18 Best Medium Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

A medium layered hair with bangs is one of the easiest hairstyles to consider. Hairstyles with a medium length are easy to maintain. It is also a good length to style without being too much of a hassle! Bangs meanwhile, are a good option to frame around your face nicely.

If you’re searching for inspirations on medium layered hair with bangs, take a look at some of our best collections below! You might just find the next hairstyle that you want to visit the hairdresser for!

1. Medium Layered Hair With Side Bangs

You only need to give your hair a unique color to make a simple medium layered hairstyle unique. This lady here even wears it with side bangs to amp her hairdo up!


2. Medium Blonde Layers With Bangs

Who would have known that medium-length blonde hair can look so good with these careful layering?


3. Curly Medium Hair With Bangs And Layers

Even if your hair is curly, you can still wear it as a low-maintenance look. Just give your locks a trim if it starts to get too long.


4. Shoulder Length Layered Wavy Hair With Bangs

Doesn’t this hairstyle make you think of the summer breeze? It must be the waviness in the ends of the hair, if nothing else!


5. Layered Hairs With Bangs For Medium Fine Hair

Even if your hair is of a very fine nature, you can still use the layered look to make it look like your hair is framing your face.


6. Layered Hair With Bangs For Thick Medium Hair

Go for a casual messy-hair-don’t-care look with your medium length hair! Ladies with thicker hair can get this look almost naturally. You only need the hair length!


7. Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Side Swept Bangs

Frame your face with wavy bangs at the side. If your hair is naturally wavy, you might even discover that the rest of your medium length hair frames your face nicely too!


8. Medium Hair With Short Layers And Bangs

Not a big fan of the wavy bangs? How about something that appears more even? You can highlight your hair in vibrant colors to make your style more unique.


9. Medium Layered Hair With Wispy Bangs

Wispy is certainly the right word to describe these unique bangs! The transition between black and wine red is so subtle here, the hairstyle just looks naturally awesome. We love it!


10. Medium Layers With Bangs For Round Face

Here’s a trick – when your face is more rounded than long, you can use layered bangs and hair length to frame your facial features. Try it yourself to see how it works!


11. Updos For Medium Layered Hair With Bangs

Layering your hair also means that you have varying hair lengths from the top of your head to the ends of your hair. This is why you can leave the sides hanging free while you tie up the top segment!


12. Asian Medium Layered Hair With Bangs

If you like subtle curls on your hair, this is a way that you can curl them to create these layered medium curl looks. Try curling more hair at each section to create the appearance of thicker curls!


13. Choppy Layered With Bangs

You may need to iron and curl your hair a little to get this look. Since the length and direction of each layered hair segment aren’t even, your hair will have a unique textured look that no one can turn away from.


14. Medium Layered Bob With Bangs

Medium layered curly bobs are fine too! When you have tight curls around your face, it gives you a youthful look – especially when you pair it with straight bangs at the top!


15. Layered Medium Hair With Bangs For Woman Over 50

Get some loose curls midway down your hair to achieve this beautiful look. You can choose to highlight your hair with a lighter color to better conceal any white hairs, or you can leave it natural too.


16. Shoulder Length Layers With Long Bangs

Want a style that looks more casual and friendly? Keep that medium-length to shoulder-length at least. Bangs with this length – right around the level of the brows – are perfect to complement these layers!


17. Layered Medium Hair With Straight Bangs

Why take so much time to think about whether or not hairstyles featuring medium layered hair with bangs is right for you? Thick hair or thin hair, tight curls or loose curls, everything works perfectly as you can see in this picture.


18. Layered Medium Dark Hair With Bangs

With this hairstyle, you don’t need full bangs. You can have it lose and scattered to give the illusion of thick hair even when your hair is actually rather thin!


So, which hairstyle for medium layered hair with bangs from this list did you like the best? Remember, you can always ask your hairdresser for recommendations for your hair type before you commit to your decision fully. After all, they should know better!