25 Easy Pixie Haircuts for Older Women in 2024

Whether you have curly or straight hair, styling your hairdo into a pixie cut is a splendid choice, since pixie cuts are very versatile. It is perfect for any face shape, matches well with all types of hair, and requires low maintenance.

Plus, a pixie cut looks fantastic for older women too. So, not only the young ones can enjoy a good hairstyle, but we’re targeting the mature women browsing this list.

A pixie cut is even more outstanding when you pair it with ombre or balayage style colored hairs, you can also mix and match hair colors if you prefer.

Short Pixie for Older Woman

1. Gray Pixie with Highlights

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s stylish and focuses on your face, then this short pixie hairdo is for you. Just cut your hair short with a very low cut on the sides.

2.  Full White Pixie Hairstyle

A gorgeous short pixie is the best for a summer vibe. Pair it with shades, and this hairstyle will make you look superb.

3. Pixie with Glasses

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s perfect for your chiseled face, then try this gorgeous hairdo. Simply style your hair in a pixie cut before dyeing your hair blonde.

4. ELectric Fucsia Pixie

Bring out your inner teenage rebel heart with this funky hairdo. Simply dye your hair pink and a mix of blonde to bring out the rebellious look.

5. Duo Pixie Hairstyle

Show everyone your charming smile with this lovely pixie cut! Perfect for women who sport themselves with a pair of glasses.

Older Woman with Long Pixie Hair

6. Almond Feathered Pixie

Although a shorter pixie cut looks more sophisticated, a long pixie cut looks just as great on older women.

7. One-Sided Pixie

This stunning pixie cut is great for those with fair skin. Simply style your hair into a long pixie cut with side-swept bangs before dyeing your hair silver.

8. Long Blonde Pixie Hair

Flip through the latest fashion magazines, and you’ll see hairstyles like this one. This stunning hairdo looks extremely beautiful with blonde hair, simply cut your hair into a longer version of an average pixie cut.

9. Purple Highlights

This gorgeous old women hairstyle is perfect for those with darker hair. Just cut your hair into a pixie and then dye your hair with mixed colors of purple and indigo for that teenage look.

10. Long Layered Pixie

Let your blonde hair take advantage of the beautiful look of the pixie cut. To achieve this hairdo, just style your golden hair long, brushing the front bangs to the side.

Pixie Hair for Older Lady with Glasses

11. Black Pixie with Rounded Bangs

Blonde hair isn’t the only choice on this list. Black hair looks just as good on a pixie as any other hair color. Put that on with a pair of glasses and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

12. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Going out with your family? Then, try this incredible hairdo. Just cut your hair short in a pixie cut while layering your blonde hair for added volume and style.

13. Salt and Pepper Hair

If you’re looking for a professional hairstyle, then a pixie makes a superb choice. Simply cut your hair into a pixie cut, then let your natural hair color complement the look.

14. Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

Take advantage of your beautiful silver hair by styling it into a short-stacked pixie cut. Enhance your look by wearing stylish earrings and necklaces to match the color of your hair.

15. Dark Blonde Short Haircut

Treat yourself to a gorgeous hairstyle that’s bound to make your entire month better. Start by styling your hair into a pixie cut while dyeing your hair blonde or silver.

Pixie Haircut for Older Black Woman

16. Textured Pixie for Old Black Ladies

If you’re looking for a style that looks amazing with your white dresses, then this hairdo is perfect for you. Just trim your hair and turn it into a pixie cut, perfect for women with darker skin.

17. Very Short Pixie Foe Black Woman

Having naturally soft hair is a significant advantage when it comes to hairstyles like this one since it complements the overall look. First, style your hair into a pixie before layering it out.

18. Wavy Gradient Pixie

The classic short pixie with feathered layers is perfect for your natural white hair. A quick finger-comb through this short style is all you’ll ever need to maintain the style.

Blonde Pixie for Older Women

19. Immaculate White Pixie Style

A stylish and elegant hairstyle like this short pixie cut will make you look amazing. The best thing about this cut is that you can style it within minutes.

20. Pixie With Long Bangs

A mesmerizing and easy-to-fix hairstyle might be the next hairdo you want to try. For this hairdo, just cut your hair into a medium pixie, keeping one side longer to make it look fabulous.

21. Pixie for Long Face

Give your hair a distinctive and stylish look with a blonde pixie cut! Leave the bangs upfront and cut them short, just above the eyebrows.

Pixie Haircut for Older Lady with Fine Hair

22. Pixie with Shaved Side

Asymmetrical pixies are edgy, yet with the right color, can make them look more enhanced and even classy.

23. Pixie with Dark Copper Highlight

This hairstyle is perfect for those with a round face as it accentuates your overall look. For this hairdo, just cut your hair into a pixie and then cut the side bangs sharp.

24. Pale Pink Pixie for Old Ladies

Who said a clean pixie cut wouldn’t look too glamorous? Dye your hair pink with layers, and you’ll have a fabulous clean pixie hairstyle.

25.  Gray Pixie for Fine Hair

If you’re looking for a well-defined hairstyle, having a silver-colored pixie cut is the answer for greying hair. Keep your cut relatively short, yet long enough to have side-swept bangs at the front of your face.

And this ends the list of pixie haircuts for older women. We hope you found some hairstyles that you might want to try while you were looking through this list. Have a great hair day!