20 Spectacular Undercut Pixie Haircuts to Try Today

The undercut pixie is very popular among women nowadays because it takes two very distinct styles, a shaved back and a pixie top, and fuses them together for a style the wearer can truly make their own.

It used to be there was only one type of pixie: short and cropped close to the scalp just like Tinkerbell. But these days, stylists are coming up with many different ways for women to be able to express themselves with the popular hairstyle. Now, undercut pixie is one of the hottest short haircuts for women in 2024.

Best Undercut Pixie Haircuts

If you prefer a long pixie with plenty of length you can still style straight or wavy and pin back with lots of shaved detail in the undercut, a simple cropped pixie with shaved sides all around, or a style in between… there’s something for you.

Here are 20 unique takes on the pixie undercut you’ll want to try!

1. Long Pixie With Undercut

A long pixie undercut with a shaved side and curled bangs is the perfect combination of edgy and feminine.

2. Short Undercut Pixie

This spiky short undercut pixie combines a curved cut at the neck with a shaved side detail for a bold take on the trendy style.

3. Undercut Pixie Bob

A side part and minimal shave detail on an undercut pixie bob is low-maintenance but still stylish.

4. Asymmetrical Pixie With Undercut

It won’t take long to style this asymmetrical pixie. Choppy bangs keep it soft while a shaved side shows your attitude.

5. Undercut Pixie With Long Bangs

Get creative and play with color! Hot pink on long layered bangs makes this pixie pop!

6. Undercut Pixie With Creative Design

The easiest way to take your pixie undercut to the next level is to shave in an intricate design. A little stripe of dark pink also helps!

7. Grey Pixie Undercut

A soft grey on a layered cropped pixie takes it from blah to beautiful.

8. Undercut Pixie for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, an undercut pixie with a side part will give it volume and movement.

9. Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair

Show off your thick hair with an undercut pixie whose volume is all at the top. Highlight it with a standout color like platinum.

10. Two-toned Undercut Pixie

Your long hair pixie will thank you when you give it a two-tone color like this voluminous undercut pixie.

11. Curly Undercut Pixie

A fire-red curly pixie has all the waves you could want for texture and volume. Dress it up by pinning side bangs back with a shiny clip.

12. Mature Undercut Pixie

For women over 50, slay the trendy undercut pixie by keeping layered length upfront to flatter the face shape.

13. Blonde Pixie Undercut

Don’t pick just any pixie undercut. Ask your stylist to shave in striped details near the neck for edgy cool details.

14. Choppy Pixie Undercut

A colorful, choppy pixie with a buzzed undercut is the perfect combination of pretty and bold.

15. Layered Undercut Pixie

Do you have thin hair? Add layers to your pixie for a full, luscious, and healthy look.

16. Pixie Undercut for Round Face

Wondering which haircut will work best for your round face? A pixie undercut with bold color and one shaved side brings a dramatic dimension.

17. Very Short Undercut Pixie

Super short undercut pixies are trendy for their low maintenance upkeep and their versatility. Spike up the back, straighten it all flat, or insert a couple waves.

18. Grey Pixie Undercut

For older women wanting a hip young haircut, the pixie undercut is still rockable. Let your salt and pepper hair color do all the slaying on the side-parted style.

19. Edgy Pixie Undercut

This stunning long hair pixie has plenty of lock length to play with but a shaved side gives the style a chic edge.

20. Spiked Pixie Undercut

Scarlett Johansson and other celebs have rocked the spiky pixie undercut on red carpets for a reason: it’s a youthful and modern hairstyle that flatters the jawline of many face shapes.

Any of these pixie undercuts would be ultra-daring, so which one will you choose? The great thing about hair is it will grow back quickly, so if you end up not liking one style, try a different one!