20 Eye-Catching Pixie Cuts for Round Faces (2024 Picks)

Are you looking for the next hair trend for women? Well, we’ve got just the right selection here for you. First off, having the perfect hairstyle for your type of face shape might be difficult to find. That’s where this list comes in. We’ve collected an entire selection of pixie cuts that look great with round faces.

A pixie cut is a very versatile hairstyle. It looks good with all kinds of face shapes, but today we’ll only talk about hairstyles that mainly accentuate round faces. Hopefully, you’ll see a hairstyle that you’ll like.

1. Pixie Cut for Round Chubby Face

Looking for a pixie cut for your round face that complements your punk outfits? Then try this cool hairdo by cutting your back and side hair asymmetrical while cutting the larger section into a textured choppy cut.

2. Edgy Pixie Cut for Round Face

This sharp and clean blonde pixie hairstyle will surely match your endearing looks. For this hairdo, cut the hair short on the sides and back while styling your hair to the side in a sharp line.

3. Long Pixie Hair for Round Face

This long pixie hairstyle is amazing with its sleek layered look. Adding that ombre style makes it even better. Cut your hair on the sides and back, and sweep your long hair to the side.

4. Short Pixie for Woman with Round Face

Women love cute haircuts like this one, as it is clean, beautiful and makes them look younger. For this short pixie hairdo cut your outer hair short while leaving the top part of your hair long for texture.

5. Pixie Cut for Thick Hair and Round Face

Got thick hair? No problem. Try this amazing and sleek hairdo. Just cut your back and side hair in a line, then cut the front a little before sweeping it to the side.

6. Pixie Cut for Round Face and Thin Hair

This amazing hairstyle is great for old women, as it makes them look more youthful. For this hairdo, cut your thin hair asymmetrically and sweep the shorter hair to the back while arranging the front hair in a line.

7. Pixie Cut for Woman Over 50 with Round Face

This hairdo complements your overall look when styled with a nice pair of earrings. Cut your hair asymmetrical and leave it hanging to the side.

8. Very Short Pixie Cut for Round Face

A well-round face is great for this type of hairstyle, and you will certainly want to try this one out. Cut your hair very short and cut it in an angle to style it to the side.

9. Pixie Cut with Bangs for Round Face

For this fun little hairdo first, cut your hair in a choppy texture to add volume to your hair before weaving it to the sides. You can also add a combination of hair colors to give it a more outstanding look.

10. Pixie Cut for Curly Hair and Round Face

Having curly hair is not a problem with this pixie hairstyle. It complements well with your curly hair, giving it a supermodel look. Cut your back and side hairs short, then cut the rest for a more textured look.

11. Wavy Pixie Cut for Round Face

Cut your hair in an asymmetrical order while having the long hair hang in front. Also, make sure to cut the back hair short for a clean finish. This hairdo is perfect for those with wavy hair.

12. Pixie Bob Haircut for Round Face

To achieve this fantastic hairstyle, cut your long hair asymmetrical. Don’t make either side too short. For greater effect, you can style it into a bob and weave the longer hair to the side.

13. Asian Pixie Cut for Round Face

This gorgeous Asian pixie cut is for those with a round face. Like normal pixie cuts, cut your hair asymmetrical, then weave it to the side with a loose top for that light finish.

14. Pixie Haircut for Older Woman with Round Face

This hairstyle is perfect for older women with white-gold hair as it makes you look fabulous. Start by cutting your hair shorter while leaving the other side longer, then comb it to the side.

15. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Round Face

Try this gorgeous and clean hairdo. Cut your hair asymmetrical and add a bit of a curl at the tip of the long hair for that gorgeous look. Put on some earrings for the finishing touch.

16. Pixie Cut for Round Face and Glasses

For this one, cut your hair short. You can pair it with colored hair, and you can opt to wear glasses for that unique touch. This look complements your well-round face with its soft look.

17. Black Pixie Hair for Round Face

Looking for a sleek hairdo that pairs well with your thick hair? Then this hairdo is for you. Cut your hair in a line for every small area of your hair for that layered look. Add some earrings that suit you.

18. Punk Pixie Cut for Round Face

Feeling the cyberpunk vibes and are looking for a suitable hairstyle for you? Then try this cool hairdo. Just cut your hair asymmetrically, then cut the front in a line. Add color to your hair for that extra style.

19. Shaggy Pixie for Round Face

For this amazing shaggy pixie, just cut your hair short and style it with layers and textures, before weaving it to the side. This hairstyle is great with some ombre hair colors which enhances the definition of a round face.

20. Short Messy Pixie Cut for Round Face

This gorgeous and clean-looking messy pixie hairdo is great with a round face and lighter colored hair. A clean-cut to the side and back before layering the top and front for the finishing touches.

And that’s all the hairstyles we’ll talk about today. We hope that you’ve liked and found some hairstyles to use in 2023. Have a great hair day! Don’t forget to comment down below on what you think about the hairstyles.