25 Modern Pompadour Fade Haircuts – Sharp and Stylish

The Pompadour fade is a combination of a taper fade and a high top. Depending on your hair texture, bone structure, and facial features, you can make multiple choices for the sides. Most men love to enrich the hairstyle with razored designs and style thin lines that delimit the Pomp from the fade.

The Pompadour Fade: A Timeless Look

Pompadour fades are great for men who want a cool, modern hairstyle that can be worn to all events.

First, you might need a blow drier and a round brush to build that height. Then, fix the hairstyle with gel, pomade, or a strong hair spray. A pompadour with fade leaves plenty of room for imagination, so don’t resume to simple hairstyles.

Instead, use your skills or visit a hairstylist that can spice things up for your hairdo. Discover some great examples of pompadour fade haircuts and hairstyles below.

1. High Fade Pompadour

Opt for a bald fade that gradually transforms into a rich top. If you want to create a delimitation between the two distinctive areas, go for an arched razor line on one of the sides. Finally, style your hair with hair gel to obtain that wet aspect.

2. Low Fade Pompadour

A low fade features very short hair around the temples and nape. The hair is longer towards the top, whereas the Pomp is rich and flawless. Shape your pompadour with a round brush and secure it with hair spray.

3. Mid Fade Pompadour

This mid-fade Pompadour reveals a bald area around the ears. If you have a V hairline, create a Pompadour that resembles a mohawk. Show off your personality through your haircuts and designs!

4. Short Pompadour with Fade

If you are a man of contrasts, here’s a hairstyle you’ll undoubtedly adore. If you have an olive skin tone with a black beard, mustache, and eyebrows, think about an opposite color for your hair. Try a platinum blonde nuance to get that contrast.

5. Long Pompadour with Fade

You can opt for smoothness or highlight each section of your hair. For example, make each of these sections stand out instead of making a smooth transition between the bald areas to upper pieces. You should apply the same principle to the Pompadour.

6. Pompadour with Skin Fade

A Pompadour with skin fade will show a brilliant transition between the bald areas and the styled Pompadour. Create a disconnection between your beard and the hairstyle. It will look so modern and cool, highlighting both pieces.

7. Razor Faded Pompadour

A razor-faded Pompadour will draw all the attention to the great high top. It is a versatile hairdo and can be styled in numerous ways, but most guys prefer to arrange it with a pomade that lifts the hair and makes it look shiny and clean.

8. Pompadour Comb Over with Fade

If you have a receiving hairline, a fade and a Pomp are the perfect way to make your hairstyle look super hot. Opt for a sleek top, with hair combed towards the back and slightly on one side.

9. Pompadour with Fade and Design

Pompadour hairstyles can be simple and suitable for white collars that need to look sharp all day. But, if you want to twist the hairdo, create a line designed with a fade that doesn’t affect the temples.

10. Pompadour Fade with Line

Delimit the bald fade from the slightly longer hair and the Pomp with a razored line that goes horizontally and thickens towards the back. Lift the top hair and curve it to the back, resembling a more modern Elvis hairdo.

11. Hard Part Pompadour with Fade

As a guy with olive skin and gorgeous straight black hair, you can opt for a Pomp with fade and very well-highlighted edges. Then, use a black powder to obtain those clear outlines! As for the hard part, make sure it is visible.

12. Zero Fade Pompadour

A zero fade with a Pompadour will look so cool if you also style a medium-long beard with a pointy shape. Suppose you wear glasses, even better! The hairstyle will add value to your look, making you appear manly and cool.

13. Asian Pompadour with Fade

Asian men look very modern with a high top and a fade. In this case, style more than a Pompadour and create a mohawk that goes all the way, reaching the back of the head. Lift only the top, use hair gel and comb the rest of the hair to create a sleek look.

14. Bald Fade Pompadour

As previously mentioned, you can pull off pompadour hairstyles in many ways. This is probably an excellent option if you are not against dyeing your hair. However, if you want your Pomp to look like this, consider dyeing your top in a blonde shade.

15. Messy Pompadour with Fade

Choose a bald fade for the sides and back and ensure the top is a few inches long to create a great contrast. You can wear it in a Pompadour, or even flat, flipped on one side. To get that sexy look, you can opt for a few blonde highlights.

16. Curly Pompadour with Fade

When you have curly hair, you need a hairstylist who can trim your locks without making your hair look worse. So, you can opt for a faded Pompadour with natural height. Then, you can use a pomade to give those curls a shape.

17. Side Part Pompadour with Fade

Asian men love sharp, neat hairstyles and often choose a high fade to highlight that dark hair color and the flawless cut. Use the top hair and flip it on one side. Create that bump with a blow drier and a rounded brush.

18. Pompadour Fade for Blonde Hair

A three days beard will fit your gorgeous Pompadour. However, you first need to bleach your hair to obtain that platinum blonde color. If you want to look flawless, let a colorist do this procedure. Otherwise, the color won’t be as uniform as you want.

19. Pompadour Fade with Beard

A pompadour fade with a beard that highlights the jawline will make your features stand out. As a result, you’ll have a more masculine look that makes all the girls say WOW. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and will work well for most outfits.

20. Taper Fade Pompadour

A taper fade will look outstanding with a Pompadour, especially if you have thick dense black hair. Create that disconnection between the beard and the hairstyle. Make sure all the edges have a clean sharp cut.

21. Pompadour with Undercut and Fade

To look flawless and neat, you can draw inspiration from vintage images and times when men loved to sport rich mustaches and Goatees. Adapt these two to a sleek Pompadour with a fade, and your look will be simply stunning.

22. Pompadour with Drop Fade

When we look at this image, we can’t decide what we love more. Should it be the nape line designs that continue on the jaw? Or that high Pompadour with gorgeously styled channels? Either way, if you want this look, make sure you have enough time to pull it off.

23. High and Tight Pompadour with Fade

If you have a full round face, you probably want to create some length to make your facial features look elongated. You can achieve less roundness by getting a high top. Style it with some pomade or gel and slightly twist it on one side.

24. Pompadour Fade with Glasses

When you love tattoos, and they are part of who you are, you must find a way to show them off and integrate them into your look. If you extend your canvas on the head, go for a bald fade and a Pompadour, and you’ll have that sexy badass look.

25. Slicked Back Pompadour with Fade

Looking professional will take you a long way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t twist your look with a mid-fade and a Pompadour. So you will be sharp while wearing a suit and cool when going out with your friends in a hoodie.

Pompadours with a fade are excellent and highly versatile. They made their way to 2021, never going out of style. Men loved this hairstyle and adapted it each time, even if its origins started decades ago. However, their uniqueness and flexibility are among the most significant characteristics because they will suit both white collars and gangsta boys.