20 Ways to Try Messy Pixie Haircuts – Out of The Box Ideas

Chic, edgy and sultry — a messy pixie cut is perfect if you’re looking to shake up your style! As they say, girls with a pixie cut for messy hair have more fun because it is a wash-and-wear hairstyle. This ‘do requires virtually zero maintenance and you can dress it up or down.

Whether you’re looking for the “I just woke up like this,” style or you want to show off your natural, tousled locks, these fun and playful pixie cuts are sure to give you all the hair inspiration you need to go for the big chop!

1. Messy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A messy pixie cut works for a lot of hairstyles, including fine hair. Express yourself with a splash of color that suits your personality! Short hair is perfect for a quick color experiment.


2. Messy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

For ladies with thicker hair, fret not! This hairstyle is the most practical if you’re lazy to style and just need a wash-and-go hairdo. It is effortless but still gives a hint of tomboyish vibe.


3. Long Messy Pixie Hair

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Pair your pixie cut with an undercut to bring out the edge in you. Your hair will definitely make heads turn because of its uniqueness.


4. Messy Short Pixie Hair

 A messy short pixie hair is perfect if you want to go all out on chopping your hair. Sometimes we just need a fresh new start, right? Try this hairstyle out and experiment!


5. Messy Layered Pixie

Match your layered pixie with ginger hair. Short hair is the best hairstyle for color experimentation since it’s cheaper on the long run with less hair to bleach. This spicy red hair is a must-try!


6. Choppy Messy Pixie Cut

If you’re a woman of age, don’t be afraid to get your hair short. Try this spunky choppy messy pixie cut to bring out your youth. Who said pixie cuts are only for young adults?


7. Very Short Messy Pixie Hair

This blue hair color looks cute with a pixie cut for messy hair! This is an effortless look that will grab everyone’s attention. Short hair makes you look expressive.


8. Shaggy Messy Pixie Cut

To make your cheekbones pop, this hairstyle will frame your face instantly and also brighten up your complexion. Try to mix and match a pixie cut and a hair color of your choice!


9. Messy Blonde Pixie Hair

Looking for Amber Rose vibes but still wants a different hair? Try a messy pixie cut, but go for blonde tresses! This may be high maintenance, but it sure is worth it.


10. Messy Pixie Cut On Black Hair

For ladies with textured, natural black hair, try this hairstyle out! It will give you dimensions without having to color your hair. Moreover, it is really efficient and practical for most ladies out there.


11. Messy Pixie Cut for Woman Over 50

Bring your youth back with this funky hairstyle. Who says this kind of hairstyle is only for younger people? Prove them wrong and rock this edgy and funky hairstyle with a cute color!


12. Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs

For formal events, this pixie cut with bangs will suit you. A messy pixie cut is appropriate for all kinds of events, you can style it in a messy way but still looking chic and elegant.


13. Messy Pixie for Round Face

Pixie cuts will match all kinds of face shapes, including more round face shapes. Don’t be afraid to get bangs, ladies. It will ultimately make your face look slimmer and more snatched!


14. Messy Pixie with Undercut

This hairstyle just screams “rockstar” to us! If you’re feeling bold and just want a whole new vibe for yourself, try this messy pixie cut with an undercut to bring out the rockstar in you.


15. Messy Pixie Bob

For women who have curly hair, don’t hesitate to get a pixie cut. It will make your curls low maintenance and a wash-and-go hairstyle. You’ll instantly look fresh and edgy with this style.


16. Asian Messy Pixie

For Asian ladies out there, this one’s for you. Match your messy pixie with a bold color if you’re feeling funky. You could also opt to experiment and change colors every week!


17. Messy Asymmetrical Pixie

A pixie cut doesn’t always have to be sleek, it can be messy too! If you’re tired of having to sleek down your hair, embrace the waves and try out this messy look.


18. Messy Curly Pixie

Curly hairs can get a short pixie cut, too! This will make your hair feel lighter as opposed to long hair, and it offers a fresh new start for your tresses, as well.


19. Messy Pixie Cut with Glasses

A messy pixie cut will shape your face well and would go along with your glasses to frame your eyes. Just choose a messy pixie style that will suit your face.


20. Messy Pixie Cut for Dark Hair

Looking for a hairstyle that will give you a lot of dimension and edge? This haircut is a must-try for ladies with black hair. A messy pixie cut will exude a sultry vibe!


What do you think? Did these messy pixie cuts inspire you to rock your own short ‘do? Whether you already have the perfect gamine pixie style or you’re still thinking about if you want to take the plunge and chop your hair off, we hope these styles gave you the inspiration to rock your own cropped hair with confidence!