25 Side Ponytails That Aren’t Boring

You + Side Ponytail= Match made in Heaven! Whether you fancy sexy, confident looks, childish appearances, or diaphane touches, side ponytails can work on any woman with any hair type. Wear them at the office, out with your friends, and even for weddings or other events where looking good is crucial.

You can even enrich them with some hair bundles, change your hair’s texture, or use them to recreate all those Ariana Grande mind-blowing looks. In a world where diversity is key, make sure you get to stand out with a unique hairstyle!

1. Side Braid Ponytail

Highlights provide texture and enlighten the color, giving your hair more warmth. A braid with a long wavy ponytail is certainly going to make them pop.

2. Side Ponytail with Weave

80 centimeter ponytails will make you look spectacular! Do a side part and make that top hair look sleek and shiny and attach the pony at the bottom, on one side.

3. 80s Side Ponytail

Ponytails are hairstyles that will always be fashionable. Make the pony look retro by getting a messy hairstyle with bangs tousled on the forehead and slightly arranged on one side.

4. Curly Side Ponytail

Choose a ponytail that has the same color as your natural hair and attaches it to one side. Create a contrast between the sleek straight top and the long curly pony.

5. High Side Ponytail

Baby hairs that grow in the corners of the forehead should not give you any headaches if you know how to style them properly. Use a toothbrush and some styling gel to make those wavy patterns.

6. Low Side Ponytail

A ponytail that features loose waves can be so glamorous. These hairstyles are elegant and an excellent choice for fancy events or evenings where you want to impress.

7. Sleek Side Ponytail

Use your favorite hair gel and edge control to make the top look neat and flawless. Go for an ombre sleek ponytail that gets lighter towards the ends and wrap a strand at the pony base.

8. Side Part Ponytail

Do a side part and style the bangs covering a piece of the forehead and gather the hair in the back. Attach the ponytail, straighten it and wear it on one shoulder.

9. Side Ponytail Black Girl

You can achieve that stunning shine by straightening your hair and adding a lot of jam. If the curly pony already has a gorgeous luster, the top will perfectly match the pony.

10. Side Ponytail Wedding

Inspired by the hallo braid, this hairstyle features a voluminous braid on one side and a ponytail that can fall on the back or one of the shoulders.

11. Long Side Ponytail

Half up half down hairstyles with a top pony can make your face look longer and slimmer. Curl your hair with a wand or a straightening iron.

12. Side Ponytail for Medium Hair

This champagne-colored hair will gain more texture if you go for a one-sided pony. Select a hair strand, twist it and wrap it around the base of the pony to secure it. Backcomb the pony and tousle it for the messy effect.

13. Short Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Scrunchies are back in trends so make sure you use one when styling the pony. Pin it on top and flip it on one side. Use a bandana to keep your hair in one place.

14. Extended Side Ponytail

Use nice, silky and curly bundles to get more volume. Make sure they are full pieces if you crave for a luscious look.

15. Loose Side Ponytail

Use your bangs and do a rope braid that goes down, over the ear, and ends in a wavy one-sided ponytail.

16. Side Ponytail Flower

Even for weddings, a ponytail can be that hairstyle that is simple yet stylish. Use bangs to style a wave on one side and get just a few loose curls. Decorate the base of the pony with flowers.

17. Beehive Side Ponytail

Beehive buns create dimension and if you want even more of that, continue by using a wand to curl your locks. You can now say goodbye to a dull hairstyle that goes unnoticed.

18. Emo Side Ponytail

For some, the emo trend will never fade and if you want a hairstyle that flatters you, a one-sided, perfectly straightened pony with asymmetrical bangs will be just the one for you.

19. Messy Side Ponytail

Combine braids, curls and a one sided pony in a hairstyle if you want a remarkable look.

20. Wavy Side Ponytail

Blow-dry and flat iron your hair and use a spray that holds the hair in place. Brush the hair up, in the direction of your pony and blow-dry again if you want that stunning shine.

21. Side Ponytail Twist Hairstyles

It will help if you use a rat tail comb because it makes the parting effortless. Roll each section to one side and secure it with a hair elastic in a pony.

22. Cornrow Side Ponytail Styles

You can make full cornrows or braid the hair until it reaches the neckline. Whether it is your natural hair or extensions, wear the unbraided remaining hair on one side.

23. Half Side Ponytail

Braiding your hair over night is a great technique to obtain wavy hair without using heat. The mane has more volume and you can do a half up half down hairstyle with a pony on top.

24. Invisible Side Ponytail

Use a rat tail comb to build that perfect sectioning for your bangs area.  Style retro waves on one side and choose a copper-colored pony that you will attach in the nape area.

25. Side Genie Ponytail

Straighten your hair and pin it into a pony that you will braid. Attach the bundles on the braid and use several strands to wrap around the base to build height.

Simple yet glamorous, side ponytails can be seen in 2023 on the red carpets, on every influencer’s Instagram story, or on fashion shows. Sleek, childish, or even elegant, these side ponytails are versatile so that anyone can wear them.