25 Fabulous Mohawk Fades for A Manly Look

With all the hairstyles for men out there, why would you ever settle for anything less than something bold and eye-catching, such as a mohawk fade? With buzzed, tapered sides along a crest of hair flattering any face shape, there’s no reason you can’t rock this hot haircut.

If you’re ready to give your look an update, check out the 25 best mohawk fades for men.

1. Burst Fade Mohawk

A burst mohawk fade refers to a taper fade following the curve of the ear and spreads (bursts) outward as hair fades into the neckline. Put your own personal touch on the mohawk with a fun color, like this green.

2. Low Fade Mohawk

A low fade mohawk uses a little less side fade but still looks dapper and edgy. Style hair with a gel or blow dry straight.

3. Mohawk with High Fade

High faded mohawks allow for a little more creative expression but require a bit more maintenance. Spike up the hair for edge.

4. Short Mohawk with Fade

If you want to try punk style but don’t want long hair, a short mohawk fade is for you. It’s a little upkeep and still noticeable.

5. Long Mohawk Fade

The long mohawk fade is perfect for you if you know it’ll take some time to adjust to having a more normal cut to a shaved style.

6. Taper Fade Mohawk

A clean neckline and sharp fade complement the curly ‘hawk up top on this taper fade.

7. Afro Mohawk Fade

Popular among African American men, the mohawk fade is flattering on men with afro-textured hair because of the simple sophistication and low maintenance.

8. Curly Mohawk Fade

If your hair is on the curly side, encourage texture by working in a gel or curl creme with fingers.

9. Straight Mohawk with Fade

Rock the mohawk fade on your straight hair and part it to the side to look dapper and dressed up.

10. Bald Fade Mohawk

No matter what hair type you have, a bald mohawk fade will help you look your best. It requires a bit more upkeep but it’s worth it to look this good all the time!

11. Temple Fade Mohawk

Temple fade mohawks get their name from the detailed edge at the forehead. A curve or a sharp line that fades into facial hair is flattering on all face shapes.

12. Mohawk Fade with Design

Style up your mohawk fade with intricate designs such as zig-zigs, crisscrosses, or even your initials.

13. Mohawk with Skin Fade

A mohawk with a skin fade is a great variation on the haircut you can try if you want a change in your look but need to still look professional at work.

14. Drop Fade Mohawk

A drop fade mohawk takes the style to the next level: shave in precise details that curve behind the ear and end at the nape of the neck.

15. Afro Mohawk with Fade

If you have afro hair, change it up with a mohawk fade that’ll give your whole face a new look.

16. Mohawk Fade with Facial Hair

Do you have a beard or other facial hair? A mohawk fade with long hair is somewhat Viking and totally hot.

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17. High Fade Mohawk

Take the mohawk fade back to the 80s with a high fade. A sharp shaved line just before the mohawk gives the look dimension.

18. Mohawk Mullet Fade

Mullets are back and they’re hot on mohawks. The look is punk and retro but can still be professional with a little gel and sleek combing.

19. Asian Mohawk Fade

This Asian mohawk fade keeps the hairline wide and the shaved sides thin for a truly handsome style perfect for men with oval faces.

20. Dreadlock Mohawk Fade

Do you have dreadlocks? Keep them around on a mohawk fade like this style which pulls them into a ponytail with highlighted tips.

21. Mohawk Fade with Beard

Men will find that a mohawk fade looks more natural and masculine if they already have facial hair. Don’t be afraid to compliment your mohawk with a beard, mustache, goatee, etc.

22. Dyed Mohawk Fade

Give your mohawk fade some personality with a bit of color, like this highlighted ‘hawk whose curls stand out with bronde.

23. Twisted Mohawk with Fade

This low-maintenance crochet twisted mohawk pops with burnt orange and a thin fade with a sharp shave at the nape of the neck.

24. Thick Mohawk Fade

Your thick hair will look great on a mohawk whose fade has two levels of fade. Use some gel to spike up the crest and keep sides touched up to stay looking fresh.

25. Platinum Mohawk with Fade

Make your mohawk fade stand out by coloring the stripe platinum and giving it wave with texture creme.

Now that you’re all stocked up on mohawk fade variations, it’s just a matter of choosing. And with so many flattering types, you can’t go wrong!