20 Short Box Braids Styles for Stylish Ladies

Box braids are beautiful hairstyles that some girls are lucky to have. You’ll usually need ahead of thick hair to achieve this hairstyle, but with hair extensions, this is now becoming an easily achievable hairstyle. This could be why short box braids are coming back into fashion!


Short Box Braids for Ladies with Style

Box braids are attractive on their own, perhaps due to how they bring a special texture to an overall hairdo. However, box braided bobs are something else – this is an integration of beautiful braids with a simple yet elegant hairstyle, and no one could hate it!

1. Box Braided Bob

This is basically a good overall preview of how box braids look like. As long as the braids are even in length, you’ll have a neat bob look.


2. Half Updo with Short Box Braids

Create some dynamics in your hairstyle by typing your braids into an updo. Just like that, you have yourself a new-looking hairstyle!


3. Jumbo Box Braids for Short Hair

If you prefer fewer braids to manage, then you can spice up your box braids by going for jumbo braids instead. Don’t worry – you’ll still look fabulous!


4. Short Box Braids with Middle Part

If you’ve ever wondered about how you can part your box braids, here’s one of the examples. Typically, you only need a middle part, but there are many other styles available as you’ll soon notice.


5. Side Part Short Box Braids

And here it is! Short box braids with a side parting, looking just as natural and beautiful as it would be in a normal bob, if not more!


6. Box Braids on Short Natural Hair

Even if you have not tried box braids before, chances are that your hairdresser can get this look for you. As long as you have some decent length to work with, you should be able to have some short box braids tied up. Hair extensions will help you get longer braids, if you’d like!


7. Short Bohemian Box Braids

You can mix your box braids in with some natural curls that you have to jazz up your braids. Add some hair clips as well and you’d have yourself a good-looking hairstyle!


8. Small Box Braids for Short Hair

How box braids look depends more on the volume of your hair rather than the length. As such, these braids can look just as amazing on short hair as it do on long hair!


9. Short Box Braids with Color

Adding colors to any hairstyle can make the hairdo pop. Similarly, dyeing your hair and adding colored accessories can make your braids look amazing too!


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10. Box Braids with Beads

Beads and colorful hair elastics are some of the easiest and most appealing additions when you have any types of braided hairstyle.


11. Short Box Braids with Bangs

Did you know that you can also include your bangs in your short box braids look? While the braids may appear much shorter for your bangs, you can have them tied up in a way that won’t make it look stumped.


12. Blonde Box Braids

If you’re looking for some color ideas for your box braids, here’s one that you can go for! Blonde box braids give this look a more glowy and youthful appearance.


13. Knotless Short Box Braids

Remember that you can always tie up your box braids to turn this hairstyle into a different-looking one! These box braids, as an example, are tied into what looks like a high ponytail, and it looks amazing!


14. Short Box Braids for White Girl

While deemed as cultural appropriation for some, there are white girls who wear box braids as well! The contrast between their lighter skin tones and their dark hair colors creates a hairdo pleasing to the eyes.


15. Short Micro Box Braids

There is one very simple way to make any hairstyle more complex and detailed – make it micro. Instead of jumbo box braids, you now have micro box braids that will have a unique look and texture of their own!


16. Grey Box Braids

Platinum silver or gray looks just as good on box braids as they do on any other hairstyle. Case in point? This model with her glorious head of hair is right here.


17. Short Box Braids with Triangle Part

In case you haven’t noticed, hair parting has an important role in how the box braids look like as a result too! Triangular parting, for one, looks amazing with box braids.


18. Short Box Braids with Highlights

The process of dying all your hair can be expensive and time-consuming. As such, some have started to opt for just some highlights rather than complete dye work.


19. Short Crochet Box Braids

Most of the box braids we’ve listed on this page feature relatively straight hair, but you can still retain the natural curls in your hair even while you go for box braids!


20. Short Box Braids with Curly Ends

Ultimately, braids are a way for us to keep our hair segmented neatly while also giving it a unique texture. This is why you’ll sometimes see ladies with box braids and curly ends! It’s still a nice way to make your box braids more ‘you’.


While this list features mainly short box braids, you can also wear them in a medium length, long or just overall asymmetrical. It’s your hair, and so, your choice. Will you be trying out a box braid style soon?