10 Best Fade Haircuts with Beard (2023 Guide)

Reminiscent of classic 1900s Hollywood, fade haircut with beard look become the most astounding combo for modern-day gents’. By lining up a tapered fade haircut complemented with beard have something to offer every guy.

The unique transition from edgy faded haircut gradually blended with sideburns is perfect for rugged men. Incredibly versatile, it suits almost every outfit or occasion, whether for casual office hallways to a gala evening.

Choose a haircut appropriate for your face shape and hair texture and do a little upkeep to maintain the fade and shape. See 10 incredible fade haircuts and beard combinations that you would love to try.

1. Low Fade Haircut With Beard

This stylish haircut is a little out of ordinary. That tapered undercut shave right above the ear subtlety blend with beard without seemingly disconnected gives it a stunning boost. Ask your barber to shave a line or two for a sleek appearance. Must need regular trim to keep up the fade.

2. High Fade Haircut With Beard

Perfect contrast between the high shaved haircut and beard details beneath. High fade automatically elongate your face and sharpens the jawline. Taper your fade way too higher than forehead and skin fade the near cheekbone area connecting with the beard.

3. Medium fade haircut with beard

For those who want to keep it fade but not too faded. The mid-fade haircut is always timeless and suited with almost every outfit. You can shave a spiky line or two near the undercut for a pointed edge. This clean-cut haircut needs some upkeep but is much worth it.

4. Fade Haircut With Beard For Black Men

Fade haircut with a beard has endless variety such as this afro-fade. This will add more definition and edginess contrasted with your curls on top and beard below. Pair it up with hair design pattern to add your personality to your hairstyle.

5. Skin Fade Haircut With Beard

Skin fade similar like bald fade pairing beard is undeniably a bold move. Origin from the military men, this minimalist neat and clean-cut will highlight your facial features. Give it more attitude by pairing it up with mid-beard look.

6. Drop Fade Haircut With Beard

Drop fade is a neck grazing haircut where the fade curves around your ear to the neckline. Choose the height and density of fade appropriate with your face shape. Wear this fade haircut with beard as comb-over or slick back; you will rock this style either way.

7. Fade Haircut With Full Beard

Got impressed by this Vikings-inspired look? Take your fade haircut and full length beard to next level by synchronizing these two. Keep the hair spiked up, skin fades the sideburn, and finally finish the style by blending with a full beard below.

8. Bald Fade Haircut With Beard

The bald fade is undoubtedly one of the trendiest hairstyles right now. Cool high bald fade looks pointy and reveals the facial features around the forehead and sides. Wearing it with beard will add an extra touch of ruggedness. Use hair gel to make it look glossier.

9. Short Fade Haircut With Beard

Short hair fade is exactly like it sounds similar to a buzz cut. If you have fine hair go with this one. You can keep longer texture on top to elevate the look. Keep the sides clean and fade high and blend it up with a tapered beard.

10. Taper Fade Haircut With Beard

Tapered sides offer a look highlighting you masculine facial features and angles. Wear it with a man bun by pulling back on the top knot and shaving the back and sides to combine with the beard. Regular maintenance is essential.

Forget the same, old haircut and try something new this season. The seamless transition from shaved hairline complemented with the beard is the perfect way to express your masculinity. Also fade haircut with beard gives unlimited choices to wear with every outfit- comb-over,man bun, quiff, geometric designs in an undercut and so many to suit your personality.

It needs some upkeep and regular trimming but is much worth it. So you are thinking to groom your full-grown beard with some edgy faded haircut we think you have already chosen one for you.