25 Variations of Long Curly Hairstyles for Men

Break free from gender norms with these fun long curly hairstyles for men. Wild curly hair is great for men who are not afraid to try new haircuts outside of what they’re used to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s coily, kinky, or loose curls; you can style them in several ways to express yourself. Below are 25 long curly hairstyles for men that are sure to get you excited about growing your hair.


Men’s Long Hairstyles for Curly Hair

1. Long Curly Combed Hair with Sidepart

This larger-than-life hairstyle brings out your wild side. Long thick hair with brown curls gives your hair more volume. This is a go-to long curly hairstyle for men looking to switch it up.


2. Long Curly Hair with Double Incomplete Loose Braids

Looking for a fashionable curly hairstyle? Try plaiting two loose pigtails that accentuate your face shape. Tie a band at the end so that the soft long curls don’t come undone.


3. Long Curly Spiral Locks with Sidepart

Medium curly hair looks go well with a beard to match. The vibrant curls give a more textured look to your hair. Add some highlights to the blonde curls for a unique touch.


Black Men with Long Curly Hair

4. Long Curly Hair with Braiding and Top Knots

Long curly hairstyles allow for versatility when styling. Two cornrows at the front pull back your hair to highlight your chiseled jawline. Hold the cornrows in small man buns and leave the rest open.


5. Long Curly Loose Afro

Break the norm with this edgy curly hairstyle. If you want hair with volume, this red curly look is just what you need. Try this bright curly hairstyle to stand out.


6. Long Curly Combed Thick Curls with Sidepart

Want to look stunning with a simple hairdo? This is a good long curly hairstyle for men to achieve that. Put on a bold outfit and hoop earrings for a confident look.


Long Curly Hair with Undercut

7. Long Curly Bun with Undercut

Opting for a modern haircut this time around? Shave the sides of the head and tie the natural curls in a man bun. Experiment with this hairstyle to bring out your striking features.


8. Long Curly Pineapple Updo with Undercut

Nothing beats a modern haircut with a beard to match. Hold the kinky curly hair in a ponytail with a low fade cut. If you have a creative side, this style is suitable for you.


9. Long Curly Mid Ponytail with Undercut

Tired of the same old haircut? Get a design curly fade cut of your choice on the sides that makes your curls pop. Pair it with silver jewelry, and it goes with any outfit. 


Men with Long Messy Curly Hair

10. Long Curly Thick Waves Center Part

When it comes to long hair, men love a hassle-free hairstyle. Brush the loose curls for a neat look which is ideal for going out. The minimal look is great for all shades.


11. Long Curly Spiral Loose Messy Bob

Why not try out large curls that give your face a fuller look. Style the blonde curls with a colorful bandana, and you’re good to go! This look is sure to turn heads.


12. Long Curly Layered Combed Sidepart

This is one of the trendy long curly styles for men. Push the black curls to the side to achieve this bouncy hairstyle when styling. Add some jewelry for an exotic look.


Long Blonde Curly Hairstyles for Men

13. Long Curly Combed Voluminous Bob

Keep your curls stunning with this blonde hairstyle for men. The attention-grabbing color is all you need to enhance your curly long hair. Rock this cut for any summer event.


14. Long Curly Thick Natural Sidepart

Instead of getting a normal haircut, consider medium curly hair. The curls add dimension to your hair and can be styled in a variety of ways. Try this curly cut next time.


15. Long Curly Spiral Loose Sidepart

This cool hairstyle does wonders for your overall appearance. Long blonde curls highlight your features for a striking look for most outgoing men. It’s easy to style just by brushing your hands through.


Men’s Long Hairstyles with Loose Curls

16. Long Curly Thin Waves

If you want a toned-down look, natural curls are a good option. For a more defined look use some gel for the black curls. You can never go wrong with a dark beard.


17. Long Curly Loose Spiral Off-Center Parting

For confident gents, this medium-cut hairstyle is ideal. Thick curly hair gives you a carefree appearance on any occasion. All you have to do is style the hair to one side.


18. Long Curly Spiral Half-Up

Long curly hairstyles accentuate your perfect jawline. To look fierce, tie a few strands in a bun and leave the side curls open. If you want to feel free, these medium curls do just that.


Long Curly Man Bun

19. Long Curly High Loose Bun

One of the popular long curly hairstyles for men is a man bun. If you’re ready for an easy-going look, the messy curls are it. The dark roots enhance your curls.


20. Long Curly Half-Up Bun

Thick black hair looks fuller when styled as a half-up ponytail. The small bun shows off your hair texture for a modern look. Don’t forget to add a few silver hair accessories.


21. Long Curly Tight High Bun

Looking for a modern style for your curls? Try this go-to man bun to hold back your long sleek hair. The blonde highlights make your hair pop for an attractive look.


Long Curly Hair with Beard

22. Long Curly Thick Wavy Sidepart

Natural redheads stand out beautifully in a crowd. The long ginger curls are easy to style, and for a more creative look, go with a clean-cut beard to finish it off.


23. Long Curly Tight Off-center Parting Spirals

Be daring with these long brown curls for men. This is an effortless look for any outfit you can think of. Remember to trim the curls regularly to keep them looking fresh.


24. Long Curly Side Combed Voluminous Tight Waves

This long curly hairstyle for men is great to show off your growth. Although thick curly hair can be tiresome to tame, it’s totally worth it. It goes well with a long beard.


25. Long Curly Low Loose Bun

A neatly kept beard looks dashing on any man. The natural black curls make for a creative appearance. Just hold it up in a bun to maintain the classy hairstyle.


Although growing out your natural curls might take some time, it’s definitely doable. Men with curly hair can be very envious of everyone when they walk down the street.

However, this men’s hairstyle is only achieved with patience and consistent hair care. Be bold and go for these gorgeous curly looks next time you want to grow your hair out.