30 High Ponytails You Will Fall in Love With

A high ponytail is a beautiful hairstyle that you can choose for all sorts of occasions. It doesnțr matter if you have long or short hair, it looks amazing in both ways.

For a high ponytail, you’ll need a dense brush to style your hair and a lot of hair wax or hair spray to fix your locks on your scalp.

1. High Ponytail with Weave

For this high ponytail hairstyle, you will need a long black weave which you can style the way you like. Before attaching it use your favorite moisturizer to mane your lock easier to manage.

2. High Ponytail Braid

If you want a long braided ponytail you’ll probably need to buy a pack of jumbo hair or your favorite long Remy hair. The second option is perfect if you want to style your ponytail.

3. High Curly Ponytail

If you are one of the less fortunate girls that don’t have long curled hair, a weave can help you get the best ponytail. To make your hair look shiny you can use some hair wax or moisturizer.

4. High Straight Ponytail

For this perfect look, all you need to do is to pin your hair into a high ponytail. Use one hair lock and twist it at the base. For a flawless look, you can use a hair straightener to make your pony look impressive.

5. High Wavy Ponytail

This ponytail is perfect if you have plans for a wedding or other fancy event. Your hair will look magnificent and those waves will gather anyone’s attention.

6. Sleek High Ponytail

If you want to create a sleek ponytail, make sure you follow these steps: First, blow-dry your hair, use some dry oil, gather all the locks on top of your hair and pin them with a hair rubber band. Also, if you want it to look amazing you need to straighten your ponytail with a flat iron.

7. High Ponytail with Bangs

This look is absolutely great! Pin your hair in a high ponytail and flip it on one side. Leave some tiny locks of hair to use as bangs and create some curly for the ponytail.

8. High Side Ponytail

Flip your hair on one side and pin your mane into a high ponytail. If you don’t have voluminous hair you can choose a clip-on ponytail or a weave.

9. High Long Ponytail

If you want your hair to look perfect every day, and you already have an ombre hair, this look is for you. Create a high ponytail, add your blonde weave and use a hair lock to twist it at the base. You will look gorgeous.

10. High Ponytail Short Hair

Who says that if you have short hair you can’t get an awesome ponytail. Pin your hair up and leave your bangs swept on one side.

11. High Ponytail for Medium Hair

If you want a medium ponytail that looks fabulous and it’s easy to manage and style, you can choose a medium weave to create your updo.

12. Messy High Ponytail

Make your beautiful mane look awesome with this messy ponytail hairstyle. If you want to create this look, your hair doesn’t have to look perfect. Also, if your hair has a beautiful ombre, your look will be mesmerizing.

13. High Genie Ponytail

This hairstyle looks so impressive. All you have to do is to dye your hair in beautiful red color and get yourself a long red weave. Glue your natural hair on your scalp using loads of moisturizer and create this mesmerizing ponytail.

14. High Ponytail Black Girl

If you are one of those lucky girls that have long thick hair, this hairstyle is for you. Create some waves and split your hair in two. Pin the upper part in a ponytail and you’ll get everyone’s attention with this look.

15. High Half Ponytail

If you want to give your hair a lot of volume, you first need to use a crimping iron that will make your hair look like you had small braids that you have just unbraided. The second thing you need to do is to split your hair into two parts and use the upper part to create a ponytail.

16. Cornrow High Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you need to create some cornrow braids that meet in top of your head. There, you create a high ponytail. If your hair is not long enough you can use some jumbo hair to make your braids look awesome.

17. Box Braids High Ponytail

If you want a stylish look, use a few packs of jumbo hair to create your box braids. Pin them in a high ponytail and you’ll create a modern beautiful look.

18. Celebrity High Ponytail Hairstyles

Rihanna kills it every time she appears with a beautifully styled red high ponytail. If you want to get her look, you need to use a lot of hair moisturizer for your locks and glue them to your scalp. Use a thick beautiful red weave for ponytails.

19. Ombre High Ponytail

If you want to get a reach ponytail, you have to get yourself some curly hair extensions that you can pin at the base of your ponytail. Use a lock of your hair and roll it over the hairband.

20. 80s High Ponytail

If you love 80s looks, this ponytail bangs hairstyle is for you. Get a medium bob hairstyle with straight-line bangs and section your hair in two parts. Pin the top hair into a ponytail and use a colored hairband.

21. High Crochet Ponytail

Everybody loves thick long hair but not all of us are lucky enough to have that. Hair extensions are the best if you want to get a beautiful rich ponytail.

22. Wedding High Ponytail

You can wear a ponytail hairstyle on any occasion, especially at a wedding. It looks so elegant and it is so easy to style. Give it loads of volume and you will be in the center of attention the whole night.

23. Thin Hair High Ponytail

For this high ponytail hairstyle, you need to select two strands of hair from your bangs and create an easy curl. Pin the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

24. High Thick Ponytail

If you want to look mesmerizing at receptions or even a wedding, this high ponytail is the best option for you. Leave loose some here-and-there strands of hair and create a beautiful design on top.

25. Asian High Ponytail

All you have to do for this hairstyle is to section your hair in two parts and pin the front hair in a high ponytail. Leave the other section loose.

26. Cheerleader High Ponytail

Cheerleaders always have to look their best and this look is perfect if you want your hair to look great and not get in your way.

27. High Twist Ponytail

Create some twisted braids for your hair and pin them all in a beautiful ponytail. Use one braid to roll it at the base of your pony.

28. High Double Ponytail

Section your hair in two parts to create two reach and voluminous ponytails. Use hair wax and moisturizer to glue your hair on your scalp. If your hair is curly, use a lot of moisturizers to better define your ringlets.

29. Blonde High Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you need to create some easy waves and pin your hair in a high ponytail, on top of your head.

30. High Bubble Ponytail

If you want a beautiful and stylish ponytail, you need to split your hair into two parts. Use the upper section to create a ponytail. Under the first pony, create the second one and use the same hairband to pin your hair. As hair falls down, use other 2-3 hairbands to get your hair fixed. Create a bubble impression and you’ll get a mesmerizing look.

Even if you are going to a fancy event or just spending a night with your friends, a high ponytail is such a beautiful hairstyle that you can choose.