11 Mohawk Ponytails You’ll Fall In Love With

The mohawk ponytail hairstyle is for ladies who are daring to try something a little more unconventional. Typically, this hairstyle is worn by ladies who feel bold and are ready to tackle their day head-on.

The name of the hairstyle itself gives a clear indicator of what it would look like. It’s a hairstyle combining mohawk and ponytail in creative ways.

If you have ever wondered what a mohawk ponytail would look like, you don’t have to search any further. You’re about to be inspired by the list of awesome hairstyles featuring both mohawks and ponytails below!

1. Mohawk Ponytail for Straight Hair

Want a hairstyle that sticks out a little less first? Segment your hair, dividing it into the top and bottom parts. Braid the top part and tie it with the rest of your hair at the bottom segment to create this look.


2. Mohawk Ponytail With Curls

Even if your hair is of a curlier nature, that’s fine too! The mohawk ponytail hairstyle does not discriminate. Try to keep the hair segment at the bottom tucked underneath your mohawk ponytail to make the look a little neater.


3. Mohawk Ponytail For Black Hair

One of the most unique hair texture that you can use to create a mohawk ponytail is a style just like this one. It may take a long time to create this look, but the end result is definitely worth it.


4. Mohawk Ponytail With Shaved Sides

Keep your hair at mid-length to get this short mohawk ponytail look. While not difficult to attain, the maintenance that goes into this hair color and shaved side will take some effort.


5. Mohawk Ponytail For Little Girl

Grown women or little girls, a mohawk ponytail is for everyone. If you have hair with thick volume, you can easily create this double mohawk ponytail look. We’re pretty sure that this is an acceptable look for schools too!


6. Dutch Braided Mohawk Ponytail

You can even modify this hairstyle into an elegant one! This look requires multiple braids to pull off, so having more voluminous hair helps! The subtle dye color also adds to the elegance of this style.


7. French Braided Mohawk Ponytail

In a rush? You can still create the iconic mohawk ponytail look with some big, loose braids down the middle and all the way to the back. Try it yourself!


8. Long Mohawk Ponytail

If your hair is finer around the sides of the mohawk, you can try this style. Create a smaller braid along the sides, pulling in hair that may be too short to tie in the bigger mohawk.


9. Short Mohawk Ponytail

Mohawk ponytails can be short and simple too! Just keep your hair long enough so that you can tie it at the back and away from your face.


10. Mohawk Ponytail With Weave

You’re bound to get second glances with a mohawk ponytail like this one. The intricate braids and the small ones on the side are absolutely eye-catching, to say the least.


11. Bubble Mohawk Ponytail

If you think that a normal mohawk ponytail is too boring, how about fluffing up the hair around the mohawk a little? This can create a bubble-like look, which makes your mohawk more unique.

Did you find any mohawk ponytail hairstyles that you like from this list? There aren’t that many ladies who are convinced to try this look yet, so do drop us a comment if you found another creative way of wearing this hairstyle!