18 Impressive Short Hairstyles for Blonde Curly Hair

Curly blonde hair needs a lot of attention and because of that, you need a great short haircut that should help you to manage it easily.


Short Blonde Curly Hairstyles For Chic, Vibrant Looks

Short blonde curly hair can be styled and dyed in so many ways, and in this article, we’re presenting you various hairstyles that you will adore.

1. Short Curly Platinum Blonde Hair

Medium bob haircuts that slightly go below your chin line are something you should consider. Choose a bright platinum color for a radical transformation.


2. Short Natural Curly Blonde Hair

For this hairstyle, you must keep your roots in a dark natural color and the rest of your hair in a honey blonde shade.


3. Short Curls With Blonde Tips

Keep your natural brown color as a base and use a blonde shade to dye the tips of your hair. They will look mesmerizing on you.


4. Short Curly Blonde Hair with Bangs

If you are searching for a natural look that makes you elegant romantic and sweet, you can always dye your hair in a blonde beautiful shade.


5. Short Curly Blonde Ombre

O good old fashioned ombre is never out of style! Leave your roots in a dark color and gradually change your hair into a blonde shade.


6. Ash Blonde Curly Hair

Silver ash curly hair is something that will fascinate you! If looks lovely and remember that gray is now a very popular hair color.


7. Short Honey Blonde Curls

If you are aiming for a Barbie girl look, this hairstyle was made for you! Use a honey blonde color and add some pink tints to some of your strands.


8. Short Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry hair is something you will simply adore! It looks very good on white milky skin and will give your curls a mesmerizing touch!


9. Very Short Curly Blonde Hair

A platinum blonde color goes so well with your curly pixie haircut. Use some hairspray to keep your curls in one place.


10. Blonde Highlights for Short Curly Hair

Take the pixie haircut to another level by adding some blonde highlights on a brown base color. Tour new look will get everyone’s attention!


11. Short Curly Dirty Blonde Hair

This short haircut for curly hair will beautifully frame your face and you will adore that easy sombre. Flip your hair on one side if you want a cool look.


12. Shaggy Curly Blonde Hair

Shaggy haircuts always give loads of dimension to your hair. This medium bob haircut with layers is just the thing you need if you want well-defined curls that really stand out from the crowd.


13. Short Blonde Curly Perm

Always wanted curly hair? Here’s your chance to get it. A well-done perm is the best solution out there. You’ll have well-defined curls and you will fall in love with your new hair.


14. Short Blonde Hair with Loose Curls

Bangs are the main center of attention for this hairstyle. Create an ombre for your mane but don’t include your bangs. Keep them short, near your eyebrows.


15. Thick Short Curly Blonde Hair

If you want a Marilyn Monroe to look, all you have to do is get a medium bob haircut for curly hair and use a blonde hair dye. You’ll be feminine and elegant and totally turning heads on the street.


16. Blonde Bob for Curly Hair

If you are proud of your blonde curly hair, try curly blonde bob and cut some bangs. Flip them on one side and keep them asymmetrical. Get some hairstyle inspirations from our post on blonde curly hair.


17. Short Angled Blonde Curls

An inverted short bob is something you need to get if you want a haircut that matches your beautiful waves. Make a blonde ombre and flip your long bangs on one side.


18. Blonde Curly Pixie Hair

This blonde curly pixie hair with gray shades is truly mesmerizing. You don’t need to have long hair to make it look fascinating.

If you choose to dye your hair, remember that a hair mask keeps your shade vivid and beautiful. Even if you choose to go for either a short pixie haircut or a long bob for curly hair, always use hair products that help your mane remain healthy.