25 Man Bun Braids to Look Uber Stylish

Hot and happening is the best way to describe the man bun braids that are ruling the men’s hairstyle scene right now. Featuring different types of braids and buns on different hair textures and lengths, these trendy, versatile hairdos would be an incredible pick if you are trying to spice up your hairstyle to make a statement.

These edgy and dramatic “dos” are not only striking and a statement-maker, but they are comfortable and low-maintenance too. You wouldn’t have to spend hours and hours maintaining its glamour and appeal!

Also, because these hairstyles are versatile, you can sport a braided bun o any type and length of tresses without dimming its charm and interest.

So, if you are allured by a braided man bun hairstyle and want to rock on your own hair, we have the right ones for you. Our top 25 cool braided bun hairstyles for men will help you find yours in minutes!

Man Bun Braids for All Types of Hair

There are a whole lot of braided man bun hairstyles that you can try. However, if you aren’t sure what type of braids to make or what would suit your style the best, we have got you covered.

Below, you will find out some of the most amazing and interesting man bun braids ideas for different hair types and lengths to take inspiration from.

Keep on reading, you will definitely love these braided man bun hairstyles.

Two Braided Bun for Man

1. Two French Braided Bun

Try something chic and eye-catching in your manes with two alluring french braids tied in a sleek bun. The perfectly knitted braids on the top of your head along with the sexy faded side not only makes the braids more prominent but also attracts enough attention from your peers. This braided bun men hairdo would keep all eyes locked on you, FOR SURE!

2. Double Braided Bun with an Undercut

Make your twin braid bun grab all the attention by pairing them with a sexy, comfortable undercut. The perfect blend of the long braids along with the shorty short undercut makes for a unique combination and provides a super stylish, macho look without even trying too hard.

3. Men’s Dutch Braided Bun

The dutch braids with the blonde highlights will surely ooze up your style and appeal instantly. Featuring a zig-zag middle part and tied up in an updo on the crown, this braided bun hairstyle in men might seem a bit risque. But it looks incredibly fashionable if you can pull it off with ease and confidence.

Black Man Bun with Braids

4. Cornrow Bun in Men

Keep your stubborn black tresses out of your face with an incredible cornrow knot. The intricately-made cornrow braids tied in a wrapped knot not only ensure comfort and easiness but also look as fashionable and cool as ever. Pair this hairdo with any outfits, its appeal won’t dim a bit.

5. Braided Men Bun for Long Hair

Long braided manes look chic and classy. And when you combine them with an equally stylish top bun, it’s oh-so-fantastic. Pairing your long black braids with a top knot is not only fashionable but it is practical also. This hairdo would keep all your long tresses away from your neck and face and provide incredible comfort and style.

6. Braided Bun on Bald Head

Deciding to braid only the top of your head while keeping the rest of the head bald and clean can create an interesting and visually appealing look. The few thin, little braids let you add edginess and definition to your otherwise “not-so-rememberable” outlook and help you to make a statement whenever you step out.

Man Bun with Short Braids

7. Cornrow Man Braid Bun in Short Hair

Add flair and dimension to your super short tresses with some cornrows tied up in a bun. Get creative while making the cornrows to make your hairstyle even more stylish and flattering on your manes. Play with the part design while making the braids to switch up your look every now and then without much work.

8. Braided Man Bun with a Fade Design

Spice up your short hair braided bun with some hair art in it. Tell your hairdresser to make a suitable hair art on the faded sides to not only make your hairdo stand out in the crowd but also to provide a very personal touch to it. Customize the art with your vibe for an even better outlook.

9. Braids with Mini Man Bun

A mini braided bun can accentuate your short fine tresses like none other. The thinner, smaller braids on the top of your head and the tiny bun right on the crown create a striking feature and provide just the right amount of visual interest in your hair. With this braided “do”, you can look super handsome without even having too many tresses.

10. Blond Box Braids + Bun

Why play safe when you have the option to make a boxy braided man bun in your short hair?

This incredibly versatile man braid bun is popular and protective and looks great on various hair textures and lengths. Paired with blonde highlights, it makes you stand out in the crowd and draws positive attention from the onlookers like never before.

Braided Man Bun with Fade

11. Front Row Man Braid Bun with Faded Sides

Keep your man braid bun hairstyle tidy and neat with perfectly trimmed faded sides. The two rows of precisely-made french braids tied up on the crown in a bun offer the right amount of appeal and interest in your hair and ensure comfort instantly. You can make the braids with a bit of gel or hair cream for an even sleeker and shinier appearance.

12. Small Braids With Faded Sides

Keeping the braids smaller and more noticeable is an incredible choice to make if you want a cool, subtle bun hair look in your short tresses. Knitted in different designs and having close fades in the sides, this braided bun hairstyle aims for a very interesting contrast in your hair and creates a neater and more polished outlook to flaunt.

13. Faded Sides with Mixed Braided Bun

This mixed braided man bun is interesting to look at and gives your hair a unique finish. The two thin, precise cornrows just in the center accompanied by two splendid dutch braids are incredibly versatile and make for an eye-catching hairstyle without much effort. And when you make these braids with perfectly faded sides, it not only ensures a structured appearance but reduces the daily grooming time too.

French Braided Bun for Man

14. Messy Bun with Side French Braids

If you are a fan of Vikings, a messy bun with side braids is just the right hairstyle for you to flaunt. Create a few classic french braids here and there in your long, silky manes. and them tie them together over the nape of your neck in a bun to create a rugged appearance. Create this style in unwashed and unbrushed hair for an even better appeal.

15. Simple Braided Man Bun

You don’t always have to make intricate braids or over-the-top buns to create an appealing braided bun hairstyle in your tresses. A simple French braid, a top knot, and a few loose strands to frame your face- are all you need for an easy yet impactful style. You might also add some highlights to make the braid stand out better.

16. Man Bun with Triple Braids

Create something interesting and textured in your hair with a triple French braid man bun. The large, more prominent braid in the middle accompanied by two thinner ones at the sides not only give an illusion of more hair on your head but also create an incredible dramatic outlook for a bold and masculine appearance.

Dutch Braided Bun for Man

17. Man Bun with All-over Dutch Braids

All-over Dutch braids with a braided bun would surely make for an interesting look. It is masculine and fashion-forward and gives dimension to your whole hairdo. The braids on the top and sides of your head work for any hair texture and look incredibly good with any casual or high-street outfits you wear. Keep an eye on the detailing, and you would rule the scene, without a DOUBT.

18. Twin Dutch Braid

Experiment with your regular hairstyle and add a pair of dutch braids to it. The twin braids on each side of the perfect center part tied up in a high bun make you look smart and sexy.  It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, this man braid bun hairstyle will always enhance your appearance greatly.

19. Dutch Braid Bun with Shaved Sides

This braided man bun hairstyle is very interesting. It not only has precisely-made dutch braids on the top but also features a downside-up back braid tied together in a ban for a very extraordinary look. All these braids along with the completely shaved sides would garner a lot of attention and keep the spotlight fixed on you always.

Braided Man Bun with Weave

20. Weave Braided Half-Updo

When you are a fan of elaborated hairstyles, don’t hesitate to try out this weaved braided half-updo in your tresses. The matching and contrasting box braid weaves along with the super long length make for a grandeur appearance and will surely call for attention wherever you go.

21. Cornrow Weave Half Knot

Cornrow braids are one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles for braided buns. They look flattering on any type and length of hair. However, for a dramatic half-updo, don’t hesitate to add weave in your manes. The weaved cornrows will make the half bun look bigger and more impressive and ensure a very masculine outlook.

22. Weaved Braided Bun for Men

A fluffy bun with loads of precisely created braids can make a statement easier than ever. If you are someone who loves attention and compliments, you should definitely try this weaved man bun with braids in your hair. It will give your hair a modern yet edgy finish in no time.

Braided Bun for White Guy

23. Intricate Man Bun with Braids

The intricate, closely-knitted braids with a top bun can be a bold and distinct look for any white man out there. Featuring well-defined and even braids on the top of the head, this braided man bun hairstyle will surely make you stand in the crowd instantly. Also, you can play with the braid design for a more personalized look.

24. High Knot Man Bun

Box braids are not only for black men. You can also make these amazing braids in your hair and tie them in a top knot to cut a striking picture and get noticed instantly. This uber-cool hairstyle is a simple yet sophisticated approach to flaunt your long tresses stylishly while keeping the vibe easy and comfortable like never before.

25. Sleek Dutch Braided Man Bun

This amazing white man braided bun is versatile and visually appealing. The contrast between the all-over dutch braids and the sleek bun creates a very interesting and relaxed outlook and provides a comfortable vibe easily. Create it in long tresses or shorter ones, its aura would remain the same!

Even though creating a man bun with braids seem a daunting task at first, with time and expertise you would learn to make these hairstyles exquisitely. And with our braided bun guide, you would never feel out of ideas when it comes to adorning your tresses with a braid bun hairdo. Choose any of these styles according to your hair and demand and flaunt it proudly to wherever you go.