18 Classic Side Part Haircuts for Guys (2024 Guide)

Trendy, comfortable, and professional—the side part haircut ticks all the boxes when it comes to try out a new men’s haircut. This classic and low-maintenance hairstyle has been ruling the men’s fashion world for decades now because it’s versatile and timeless.

You can pair it with any type and length of hair or sport this “do” on any face shape, the charm and class it brings to the whole outlook are unmatchable. With a well-styled side part, you would never miss grabbing all the attention!

So, if you are in the mood for a smart, sophisticated hairdo, we have got you covered.

Attractive Side Part Haircuts for Men

With so many different side part hairstyles for men, you might find it quite challenging to find just the right one to try on your manes. To inspire you to find the “ONE” for your hair, we have compiled a list of the top side part haircuts for men to try RIGHT NOW!

Go through them for ideas you need for a classy, timeless style.

1. Skin Fade Side Part

Even though this haircut has an image of a “bad boy”, it looks perfect on “good boys” too. The seamless combination of the skin fade along with a longer mop on top not only grabs attention easily but also ensures incredible comfort. Sport it with any hair texture, you would never miss looking uber stylish.

2. Long Hair with a Side Part

Add instant volume and body in your long, flowy tresses just by creating a deep side part! This simple yet appealing change can give your whole hairstyle a brand new spin and lift up your persona greatly. Spritz on some sea salt spray and scrunch your manes for extra dimension in the “do”.

3. Short Side Part Haircut

A short haircut with a clean, sharp side part is the perfect style for men who wants both comfort and style packed in one. You can either keep the top a little long for a combed back look or try a buzz that matched the sides, either ways, this haircut would look gorgeous on you, despite your hair type and personality.

4. Side Part with Curly Hair

Wild, effortless, sexy, messy- the classic side part and the sultry ringlets are a match made in heaven. It doesn’t matter if you have big curls, smaller ringlets, or even kinky spirals, a precisely created side-swept will amplify your look better than ever.

5. Side Part in Straight Hair

Straight hair with a side part haircut is a killer combo for any man, especially if you are going for a “professional meets casual” look. The textured mop manes provide an illusion of body and bounce and make even the finest of hair look fuller and voluminous.

6. Neat Side Part Haircut in Asian Man

The extra-long sides along with a sleek top make this Asian men’s haircut a classic. Even though the sides are long, they are perfectly manicured and hence, promise to make you appear sharper than ever with any cloth you wear.

7. Side-Part with Wavy Hair

Redefine class and power in your wavy hair with a refined side part haircut. The sexy waves on the top and the slightly faded sides make for a perfect combination if you are looking for a short haircut in your textured wavy tresses.

8. Side Part with an Undercut

Switch up your hairstyle with a double side part featuring a disconnected undercut. The rebellious undercut and the precise parts on both sides of your head draw attention to the top and make it stand out in the crowd. And if you are someone who likes to take a risk, don’t hesitate to get this haircut NOW!

9. Side Part with Asymmetrical Fringe

You don’t always have to keep your side part haircut classy and sophisticated. Try a lopsided fringe with a side part haircut in your manes and play with them like never before. This interesting asymmetrical hairdo would not only help you to hide your broad forehead easily but also add a super cool, rockstar vibe to your appearance- just like you have always wished for.

10. High Fade Side Part Haircut

For a sleek, sophisticated look, nothing could be better than a clean side part high fade haircut. The close-shaved sides paired with slightly longer hair at the top will create a perfect balance in your manes and provide just the right amount of comfort and interest. Wear it with your office outfit or super casual ware, it would always make you look dapper and sexier.

11. High Curtain Haircut with Side Part

With the popularity of K-pop, the appeal of a high-curtain haircut in men also skyrocketed more than ever! Featuring eye-brow length fringe and a “not so precise” side part, this Asian “do” makes your hair appear thicker and fuller and gives them the much-required movement. Even though it is best suited for straight hair, you can try this cut in other hair textures too.

12. A Classic Hard Part

Featuring a distinctive side part, the hard part haircut is rebellious and edgy. The incredibly sharp, clean shaved line into the side of the head not only brings in a lot of character and style to your outlook but also provides the much need visual appeal without even trying too hard.

What’s more interesting is that you can customize the thickness of the part according to your taste!

13. Side Part in Afro Hair

Natural hair with a clean side part looks incredible on men. It adds depth and dimension to the whole look and makes you stand out in the crowd. Regardless of the type of curls, a side part will keep onlookers’ eyes locked on you.

14. Side Part with Beard

Give yourself a  Moviestar look with side-parted hair paired with a sexy beard. This super stylish “do” is the perfect combination of corporate, casual, and cool, and looks great with any length of beard and any face shape.

You can also experiment with the beard length and try a customized side part hairstyle that goes well with your face and personality.

15. Ivy League Haircut with Side Part

If you are looking for a side part hairstyle for men that is smart, polished, and more professional, the Ivy League cut is your “thing”. Featuring neatly tapered sides with a medium-long top, this haircut would surely add more class and persona to your appearance than ever before.

16. A Classic Side Part

Channel your inner “gentlemen” with a classic side part hairstyle. It is considered one of the most stylish “hairdos” for men because it is timeless and goes well with any face shape and hair type perfectly. Pair this “do” with an Ivy League outfit or a casual shirt and pants, it will never let you down.

Try them in your hair anytime you want, it’s not going out of fashion any time soon!

17. Side Part Pompadour

Create a classic Elvis Presley style in your hair with a trendy pompadour. Unlike other side part hairstyles, a pompadour would keep the tresses out of your face while creating volume and body in the tresses. Pair it with a formal outfit, and no one can match your vibe, EVER!

18. Side Part Comb Over

This amazing side part hairstyle toed the line of formal and casual seamlessly. It is versatile and contemporary and is suitable for almost any type of face and hair. Apply a bit of hair cream to make this “do” even polished and sexy.

Well, now you have them- all the incredible ways you can style your precious tresses with a side part hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if you are aiming for a sexy, cool, professional, or just looking to switch things up, a side part haircut would surely serve you with the look you have been wanting.

Take a risk, man, and go for this haircut no sooner than later!