18 Cornrow Ponytails You Have to Try in 2024

If you haven’t tried a braided hairstyle recently, they should definitely be on your list for 2023. With so many styles, they’re the perfect way to express your personality.

Go for a high cornrow ponytail for drama, a low cornrow updo to show your relaxed laid back vibe, or a loose cornrow style with beads for detail.. there is a style for you.

Check out these 18 styles trending for 2023!

1. Cornrow Ponytail with Weave

If you have a weave, you have to try this cornrow ponytail whose braids have gold bands woven in for intricate beautiful detail.

2. High Cornrow Ponytail

This high ponytail‘s cornrows are braided diagonally for a twist on the traditional hairstyle. Electric blue makes for a fun pop of color!

3. Cornrow Low Ponytail

Alternating thick and thin cornrows are gathered into a low ponytail for a gorgeous style that shows off curls.

4. Cornrow Ponytail with Bangs

This high cornrow ponytail with bangs is super chic with silver beads and elastic bands to dress it up.

5. Ombre Braided Ponytail

Purple, pink, and white ombre are the perfect flirty, feminine colors for a braided ponytail.

6. Cornrow Ponytail with Curly Ends

For thin cornrows, sweep them up into a semi-high ponytail and leave the tips of cornrows unbraided and curly for a softer style.

7. Cornrow Side Ponytail

A side ponytail is very 80s, super hip, and works for every hair color. This one’s shade of gold warms up skin tone.

8. Cornrow with Drawstring Ponytail

This type of cornrow ponytail uses a drawstring or small combs to attach the ponytail to natural hair. Here, thin cornrows lead into a thick curly ponytail.

9. Small Cornrows into a Ponytail

While this hairstyle is time-consuming, the many tiny cornrows that are pulled into a burgundy ponytail here are worth it for its beautiful result.

10. Medium Cornrows with Ponytail

A less time-consuming style, these shapely medium cornrows gather into a high ponytail for a relaxed updo or formal event.

11. Cornrow Ponytail with Tendrils

When it comes to cornrows, go big or go home: like this one with cornrow tendrils near the ears and decorated with beads on ends.

12. Cornrow Ponytail for Little Girl

Your daughter or niece will be the most stylish student at school with a cornrow ponytail accessorized with a heart charm!

13. Blonde Cornrow Ponytail


Do blondes really have more fun? Find out with a thick cornrow ponytail dipped in platinum! Pair with your favorite pair of earrings for a fashionable night out style.

14. Two Ponytails

Your favorite childhood ponytail hairstyle just got a cute new update with cornrows. Wrap each ponytail in a lock of hair instead of an elastic for a trendy look.

15. Cornrows with Crochet Ponytail

This cornrow crochet ponytail is a beautiful mix of braids and soft curls for a romantic, girly style you’ll want to wear everywhere. You’ll love it for the fact that it can last up to eight weeks!

16. Feed-in Cornrow Ponytail

To give the illusion of naturally long hair, add feed-in braids to get a gorgeous cornrow ponytail. The combination of thick and thin braids makes for a truly detailed style.

17. Ghana Cornrow Ponytail

Ghana braids are considered the best protective style for women with naturally curly hair. You can rock this low cornrow ponytail by wrapping it in strands of hair for a chic touch instead of a regular elastic hairband.

18. Braided Cornrow Ponytail

For major style points, give your braided cornrow ponytail a ton of detail. This one not only has different heights, but the coiled side and straight hair ending leave a lot to look at.

So, think you know which cornrow ponytail you want? Don’t settle for just one! Try out thin cornrows on a high ponytail for a couple of weeks, then switch to thick cornrows with beaded details on a low ponytail the next time. You’ll never get bored and you’ll always be styling!