25 Top Hairstyles for Asian Men to Look Sharp in 2023

With the impact of hair fashion trends such as Korean Pop in recent years, Asian haircuts have become quite fashionable. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most fabulous Asian men’s haircuts from nations around Asia, including Japan, Korea, and China. So, you might be inspired by these hairdo options.

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular Asian men’s haircuts. If you’re undecided about what sort of haircut to have the next time you go to the barber, this list of styles will assist you in making your selection. This year’s trends are focused on volume and innovation, focusing on tidy, buzzed necklines.

Asian Men Haircuts and Hairstyles

Asian men’s hair culture has finally arrived, and we now have a lot of style options for Asian guys worldwide. Because Asian men’s hair is often thick and straight, they can wear practically any hairdo. As a result, Asian men’s haircuts are pretty diverse. There are also excellent styling options for Asian men’s haircuts with long, short, and medium-length hair.

1. Short Hair for Asian Men

Short haircuts for Asian guys can range from tidy and elegant to chaotic and trendy. Various styles are available with short hair like the buzzcut, side split, and even a variation of spiky hair. A nice short haircut has the advantage of being easy to manage, allowing Asian men to control their wild hair with fewer products.

2. Long Hair Style

Asian guys have the potential to grow thick, straight, and gorgeous hair. Because Asian hair adapts itself so nicely to lengthy hairstyles, it’s no wonder that it made our list.

There are long Asian hairstyles to fit your preferences. Whether you want a long slicked back undercut, a wild man bun, a loose ponytail, or even long layers with some texture on top.

3. Medium-Length Asian Hairstyle

Medium-length haircuts for Asian guys are highly adaptable and provide a multitude of fantastic possibilities. In reality, a proper haircut may help you achieve several of the most fashionable looks.

Asian men, for example, can add texture to their hair by growing it out on top and going for a sloppy, tousled look that is both casual and trendy. 

4. Undercut Style for Asian Guys

The undercut is a short haircut on the sides that accentuates the longer hair on top while reducing the length and thickness of the hair on the sides. The undercut usually starts high on the sides and reduces the hair too short. On the other hand, men can also try an undercut fade to taper the sides.

5. Asian Quiff Hairstyle

The current quiff may be fashioned with short or long hair on top and fading sides, making it one of the most fabulous hairstyles for guys with thick hair. Create a line around the hairline and temples for a more polished look. This is definitely a good hairstyle for Asian guys.

6. Comb Over Style for Asian Men

Comb overs are one of the most popular Asian men’s haircuts worldwide. A comb-over is an excellent option for Asian men who want to be versatile with their haircuts. It works well as a professional business appearance while also being a hip haircut in social situations. You can get the best of both worlds with this hairdo.

7. Man Bun for Asian Guys

The hair is twisted into a loose man bun at the top of the head, making this look enviably soft. It’s simple to style; all you have to do is draw it back with your hands and tie it in a knot. Because this romantic design needs a lot of long hair, it’s best for individuals who want to try a more laid-back approach.

8. Asian Men Pompadour Hairstyle

Surprisingly, the pompadour is mainly about fashion. The cut is straightforward, with short sides and a long top. You can use any length to the sides, and it’d still look good. There are several varieties to it. For example, it might be short or long. In addition, you can try to do it unconnected or combined with an undercut.

9. Fade Haircut for Asian Men

Asian men can use fading with a variety of hairstyles. This simple cut has a definite masculine edge without being bland or uninteresting.

Several options are available with this hairdo, including low, mid, high, skin fade, and even taper fade. This is a great no-nonsense appearance for a man who doesn’t want to waste time looking smart. 

10. Side Part Hairstyle

For guys, the Asian side part is a tried and true haircut. However, if you want a more conventional haircut, the typical side part is hard to go wrong with. Whether you split all of your hair to one side with a precise finish or leave it slightly loose and messy, the side part hairstyle offers effortless styling.  

11. Bowl Cut Style

The traditional bowl cut reaches mid-forehead and stays the same length all the way around your head. It’s comparable to a short fringe.

Bowl cuts were long thought to be a remnant of the 1990s. This style, on the other hand, feels now super-trendy and up-to-date. This is a beautiful appearance for any guy who enjoys being the center of attention.

12. Highlights for Asian Men

Hair highlights for men are making a big comeback, even though blonde highlights for guys have long been popular. The most popular colored hairstyles focus on maintaining a natural appearance.

The most significant thing is that you can apply highlights to any hair length, kind, or texture, so Asian guys with thick straight hair will have no trouble getting their hair colored.

13. Ponytail for Asian Guys

Man ponytails are more adaptable than you would expect. This style can work with a wide range of hair types. Finding the right ponytail for your face, hair type, and hair length is vital to nailing this style. Using a flat iron to straighten the hair before gathering it into a ponytail is an expert tip for a ponytail on Asian hair.

14. Mohawk Style for Asian Men

This hairstyle is adventurous and one-of-a-kind. This mohawk hairstyle is ideal for the type of man who likes to do things independently. Although the architectural lines are etched into the side, it’s inaccurate.

This type of appearance, out of all the Asian hairstyles, can be homemade with just a pair of clippers and a mirror.

15. Crew Cut Style

For Asian men, the crew cut is the ideal low-maintenance haircut. The traditional crew cut hairstyle requires little styling with a high fade on the sides and short hair on top.If you want more style options, leave the hair on top a couple of inches long, but you may also go for a buzz cut.

16. Two Block Hairstyle for Asian Guys

The two-block hairstyle is one of the most popular hairdos among Asian males. The stunning Korean two-block haircut may be made and styled in various ways as a trendsetting hairstyle.

It’s a hairstyle paired with a longer top paired with short, thin, or shaved sides and lower back hair. You might call it a more refined form of the undercut.

17. Bro Flow for Asian Men

The bro flow has been seen on heads worldwide, and it’s infusing a new attitude into men’s hair. A bro flow length is medium to long and can maintain its natural form without handling it too much.

The bro flow is all about a laidback and rustic style, unlike other popular styles like the pompadour and undercut, which reflect a sleek and elegant image.

18. Messy Hairstyle

Nothing beats a messy haircut for Asian guys in a casual, charming, and relaxed appeal. These laid-back looks are so charming that you’ll be sure to attract attention and never have another terrible hair day.

Whether you’re going out with the guys, on a business occasion or a romantic date, this haircut is ideal for keeping things simple.

19. Hairstyle with Beards for Asian Guys

This rough, manly facial hair choice is ideal for giving any man’s face definition. However, choosing a flattering hairstyle can help you get the most out of your new beard. There are various methods to style your hair when sporting a beard, from short styles like the buzz cut to long man buns.

20. Asian Faux Hawk Style

Although Korean haircuts are highly diverse, the faux hawk style is one that no one can resist. When paired with an Asian low fade, this cut is fashionable and simple to style and maintain. Working some hair gel into your damp hair and styling it upwards is all you need to look sophisticated and sexy.

21. Gray Hairstyle for Asian Men

Gray haircuts have a unique appeal, giving the men who wear them a seductive but soft appeal. Silver hair is a symbol of knowledge, maturity, and refinement, as well as a marker of age. Gray hairstyles for Asian men have been increasingly trendy in recent years. There’s something very appealing about the appearance, and everyone can rock it.

22. Round Face Hairstyles

Full cheekbones and rounded jaws are features of men with round faces. You can try with some variations of an undercut, like a quiff or a faux hawk. Finding the best hairstyles for guys with round features may be difficult since you need to choose one that will help you achieve a balanced face shape.

23. Spiky Hairstyles for Asian Guys

One of the most famous Asian men’s hairstyles is spiky hair. Modern spiked-up haircuts have brought many new cuts and styles to spiky hairstyles that have been popular for years.

Short spiky hair looks great, for example, with a taper fade or undercut and an untidy and textured on top. You can even combine the style with some more length on top to make it more visual.

24. Fringe Styles for Asian Guys

One of the most popular haircuts for Asian guys nowadays is the fringe. A fringe haircut might be an excellent alternative for males with bangs since it is modern and fashionable. 

Fringe hairstyles can be used with curly, wavy, short, or long hair, giving men a variety of appearances. Mix it with a fade or undercut on the sides, add an angular, sloppy, or textured fringe to the top.

25. Curly Hairstyle for Asian Men

Wear your hair textured and disheveled if it’s naturally wavy or curly. If you have longer hair on top than on the sides, this variety of hairstyles works fantastic. Plus, you don’t have to cut your curly hair short trying to make it stylish. Instead, you may style it in a fashionable man ponytail and pair it with an edgy undercut.

After you’ve gone through our list, it’s time to look into new men’s haircut trends. Korean haircuts and hairstyles for men, as seen on K-pop singers, are becoming more popular. These Asian haircuts provide alternatives, whether you desire a Korean short, medium or long hairstyle for men. This way, you’ll be done quickly and ready to flaunt your new look.