20 Effortlessly Chic Messy Ponytail Hairstyles for 2023

The messier, the better! Messy ponytails are always on-trend, this style is perfect when you are always on the go but still want to look cute. Every woman will look effortlessly beautiful in this.

Sometimes, the “I woke up like this” look is quite hard to achieve, but with a bit of effort, you could head out and grab some coffee with your gals while exuding a blooming beauty that is perfect for an everyday look. 

When you have day 2 or maybe even day 3 hair, your locks may get oily, unruly, and just plain dull. With a bit of dry shampoo, hair ties, and creativity—you could transform your hair into a messy, yet cute hairdo. Just allot a few minutes to get ready and while you’re at it, you could also opt to sport a no-makeup look too!

How To Style a Messy Ponytail

If you’re a casual chic that wants a style that you can rely on, a messy ponytail is the perfect ‘do for you. The trick here is to work with day 2 or unwashed hair, it’s easier to use a dry shampoo for dirty locks.

Also, embrace imperfections! This style could also work for gals with balayage, highlighted, or colored hair. The world is truly your oyster, so have some fun with this style, trinkets and cute ponytails could also be added to take it up a notch!

Trendy Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Now that you’ve done your messy ponytail, it’s time to strut out of the door. With a few touches like no-makeup makeup, look and a casual outfit will surely fit your laidback hairstyle. It is a no-frills hairstyle that will make you look cute yet effortless, perfect for running errands and coffee dates.

Don’t fret about the flyaways, it adds to the overall messy vibe of your hair just make sure that they will stay intact at the end of the day. Go with a trendy look and try this ‘do now!

1. Messy High Ponytail

Perfect for a special night out, messy hair could also work for formal events. With a few touch-ups and a spritz of hairspray, make sure to secure the ponytail for a fool-proof effortless ‘do!

2. Messy Low Ponytail

For girls with medium-length hair, who said you can’t rock a messy ‘do? A cute accessory like ribbons and ponytails will take your hairstyle to another level. Also, it gives an effortless vibe.

3. Messy Ponytail for Long Hair

Sometimes, longer hair could get unruly at the end of the day. Tie it up without looking too made up by pulling off face-framing strands. It will also frame your beautiful face further. 

4. Short Messy Ponytail

Short-haired gals truly have the best of both worlds. If you are growing out your bob, try this short pony hairstyle out for a cuter twist! It gives out more volume for a laid-back vibe.

5. Messy Ponytail for Medium Hair

Give a twist to your messy ponytail by adding some intricate braids all over your locks. Like this hairstyle, she placed a plait at the middle of the ‘do and it looks more dainty than ever.

6. Messy Ponytail with Bangs

Get that bangs on! Bangs will never go out of style and will work with styles like a full, curtain, and so on. They are also best matched with a ponytail for a face-framing look.

7. Messy Ponytail for Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important events for us, right ladies? Try something for a change, like this ponytail! It gives a daintier look as compared to your usual laid-down hair.

8. Big Messy Ponytail

Volumized hair is always our goal, right? With this ‘do, it definitely makes you fuller and thicker. Moreover, you could opt to make it look messier, it looks laid back that way!

9. Blonde Messy Ponytail

Blonde girls have more fun, that’s what they say. With a hair tie and a spritz of hairspray, place your hair up into a pony. You could also pull out strands. The messier, the better!

10. Curly Messy Ponytail

Curly hair may get unruly as the day goes by, but with this hair, it is functional yet still trendy. Keep your hair in place with a messy ponytail and go on with your day!

11. Messy Ponytail for Straight Hair

The problem with straight hair is that it may look too flat sometimes. For day 2 hair, spritz some dry shampoo and braid your hair! Match it with a pony for a no-frills ‘do.

12. Messy Wavy Ponytail

Wavy-haired gals, it’s time to flaunt your hair! From waves to texture, wavy hair is the best hair to style especially for ponytails! It brings out more volume while looking effortless and chic.

13. Loose Messy Ponytail

Ponytails could also be worn for romantic dates. A trinket-like headband with gems is a nice touch to make it look more dainty. You could also wrap your hair around the ponytail!

14. Messy Braided Ponytail

If you want to put extra effort into your hairstyle today, take this style as a sign. This ‘do is accentuated by a braid that goes sideways and is finished off with a ponytail!

15. Messy Ponytail for Black Girl

For women of color out there, let your luscious locks out of your protective hairstyles and wear them down. Messy ponytails could instantly level up your looks, and turn some heads around.

16. Messy Ponytail for School

A school day is always a busy day, a high ponytail like this will keep you cool, effortless, and with no-frills. Well, the goal is to look cute but still ready for on-the-go lectures, right?

17. Messy Side Ponytail

Take it to the side like this hairstyle! For a more romantic look, a braid along the hairline would also work. This hairstyle is best for weddings, night-outs, and date nights.

18. Thick Messy Ponytail

Cut back on your hair’s frizziness by pulling it off into a neat ponytail. If you have thicker hair, this one is perfect for you! Achieve the perfect volume with this messy ‘do.

19. Messy Ponytail with Thin Hair

Volumize your thin hair with the use of dry shampoo and a poofy ponytail. Curl your hair, you don’t have to be precise about this and tie it off into a messy ‘do!

20. Messy Ponytail with Extension

If you want that va-va-volume, hair extensions would greatly help to achieve this messy ponytail! You could also opt for a subtle ombre that is very trendy right now, perfect for summer day-outs. 

An effortless look from the “I just woke up” phase is quite hard to achieve, but with practice, it is very much attainable! With a dash of makeup and a messy ponytail, you’ll be off to go. For gals with thinner hair, this messy ‘do will definitely help to pump up the volume in your hair. You could also try to curl your hair for a more glamorous look. Hopefully, our list will inspire you to get up and style your hair in a messy-yet-perfect ‘do.