11 Handsome Low Fade Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

Are you confused if you should opt low fade for your curly hair? Is there anything sexier than a man who takes care of the sides on his haircut? Take a look in the mirror. If your sides are looking a little caveman, it’s time for an update.

One of the best and easiest ways you can do that for curly hair is to go for a low fade. The popular modern hairstyle is a tapering of the hair on sides that comes within an inch or two of the hairline. Where it stops is up to you!


The Best Low Fades for Curly Hair

Check out the 11 men’s hairstyles below for ideas on how you can work a low fade into your curly hair.

1. Low Skin Fade for Curly Hair

To get this hot skin fade, ask your barber to cut the hair shorter and shorter as it gets closer and closer to your neck. Leave the curly top as is or use a product to style curls.


2. Low Fade With Curls

Low fades are a little less dramatic but still require some upkeep. If you have thick hair, you’ll love that this style shows it off.


3. Curly Hair with Low Drop Fade

A drop fade gets its name from the fact that its fade disappears behind the ears. It’s a cleaned-up look that’ll have you looking polished and dapper.


4. Short Afro with Low Fade

This short afro fade packs all the detail. Your barber will know how to carry the style into your beard, goatee, etc.


5. Low Faded Curly Hair with Beard

If you have curly hair and facial hair, a fade will make you Viking-hot. Leave your beard longer but trimmed and keep curly hair styled.


6. Curly Hair with Low Taper Fade

One of our favorite looks for curly-haired men. Low taper fades give you a little more hair to work with which is ideal if you don’t want to lose too much, to begin with.


7. Long Curly Hair with Low Fade Bowl Cut

Is your style normally out of the box? Then a low fade bowl cut is what you want for your long curly hair. You’ll still want to use a product to style curls for this look but the finished cut will be bold.


8. Curly Hair with Undercut and Low Fade

Looking for a manly hairstyle you can just roll out of bed with? An undercut and low fade are for you. With minimal styling and flattering details, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go for this cut sooner.


9. Curly Man Bun with Low Fade

With man buns as popular as they are right now, why wouldn’t you want to make them even cooler with a low fade? Feel free to experiment with different levels of fades – any type will work with a bun!


10. Low Bald Fade for Curly Hair

Not only do bald fades accentuate your face shape, but they’re a noticeably subtle way to put easy style into your look if you want something different but not crazy different.


11. Braided Curly Hair with Low Fade

There’s something about braids on a man that are just sexy but paired with a low fade, they’re even more handsome. If you have curly hair, consider two sections of braids for style to go with your edgy fade.

For curly hair, men have plenty of handsome, stylish options for low fades. Try one or try them all, but remember to have fun with it and enjoy the process.