20 Fabulous Box Braids for Men in 2023

Box braids are not only highly popular for women but also for men. While celebrities like ASAP Rocky and The Weeknd debuted these knitted hairstyles, men all over the world started fancying them even more.

As the man bun trend seems to fade, the box braids for men seem to take over and fascinate even more guys who want to be all modern and hyped.

However, copying your favorite star box braid hairstyle for men might require some time and effort, depending on the hair quantity you possess. You need to make a few steps to get fabulous knits, and we’re going to walk you through all of them in the article below.

1. Box Braids with Fade

As a guy with short hair, you might need some help to extend your braids. Jumbo hair is the perfect solution when you’re building box braids for men. Get an undercut for both sides and back, style a curved line design, and give your beard a thickened aspect and some contour with some hair fibers.

2. Short Box Braids for Man

Braids can help you style a fabulous block-cut shape. Part the hair in small sections, go for an undercut with a high taper fade and insert some white threads into your knits to spice them up.

3. Box Braids for Man with Long Hair

You don’t necessarily need long hair and bleach to pull off these statement blonde box braids for men. Get a nice fade on the sides and only knit the top by adding some Jumbo hair. Pin the whole thing in a ponytail and spare a few braids that you’ll use to wrap the pony at the base.

4. Box Braids for Black Man

Define the edges of your hairstyle and beard with hair fibers, creating a beautiful outline. As for the top braids, create square sections before feeding in your braids. Gather them in a messy bun in the midsection area.

5. Box Braids with Triangle Part

Triangle parting looks so edgy and cool and even if it takes more time to pull off, it definitely worths the effort. Once the knitting is done, spare four strands from the forehead and pin the rest into a tight bun.

6. Box Braids for Curly Hair

ASAP Rocky’s braids are skyrocketing the braiding trends and most black men want to copy his hairstyle. You can try all sorts of parting: tringles, like the one above, or squared and oval sectioning, if you think this represents you best.

7. Box Braids for Man with Straight Hair

Another thing you need to know about box braids for men is that your hair needs to be carefully prepped before starting to braids. Remember that scalp hydration is essential because you don’t want to get flakes.

8. Man with Big Box Braids

An undercut on one side of the head will create such a stunning contrast between the razored side and the chunky box braids. The hairstyle looks awesome with glasses and suits also men with glasses and thick beards.

9. Small Box Braids

Even white guys are going crazy over these medium-length braids. Section the hair in squares and braid the hair in the direction you want them to fall. Secure the ends with thin rubber bands.

10. Man Bun with Box Braids

Even a woman will be jealous of this absolutely impressive braided hairstyle. If you want your braids to look eye-popping, make them tight and chunky, and make sure that once you reach the ends, you tuck in all the threads that pop out.

11. Box Braids for White Man

Such intricate box braids require some capable hands because the procedure is quite fastidious. First, you need to part the hair into triangles and feed in the braid with jumbo gray hair. Once you are done, part the braids again in two sections and build two French braids, adding silver Jumbo hair. Tie the whole construct in a massive bun in the back.

12. Box Braids with Beads

Get a low undercut that goes just two fingers above the ears and create small square partings for the braids. Make them tight and decorate with golden hair jewelry. If you don’t want to secure them with elastics, you can dip the tips into boiling water.

13. Box Braids with Beard

Combining the man bun and the box braids is probably the most fashionable hairdo in 2023. If you want a manly look, go for a three-day stubble beard with a great outline and a mustache.

14. Box Braided Ponytail for Man

A box braided ponytail looks stunning with an undercut. To spice it up a little bit, use ombre Jumbo hair extensions that have dark blue tips. The knits will look flawless if you choose not to secure them and dip the tips into hot water.

15. Box Braids with Undercut

Half up half down hairstyles work hand in hand with thick black box braids. The knits are perfect for black men who want to protect and grow their hair and need a break from styling their Afro-American tresses.

16. Man Box Braids with Design

There is also some alternative to Jumbo hair, and in the example below, you will see that this hairstyle involves textile threads instead of hair. As with synthetic hair extensions, you can use these threads to build the braids and even mix more colors.

17. Half Up Box Braids for Man

Messy buns that are made out of thick black braids will make your face look slimmer, elongating it. You can wash them once a week, and you can keep this hairstyle between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

18. Box Braids with Shaved Sides

If contrast is what you want, you better not be afraid of shaving your head. Keep only the top and create even pasting sections for the braids. Wear the knits on your back, and secure the top in a half ponytail.

19. Box Braids with Weave

To obtain this fabulous look, you will need to buy a pack of silver-gray Jumbo hair. Shave the sides and back and use the weave to create the braids for the top.  A thick beard with clear outlines will also add a bonus point to your transformation.

20. Box Braided Top Knot for Man

If you are not afraid of drastic changes, you should know that red and yellow make such a fine pair when it comes to creating stunning colored box braids for men. Evenly add the colors and extend your hair. You can wear the braids loose, on the back or on one side, or gather them in a bun.

Because box braids are really versatile and fresh, the styling options are so many. The sectioning part may vary from triangles shapes to squares and even circles. Also, you don’t need to neglect the sides. Try all sorts of taper fades, or even go for a bald razored cut if you’re feeling bold. Either way, tell us in the comments which were your picks.