25 Best Sleek Ponytail Looks for Women

Looking for a fresh sleek ponytail hairstyle to try this year? Not all ponytails were created equal! From high and mighty, and thick and curly to straight and low, there are variations. They’re also the perfect going out look – easily dressed up with curls or sleek and straight tresses – or great for wearing just around the house!


New Ways to Style Sleek Ponytails

The next time you’re getting ready for date night or simply want a fun new style to try that is sure to make you feel like the most stunning woman on the block, take a look at this list!

1. Sleek Curly Ponytail

Going out with the girls? Be a little extra and rock your naturally curly hair by gathering it into a thick slicked-back ponytail letting baby hairs show your soft side.


2. Sleek Low Ponytail

A sleek low ponytail wrapped in a lock of your hair is all the drama you need to make a statement. Pull tendrils near your ears loose and use a curling iron to emphasize their curl.


3. High Sleek Ponytail

Have an Ariana Grande moment and slay the night with a high pony. Make sure your locks are sleek and straight before you pull them high and tight.


4. Sleek Ponytail with Ombre

Do you have long straight hair? An ombré color would give your sleek locks the glow-up they’re looking for to stand out from the crowd!


5. Sleek Ponytail on Straight Hair

Straight hair makes a statement when slicked back and pulled up in a high ponytail. A smooth serum controls frizz so you can dance the night away.


6. Sleek Back Ponytail

A mane like yours deserves a special style so why not go with a couple of highlights to show off your sleek low ponytail?


7. Side Sleek Ponytail

Side ponytails aren’t just for kids! We love the fun and funky vibes a slightly wavy side ponytail gives off on an older woman.


8. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Does your long hair crave a more detailed look than just straight locks? Pull hair into a high or low ponytail and twist into a chunky braid.


9. Invisible Ponytail

Balayage on a straight high pony makes a statement no one will ignore and everyone will think is stunning.


10. Ponytail with Loose Strands

Not all ponytails have to be slicked back and perfect. Part the first half of your hair into two curly face-framing sections and the rest of your hair into a thick ponytail sure to stun.


11. Short Ponytail

Short hair can look super cute in a ponytail too! Pull your locks into a pony right at the crown of your head or lower to really show off cheekbones.


12. Blonde Sleek Ponytail

If you have long hair, make it look even longer by pulling it back into a smooth ponytail. Blonde highlights bring warmth to your face and add to the overall style.


13. Sleek Ponytail with Edges

The swooped edges are the perfect finishing detail on this thick, curly ponytail. Use a styling gel to get your hairline to look as captivating as this.


14. Middle Part

A ponytail with a middle part is a no-fuss updo perfect for when you don’t want to spend half your styling time smoothing out bumps and frizz! Use a curling iron to thicken curls up.


15. Side Part Ponytail

Side ponytails serve all the attitude! For a different take on this classic favorite, take a few minutes to comb out a side part and style those baby hairs. Smooth with serum.


16. Sleek Ponytail with Weave

Another ponytail that makes a statement, this trendy take starts at the crown and uses a thick lock of hair to wrap around the ponytail.


17. Sleek Ponytail on Wavy Hair

If your tresses are on the wavy side, show them off in an effortless low pony you can sweep over your shoulder. Tie the look together with a shiny barrette.


18. Long Sleek Ponytail

Rapunzel would want you to let down your super long hair in a low straight pony with a heavy side part and intricate detailing.


19. Burgundy Sleek Ponytail

A rich burgundy or other favorite color would look gorgeous on your long tresses, especially in a sleek high ponytail.


20. Sleek Ponytail with Bangs

This pony slays the day with thick bangs that reach the eyes. Keep them smooth and straight to complement a curly-haired pony.


21. Sleek Ponytail for Round Face

All sleek and straight, no frizz here. If you have a round face, a smooth low ponytail is a chic style that’ll help elongate your face.


22. Two Sleek Ponytails

Is there anything cuter than two sleek ponytails? Give your favorite childhood hairstyle a glow-up by straightening and smoothing strands into a fun, funky look.


23. Sleek Extended Ponytail

Long hair looks even longer with a sleek extended ponytail. Rock it on a night out for serious “feeling myself” vibes.


24. Sleek Ponytail for Thick Hair

Women with long thick hair will love this high ponytail which splits in two and hangs over shoulders for the perfect flirty hairstyle.


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25. Sleek Half Ponytail

This super high half pony takes your look to new heights! You might just feel like a bold new you by the end of the day.


So, consider a sleek ponytail for your next beautiful updo. Wear any one of them with confidence and you’ll always look your best!