23 Best Pixie Cuts for Women With Thick Hair

Pixie cuts are a really good option for thick hair if you want to maintain your hair short. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find various hairstyles for it and loads of colors to make it look eyepopping.

If you want to stop spending a big amount of time in the morning hairstyling your hair in the mirror, pixie for thick hair are just the thing you needed.

1. Long Pixie For Thick Hair

Give your long pixie a metallic blonde silver shade in order to add texture to your locks and you will adore this new look. An asymmetrical pixie haircut with bangs swiped on one side will certainly suit you.


2. Short Pixie For Thick Hair

A black color is perfect for those women who want to frame their faces in a charming way. A short pixie hairstyle is so easy to style and wear and you will adore it in a second.


3. Pixie Cut For Thick Wavy Hair

Pixie hairstyles allow you to go wild! Choose a bright purple color for your hair, create a weave for your bangs and swipe them on one side.


4. Pixie For Thick Curly Hair

If you are tired of struggling with your rebel curly hair, a pixie short haircut can make you look sexy and feminine at the same time!


5. Pixie Cut For Thick and Straight Hair

This blonde pixie hairstyle was designed to give straight hair a mesmerizing touch. Keep your roots dark and dye the rest of your hair in a blonde platinum shade. Trim your hair on one side and swipe your fringe on the other part.


6. Pixie For Woman With Thick Hair and Round Face

Even if your hair is super short, this pixie allows you to play with your favorite color. In this case, use a purple shade to create an ombre texture.


7. Pixie For Women With Long Face and Thick Hair

If you have a long face, a pixie haircut with swiped bangs is something you should try at least once. It will frame your face and make your face look smaller.


8. Very Short Pixie

Even if this pixie haircut is very short, you will still be able to look elegant and stylish. The great thing about this haircut is that you can style it within minutes and you won’t have any bad hair days anymore!


9. Messy Pixie

If you choose a messy pixie hairstyle for your thick hair, style the tips of your hair upwards and tousle your locks a little bit before you go out. It will look so good on you!


10. Funky

If you are searching for a less ordinary look, this funky undercut pixie hairstyle is something we’re sure you will adore. Dye the top of your hair in a purple electric color and keep the rest of your hair black. You will look beautiful!


11. Thick Pixie For Woman Over 50

If you are a woman over 50 and searching for the perfect hairstyle, you might have found the one. A short pixie haircut that is very easy to style is just the thing you need.


12. Pixie Cut For Thick Frizzy Hair

If your hair is rebel and frizzy, a short pixie with long bangs swiped on one part is going to make you look charming. This hairstyle works so well with a colored pair of glasses.


13. Pixie Bob For Thick Hair

If you want a mesmerizing look that is so easy to fix in the morning, choose a medium pixie hairstyle. For your locks, create some blonde beautiful highlights.


14. Thick Pixie Hair For Oval Face Woman

Give your hair an outstanding touch with this black short pixie haircut. Flip your bangs on one side and style your tips upwards. You can also add an electric blue color for your ends.


15. Asymmetrical Pixie For Thick Hair

If you want well-defined hair, this red fire color is the answer to all your searches. Use a straightening iron to make your locks look flawless.


16. Edgy Pixie

Trim your thick hair on one side of your head and flip the rest of it on the other side. This way you will create an astonishing look that will grab anyone’s attention wherever you go.


17. Layered Pixie

Give your thick hair a colorful pixie look. This beautiful ginger auburn color will make you stand out wherever you go. Create a small short trimmed line on your sideburns for a fantastic effect.


18. Classy Pixie For Black Girl With Thick Hair

If you have thick hair but tired on keeping it long, a glamorous pixie haircut like this will make you look fantastic. You can also use some hair wax to make your bangs shine.


19. Side Shaved Pixie For Thick Hair

This hairstyle is a real statement! Keep one side of your head ultra-short and make a shaved one line design. For your bangs, you can select an indigo color that will perfectly blend with the rest of your hair.


20. Choppy Pixie

Choppy haircuts give your thick hair the volume it deserves. Keep your fringe on your forehead, just above the eyebrow line.


21. Spiky Pixie On Thick Hair

Who said a spiked pixie haircut can’t look glamorous? Create a beautiful silver-white ombre for your fringe and style it upwards like a mohawk.


22. Tapered Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

If you want a gorgeous framing for your head, this pixie hairstyle for curly hair is just the thing you needed. Keep your ringlets in one place with some hairspray.


23. Thick Pixie Hair With Bangs

Even if you are a woman over 50, this hairstyle will suit you like a glove. Create an asymmetrical pixie for your thick hair and choose a beautiful ombre to make your locks look amazing.


Pixie haircuts are ideal for all those who don’t want to spend lots of time in the morning styling their hair. You can keep it ultra-short or you can choose a hairstyle that is trimmed but with longer bangs that you can dye just the way you want. Which option will you pick?