20 Most Captivating Long Shag Haircuts

If you have long hair that could use a little body, why haven’t you considered a shag haircut? Not only are they very sexy but also easily styled for a quick morning pull together. Whether you give your whole head a long shaggy cut, or just the top or bottom, you’re sure to look stylish.


Variety of Long Shag Haircuts

Here are 20 beautiful shaggy haircuts for women with long hair that should be on your list to consider!

1. Long Shag for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and struggle with styling it, a shaggy haircut will add a quick body in a stylish way. Choose to cut bangs shaggy as well or flat iron them for a neater look.


2. Long Shag for Thick Hair

If giving shape to your curly hair is at the top of your wishlist, a shag haircut on long curly hair is the perfect way to make it appear thicker and shape curls.


3. Messy Long Shaggy Hair

This messy long shag haircut is trending for its “I just rolled out of bed and look this beautiful naturally” vibe.


4. Long Curly Shaggy Hair

If you have curly hair, a shaggy haircut is an easy way to get an extra pump of sexy volume. Run a texturizing or curl creme through locks with fingers to lock in style.


5. Long Shag Haircut for Round Face

Do you have a round face? Frame it in a flattering way with a long shag haircut. Straighten bangs to keep it chic.


6. Long Wavy Shaggy Hair

For long wavy hair, pair a shaggy haircut with cropped bangs or long straight bangs that reach past the eyebrows.


7. Long Colored Shag Hair

If you love playing with color, go bold with the colors of the rainbow on a shaggy haircut to make your style really stand out.


8. Curtain Bangs with Long Shaggy Hair

To keep a shaggy haircut from being a too shaggy dog, pair it with neat smooth and straight curtain bangs.


9. Long Blonde Shag Hair

This shaggy haircut is gorgeous with blonde highlights. Layer heavily near the face to brighten your complexion or even them out throughout hair for balance.


10. Long Shaggy Hair for Oval Face

An oval face is rounded out in an attractive way with a shaggy haircut and parted bangs or long straight bangs. Keep the bottom part thinned out for an extra modern cut.


11. Long Shaggy Balayage Hair

Shag and balayage go together beautifully no matter which color you choose. Rich caramel is a nice warm color for pale skin tones.


12. Long Shaggy Hair with Short Bangs

Looking for an extra edgy hairstyle? If you have long thin hair, go with a shaggy top and super short bangs.


13. Long Shaggy Hair with Razor Cut Ends

Platinum blonde makes a razor cut shaggy hairstyle gorgeous and one to covet, especially with curtain bangs that show off your eyes.


14. Long Choppy Shag Haircut

If texture is your goal, combine choppy layers with shaggy body and straight, blunt bangs for an out of this world hairstyle. Bonus points for a bold color.


15. Long Shaggy Dark Hair

A unique long shag haircut for classy women. Heavy curtain bangs are a great balance to a thin shaggy bottom on a long brunette hairstyle.


16. Long Straight Shag Haircut

For long straight thin hair, shaggy layers add beautiful body and a low-maintenance style you’ll love.


17. Long Shaggy Hair with Glasses

For women with glasses, shaggy hairstyles frame any face shape in the best way, especially with straight bangs that graze eyebrows.


18. Textured Long Shag Hair

If you’ve always wanted to be a beach blonde babe, the color looks stunning with shaggy hairstyles. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, you’ll look amazing.


19. Long Shaggy Hair with Wispy Bangs

For an oval face, consider a shaggy haircut for its ability to frame angles beautifully. With pin-straight bangs that reach toward the eyes, it makes for a dramatic style.


20. Long Shag Haircut for Women Over 40

For women over 40, a long shaggy haircut will do wonders for making you feel young. If you’re going gray, blend it with a darker color for a cool contrast.

Remember your whole haircut doesn’t have to be shaggy. Incorporate shaggy layers at the top near the crown of your head or in the main body. No matter which long shag haircut you end up with, make sure it’s one you feel like yourself in.