21 Classy Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair – My Favorites For 2024

Is your Pinterest board full of various pixie cuts? Then it’s time to make the dramatic change and embrace the beautiful life of a girl with short hair. Pixie haircuts for thin hair come with loads of advantages: blow drying your hair takes less time and so does hairstyling or dyeing your tresses. The hair grows faster and you can change the color as often as you like.

Let’s not forget about their versatility when talking about undercuts, razored designs, and their suitability to women of all ages.

Also, pixie cuts are fashionable, and they make you look fresh and even younger. Thin hair can be cut with a variety of pixie cuts. Each hairstyle has its own set of stones. You have the option to modify or add to it. Which one will you make the decision on?

So, if you are convinced to get a pixie cut for your thin hair, here are some advice and images that will help you get the best result!

1. Long Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Making thin hair look thicker is every woman’s goal, and you can achieve that by building more texture. Very delicate blonde highlights on an ashy blonde hair color will create that effect, while the waves and blunt cut will enhance the density.


2. Short Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

At first glance, you might be tempted to think that you can get this hairstyle in just a minute, because of its messiness. At a closer look, you’ll see that the bangs are perfectly straightened, looking flawless, and each strand is styled with a pomade that doesn’t make the hair look heavy.


3. Thin Pixie Hair for Woman Over 50

Pomade is going to be your best friend when you have a short cut like this.  Give your pixie that je ne sais quoi look by creating some dark purple highlights. Use a mini flat iron to straighten the bangs and arrange them on one side.


4. Pixie Cut for Oval Face and Thin Hair

Oval faces have been declared the best face shapes because they suit any hairstyle, bangs, or hair length. If you have these features, the only thing you need to consider before getting a wavy pixie cut is if the hairstyle will suit your personality.


5. Pixie Cut for Round Face and Thin Hair

Women and girls with round faces will adore this long pixie because it does such a great job at slimming your face. The key point is those bangs swooped on one side and the wave at the roots that lift the swap.


6. Pixie Cut for Thin Wavy Hair

If you adore bright colors, this pink curly pixie cut is definitely your style! On one side, tuck the hair over the ear and build the volume on the other part. A small wand will get you the waves and dimensions you need to make this hairdo look explosive.


7. Pixie Cut for Thin Curly Hair

As a girl with gorgeous green eyes, you might love this slightly strawberry honey blonde color because will look so delicate and gracious. If you also have curly hair, it will make those ringlets pop and look gorgeously highlighted.


8. Pixie Cut for Thin Straight Hair

Even as a natural blonde you will still need to bleach your hair to achieve this pale pink color but we can all admit that this nuance is just spectacular. As for the pixie haircut, get a short undercut and get long layers for the top.


9. Pixie Cut for Very Thin Hair

Very thin hair looks best when cut short and messily styled. Part the hair in diagonal sections when shortly cutting it and set the length by placing the strand between the fingers. Dye the hair in a lovely silver-gray blonde hair color and mess up the top. Now you can kiss goodbye to that thin hair aspect.


10. Pixie Cut for Thin Black Hair

If you’re tired of the daily Afro-American coarse hair and the struggles that accompany this hair type, maybe it is time to make a dramatic change. A short black haircut with some thin blue highlights will save you a lot of time each morning. Also, maintain the sideburns thick and pointy.


11. Spiky Pixie Hair

Pixies can be transformed into elegant, gracious hairstyles like the one Audrey Hepburn used to sport, but also into color blends with modern shapes and sizes. In this case, we’re talking about a color combo between blue, teal and mauve and a high top that resembles a mohawk.


12. Asymmetrical Pixie for Thin Hair

Cocktail some jam and moose in your hands and spread it on your hair. You’ll obtain that gorgeous wet look and you’ll style on some strands, for the top. Make sure you don’t use too much product because you don’t want to make that wet effect too prominent.


13. Shaggy Pixie with Thin Hair

Shaggy pixie cuts come with loads of layers and they are incredibly low maintenance. The haircut can be styled within minutes and works for oval, square and heart-shaped faces.


14. Very Short Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Baby bangs are bold and suit women who want to reveal their foreheads. You must also know that this very short fringe doesn’t look too nice on square and heart-shaped faces because it will emphasize the angles, so our advice will be to avoid it.


15. Choppy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Create a short pixie undercut and cut the top and midsection hair longer. This disconnected hairstyle is so low maintenance and will even suit Asian women or girls with glasses that want to spice things up a little bit. The color is your choice but we advise you to opt for something electric like this fuchsia shade.


16. Edgy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

This pixie mohawk stuns each way you look at it. Maintain the roots dark, in their natural color and build contrast by dyeing the mohawk in a bight platinum blonde nuance. Lift only the top and go for a Pompadour.


17. Feathered Pixie Cut

A balayage can be also styled on short hair and the best example is right here. Dye the roots and the short hair in a dark caramel color and for the top, create a smooth transition to a blonde creamy color. Arrange the bangs on the forehead, slightly oriented on one side.


18. Layered Pixie for Thin Hair

Consider layers for your next pixie shortcut if you want to achieve a low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s versatile because you can lift the longer hair portions, swipe them on one side or create a wet elegant look.


19. Messy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

As a brunette, getting a platinum blonde hair color will require bleach. Make sure you use Olaplex or a similar product to protect your hair during this procedure and layer the hair into a short pixie. To preserve the color, periodically wash your hair with purple shampoo and visit your colorist to dye the growing roots.


20. Pixie Bob for Thin Hair

Creating texture will save your hair from looking thin and dull. Mix white-blonde highlights with silver coated hair strands to achieve that mind-blowing effect but keep the roots dark. As a woman with a round or heart shaped face you will find suitable a swooped fringe because it will diminish the angles.


21. Pixie Cut for Thin Hair and Fat Face

Chubby, fat girls or women with rounded faces will benefit most out of this short red pixie hairstyle with blonde highlights and side-swept bangs. You would want to soften the face roundness and this is exactly what a pixie haircut will do for you.


Pixie haircuts for thin hair are surprisingly low maintenance and once you go short you won’t probably miss your long tresses. Pixie cuts require minimum attention when styling and the outcome is a high level of glam that you’ll embrace with only a few minutes of styling. So, stop overthinking about the pixies, book a visit to a salon and you’ll walk out of there with more than a great haircut, but also with a new state of mind.