that rests on your nape.

5. High Bun for Short Hair

For a cleaner and sleeker look, the high bun keeps all your hair in one spot, showing off your beautiful face. Take the time to collect your by combing it all the way to the center, before tying it into a bun.

6. Ballet Bun for Short Hair

Low buns are perfect if you are aiming for an elegant and yet subtle look. Comb your hair all the way to the back, making sure that each strand is secured tightly, before tying it into a bun directly behind your face and above your nape.

7. Short Hair with Sock Bun

This sock bun is a clean hairstyle with a little variety. Tie your hair into a sock bun, before wrapping your excess short hair around the bun for an extra curly layer!

8. Short Hair with Donut Bun

Gather a big portion of your hair and make a sock bun near the base of your nape or neck. After that, you can either tie—or better yet—braid your extra hair around that bun for a donut bun.

9. Top Knot Bun for Short Hair

Going out on a hot summer’s day? Definitely give the top knot bun a shot by gathering all your hair up into the top of your head, before tying it together. Skip the comb for this part, as the messy hair adds to the aesthetic.

10. Braided Bun for Short Hair

How about a bun and a braid? Start by braiding your hair from the top, and when it reaches the back of your head, tie it into a bun! You can even add a crown braid around your head for extra style.

11. Bun on Short Natural Hair

Top buns are perfect for women with short and natural hair. Gather your hair up into one place, preferably with a comb, and make a bun at the top of your head to complete the look!

12. Bun for Short Layered Hair

This short hair bun is perfect for any situation since it combines formal with personality. Tie a top bun with your hair at the back, but leave layers of hair at the sides and front for the front of your face!

13. Indian Bun Style for Short Hair

If you want a more dazzling and young look, then this hairstyle is for you. For this hairstyle, start by curling your hair into a bun, tying it into a helix, and leaving a few strands at the front for the bangs.

14. Short Side Bun

A more classic and country look, side buns are a gorgeous choice for outdoor activities. All you have to do is gather your hair (messily) and tie it into a bun on either side of your head.

15. Short Chignon Bun

This elegant and modern look will surely make your hairstyle perfect for formal parties and special occasions. Gather your hair at the back of your head and make a chignon bun by using the left and right strands to wrap around the center bun. Close it by folding your hair inwards.

16. Faux Bun on Short Hair

This elegant and beautiful faux bun will surely make anyone look your way. All you need to do is tie your hair and curl it into a long bun, and add another bun on top of that.

17. Ninja Bun on Short Natural Hair

Try out this short hair bun style by making a clean bun at the top of your head and putting on some bangs. Perfect for formal parties, where high buns are too mainstream.

18. Short Curly Hair Bun

This short elegant curly hair bun will make you look like you’re in the 70s or 80s. This hairstyle uses your hair on the side to make the bun at the top while leaving the back hair for a beautiful bob look.

19. French Bun for Short Hair

Create a stunning and mesmerizing hairdo with your blonde hair with this French bun. Instead of gathering your hair into one bunch, stretch it into a long bun, resembling something like French bread.

20. Korean Bun for Short Hair

Korean buns are cute and that’s a fact. Tie a bun at the back of your hair, while intentionally leaving the strands near your nape loose. Finish this off with some bangs, and you’re good too!

21. Military Bun for Short Hair

If you want to look a little stern or busy, then try this out. Simply gather your hair and tie it into a bun at the back of your head, with your tie occupying a space between your head and the bun.

22. Slick Back Bun on Short Hair

If you want a stylish and clean look, this hairstyle is for you. Gather all your hair near the nape with a comb, to completely flatten out your hair, and tie it in a nice and clean bun.

23. Bow Bun for Short Hair

A mesmerizing and stylish short hair bun, bows are undeniably cute. Tie your hair into a bow at the top of your head and use the excess hair as a bun in the middle of your bow!

24. Bun for Short Thin Hair

Thin hair has the positive trait of being easy to braid. Try braiding your hair upwards and tying a bun at the top!

25. Short Hair Bun for Wedding

For the more conservative ladies, short hair buns are one of the most elegant hairstyles you can have during a wedding. Gather your hair at the base of your nape, and using a thin and almost invisible mesh, keep your hair in a bun.

That about wraps this up. Congratulations as you now have 25 new options for your short hair bun! Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.