12 Stunning Ways to Rock Middle Part Ponytails

Middle part ponytails are the new trend right now and everybody seems to love them. They are easy to make and if you don’t have rich hair, nobody will notice. Hair-extensions are perfect if you want a voluminous middle part ponytail.


1. Middle Part Ponytail With Weave

If you don’t have long or rich hair, you don’t need to panic! The best choice for you to get this hairstyle is to use loads of moisturizers to glue your hair to your scalp and then attach a ponytail weave at the bottom.


2. Middle Part Sleek Ponytail

A rich weave is all you need to recreate this amazing hairstyle. Gather all your hair in a ponytail where you will attach the hair extensions that you want. Leave your sideburns loose and you’ll get a glamorous sleek ponytail hairstyle.


3. Middle Part Curly Ponytail

Use a dense comb and plenty of moisturizers to tame your curly hair. Glue it all to your scalp to keep your locks in one place and gather all your hair in a low curly ponytail. If you don’t have curly rich hair, use hair extensions to create a low ponytail on one side.


4. Middle Part Straight Ponytail

Split your hair in the middle and start adding moisturizer to tame your locks. Make a low ponytail and straighten your hair to make it look flawless.


5. Middle Part Ponytail Natural Hair

If you have Afro-American hair that you can’t easily tame, you can gather all your hair in a ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for a day at the office and even for a night out with the girls.


6. Middle Part Invisible Ponytail

This ponytail looks flawless! This works so well with thin straight hair but if you don’t have the proper length, use some hair extensions to copycat the desired length.


7. Middle Part Ponytail Short Hair

Even if you have short hair, a ponytail is something you can easily master. Split your hair in the middle and create a low pony. All you need to do is to use some hair spray to keep your hair in one place.


8. Long Ponytail With Middle Part

Start by splitting your hair in the middle and tie it all in a low ponytail. You’ll get a glamorous look that is perfect if you want your hair to look glamorous and sleek.


9. Middle Part High Ponytail

For this ponytail, you need to split your bangs into two parts and straighten them with a straightening iron. Tie all your hair in a high ponytail and use a thick strand of hair to wrap it around the base.


10. Middle Part Ponytail With Braid

This ponytail looks absolutely fantastic! Indeed, you’ll need a lot of patience to copycat this look but at the end, it will pay all of your efforts. Create two braids in the top and one pattern on each side of your head. Tie it all down in a curled ponytail.


11. Middle Part Sew In Ponytail

For a fantastic look like this one, you will need some hair extensions. When you decide to buy them, make sure they are rich, curly and have blonde highlights that define each ringlet. Create a low ponytail and sew in your new extensions. You will look fabulous.


12. Middle Part Ponytail With Edges

If you want a truly gorgeous look, create a zig-zag line that splits your head in the middle. Tie it all down in a low ponytail and get yourself some straight long hair extensions that you can add to make your beautiful ponytail longer. Straighten your hair to make it look shiny and flawless.


A ponytail hairstyle lets you spotlight your magnificent curls, but if you want a straight long hair that looks flawless, sleek and glamorous, you can anytime choose some long hair extensions that will grant you wish in just a few minutes. Tell us in a comment below which is the look you love most!