15 Modern Dreadlock Styles for Men to Stand Out in 2023

Hair is something extraordinary. You can tell a lot about someone just by their hair. The way you style it can say a lot about who you are and your personality. Hairstyles that are unique, detailed, and eye-catching may often express more about you than simple words can.

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has always gotten people’s attention and interest because of its distinct attractiveness. Even though they have been around for decades, dreadlocks continue to get a lot of well-deserved attention equally from men and women. If you are interested in adopting this style this year, keep reading, and you’ll find a wide variety of styles for you. 

Creative Dreadlock Styles for Men

This style may be worn in various ways, depending on hair length and type, and You can achieve numerous looks at once.

However, if you pick the proper style, you may dramatically improve your appearance and draw attention to yourself. Here are 15 dreadlock hairstyles for men to give you an idea of how to style your dreadlocks:

1. Short Dread Style

The most common version of the style is short dreadlocks. While men tend to imagine big long dreadlocks, short dreadlocks are more adaptable and sophisticated to wear daily. The sides of the hair are undercut and faded. The appearance is low-maintenance and simple to style because of the length.

2. Long Dreadlocks

Long dreadlocks are the most traditional styles. Staying simple with your dreadlocks is the easiest way to get this look. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort with a traditional dreadlocks hairstyle. Simply let your long curls flow loose, and you’ll look stunning.

3. Medium Length Dread Style for Men

You can wear dreadlocks at any length you want. However, keeping them at shoulder length allows you to wear them up or down without any problem. You’ll discover what works best for you by trying different styles, whether it’s medium, long, or anything else.

4. Braided Dreadlock

Braided dreadlocks have remained popular among men’s hairstyles. Dreaded braids give an already fashionable appearance more individuality and edge.

You can do this design over the head or solely on the scalp. Numerous options are available on the braiding styles, ranging from cornrows to box braids.

5. Dreadlock Man Bun

It’s hard to think of a haircut that doesn’t fit itself into a man bun, and dreadlocks are no exception. This style is a great way to keep your hair in place.

Whether you want it away from your face while working out or give your formal look something extra. 

6. Temp Fade Dread

An all-time favorite all across the world is a temp fade with dreads. This sort of temple fade starts high and looks crisp with any hairdo. For a casual look, keep your dreadlocks short, medium-length, thick, or thin on top, and shape them organically. 

7. Ponytail Dreadlocks

When you draw them back, you don’t have to arrange your dreadlocks into a bun or knot. Instead, pulling your dreadlocks back into a ponytail is a classic look.

No matter how long your dreadlocks are, you can pull off this style. In addition, it’s a versatile style that can lead to many variations in style.

8. Twisted Dreadlocks

With so many mixed varieties of dreadlocks to choose from, the type you choose is determined by the style you want to pull off. Twists are not the same as typical dreadlocks. While both types are roped, twists are a better option if you want a more distinctive design.

9. Dreadlocks Updo

Surprisingly, elaborate workmanship isn’t seen in every style. However, regardless of the length or thickness of your hair, the traditional updo is a look that everyone can do. It’s entirely up to you whether you want a clean half bun or a sloppy half pony. You’ll look fantastic in any case, elegant but not excessive.

10. High Top Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks in a high top are always fashionable. A high-top fade with dreads is a clean, sleek haircut in which the strands on the top of the head are left free and disordered.

Combining high-top dreadlocks with a fade is always a good idea. You can wear the style with short, medium, or long dreadlocks.

11. Mohawk Dreadlock

A trendy and edgy variant of the style is the dread mohawk. The fresh style of the dread mohawk fade mixes cool dreads with a mohawk fade to produce a distinctive look. The taper fade, undercut, or shaved sides are essential for a dreadlock mohawk. In addition, it is a style you can pull off with any length of dreadlocks. 

12. Blonde Dreads

There aren’t as many creative options to wear men’s dreads. But, thankfully, this is one of the most successful styles out there. With the use of some blonde-colored strands or a complete blonde tint, you may make your dreads trendier. To complete the appearance, add an undercut or a nape.

13. Red Dreadlocks

Dyed dreads provide up the possibility for men to take advantage of current coloring trends. But, of course, your unique style will determine the perfect hair color options.

Fortunately, red hair dye makes colored dreadlock styles seem trendy. Use oils, premium shampoos, and strong conditioners to keep your dreadlocks hydrated and healthy while dyeing them. 

14. Dreadlocks with Beard

Dreadlocks and beards are a natural match. A manly, well-kept beard may complement almost any dreadlock style.

A matching beard is the perfect finishing touch, no matter what kind of dreadlocks you have. Your dreadlocks will appear better with a beard, whether it’s stubble, short facial hair, or a longer beard style.

15. Viking Dreadlocks

Overlapping drеаdlocks are amazing. You can make a few marks on the top of your head as a guide and then do your magic. Then you wrap them into a ponytail at the back of the head. This is a terrific Viking dread style for guys with softer hair who want to try a new and intricate dreadlock style.

Dreadlocks have been a fashionable hairstyle for both men and women in recent years. However, Dreadlock hairstyles are eternal when it comes to men’s hairstyles.

While black males are more commonly seen with dreadlocks, men of all races have adopted the style thanks to its unique beauty. 

Men’s dread styles exist in various forms, sizes, and patterns, from short to long, black to blonde, and straight to braid. Rocking your dreadlocks is an excellent way to express yourself because of their intricacy and individuality.