30 Short Pixie Cuts Perfect for 2024

A new year is beginning and it’s the perfect time for a new haircut! If you’ve been considering making a drastic change to your hairstyle, a new year brings a fresh start. Why not try a short pixie cut?

With so many different styles of short pixies, you’re sure to find one to fit your personality. If you have curly hair, a short pixie with a curly top will show off those curls. Straight thin hair? A cropped short pixie with razor cut sides is your ticket to edgy.

Here are 30 short pixie cuts you’ll want to try for the new year!

1. Short Pixie For Black Woman

This black pixie cut flatters an oval face with bangs that meet the middle of the forehead and a wavy side to keep the look soft.

2. Short Brown Pixie

For a round face, consider an asymmetrical short pixie whose length is longer on one side to distract from roundness. Clip back the length on a night out for a dressier look.

3. Short Curly Pixie Hair

With the right amount of hair oil or mousse, you’ll create a touchable texture on a pixie to show off your curly hair. Pull back the middle from the forehead for a cute small updo.

4. Short Pixie Cut With Bangs

A short pixie with bangs goes platinum for summer vibes. If you wear glasses, this haircut will look super cute on you! This style is easily switched from side to side.

5. Short Pixie Hair For Women Over 60

For women over 60 considering going shorter, a short pixie haircut is a great option. It’s low-maintenance and easy to style so all you’ll have to worry about is enjoying your retirement!

6. Short Shaggy Pixie

This short shaggy pixie stands out with bright yellow color and a V-shaped bang. Not a fan of yellow? A pale blonde or your natural color would also work.

7. Short Blonde Pixie

A short pixie with blonde color like this one is a little longer in front so you can pin pieces back for a flirty look on date night.

8. Short Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixies can be very edgy on their own or with the right color, such as a combination of black and white.

9. Short Choppy Pixie Hair

Short choppy pixies are a great option if you have thin or fine hair as the choppiness creates a textured and full look.

10. Short Pixie For Thick Hair

A short pixie for thick hair looks best with a side part and an undercut. To tame thick locks and control frizz, use a serum which will also create a cute piecey look.

11. Short Pixie For Thin Hair

For thin hair, have your hairstylist razor cut the ends on a pixie. This will create short layers and soft bangs.

12. Short Pixie With Undercut

This platinum pixie with dark roots stands out with a fade and undercut for an edgy style you’ll rock all year.

13. Short Spiky Pixie Cut

Want to be really bold? Try a super short pixie shaped into a faux hawk with a white blond color.

14. Short Layered Pixie

A short layered pixie with pointed sides is another way to style the haircut. Leave one piece upfront longer just for flair

15. Messy Short Pixie

A messy short pixie with many tones of pink is a great way to keep your short hair feeling feminine.

16. Short Pixie Cut For Older Woman

If you’re an older woman and wear glasses, consider a short pixie with cropped bangs that will frame your face and flatter whatever style of specs you wear!

17. Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

You’ll look adorable if you have a round face and choose a short pixie haircut. A long side bang adds dimension and would look super cute clipped back.

18. Short Pixie With Braid

For any special occasion, style up your short pixie with a sweet side braid that tucks behind the ear.

19. Short Copper Pixie Hair

A rich copper makes a short pixie stand out beautifully. If you have pale skin, consider this color to flatter your complexion.

20. Short Pixie With Shaved Sides

A short pixie with shaved sides is versatile in that it can be boyish without the added makeup and dangle earrings and with a spiky middle.

21. Short Textured Pixie

To give a short straight pixie texture, play with texturing creme and hairspray with your fingers to make the style your own.

22.Short Angled Pixie

This short angled pixie is created by adding long layers up front and short layers at the back for a low-maintenance, stylish cut.

23. Funky Pixie Cut

If a funky short pixie is what you’re looking for, pick your two favorite colors, such as blue and purple, and show them off on a pixie with a shaved back.

24. Dark Pixie on Short Hair

Brunette hair is a classic on a short pixie with feathered layers. A quick comb-through on this short style is all you’ll need.

25. Short Pixie With Weave

To get this short curly pixie haircut, a weave is sewn in or wrapped into hair with thread. The finished result is gorgeous and worth it!

26. Short Razor Cut Pixie

Pale lavender pretties up this short pixie while razor cut sides lined with a darker purple make it one cool cut.

27. Short Permed Pixie Hair

Does your hair tend to be on the thin side? Give it voluminous curls with a perm whose locks you can easily shape to lie over the forehead or arrange around your face.

28. Pixie Bowl Hair

A short pixie bowl cut is a haircut to consider if you want something unique. Front bangs are longer than the side fades while plenty of top texture is created through spiky tresses.

29. Short Wavy Pixie

Not ready to cut your hair too short? Ease your way up with a short wavy pixie with enough length to meet just past ears.

30. Short Gray Pixie Hair

A shaved undercut and fade added to a short pixie with blonde and grey color is the best way to make your pixie edgy and trendy for the new year.

Now that you have so many options for a short pixie haircut, which one will you choose? The versatility of the pixie cut means one thing is for sure: you’re bound to look beautiful no matter which one you end up with.