Medium Curly Hairstyles: 25 Ways to Rock Your Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

Shoulder length curly hair is trendy among young women at the moment. It has become the go-to hairstyle for dates, work, and any other event in between. Want to know why? This is because medium curly hairstyles are easy to style, whether you came from a swim or just got out of bed. Most times, the curly hairstyles last longer than a few months.

All you have to do to maintain this gorgeous look is get trims at the salon every few weeks. With all the benefits to your natural hair, you are ready to show off your beautiful curls to the world!

The key to rocking this medium curly hairstyle is confidence enough with the length. That way, you can have fun with the different curly hairstyles available to try. Here are 25 medium curly haircuts and styles that’ll go great with all your outfits this season.

1. Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Bangs

Looking to spice up your curly hair? Try adding bangs to the shoulder-length hairstyle for a spunky look. This is the best hairstyle to try to bring out your facial features.

2. Medium Curly Hair with Layers

Curls blend perfectly with a medium-cut hairstyle. Add a few layers to it, and voila — your curls are much fuller. Match this with a cute outfit, and you’re good to go!

3. Curly Updo for Medium Hair

Want to try an edgy look to go with your curls? This medium length curly hairstyle is a must to try. Place some bangs at the front and add a high bun.

4. Mid Length Thick Curly Hair

If you have thick hairstyling, it short is just what you need. Curly hair looks good in a short style and is easy to take care of them. It’s also great for the gym.

5. Shoulder Length Dark Curly Hair

Low-maintenance hairstyles are popular for obvious reasons. A shoulder-length curly hairstyle will look banging on you. To style, it just lay the dark curls on either side of your face.

6. Medium Curly Bun

A medium curly bun is an elegant look to go with any outfit. Other than being simple, it needs little work to maintain. This the best curly hairstyle to bring out your face shape.

7. Half Up Curls for Medium Hair

Want something different from the average curly hairstyle? Try a shoulder-length curly hairstyle with a single braid at the top. This look is simple yet beautiful at the same time.

8. Side Part Curly Hair

To spice up your curly hairstyle, try adding a bold color like blonde or red. Style the hair in a side part for an edgy look. It is sure to bring out your natural beauty.

9. Medium Curly Hair with Dark Root

Girls with curly hair can dye it in a range of colors. With dark roots, the curls stand out to give off an exotic look. This curly hairstyle goes well with minimal makeup.

10. Shoulder Length Thin Curly Hair

Are you interested in a simple hairstyle for the summer? Give this thin curly hairstyle a try; it is carefree and easy to maintain. You can rock this classic look during any season.

11. Medium Curly Hair for Asian Woman

Let your curls flow with medium-length curly hair. Asian women have soft silky hair that always looks great with curls. The small waves add a youthful touch to the look.

12. Medium Length Curly Hair with Weave

Want a protective curly hairstyle? Get yourself a weave that makes sure to protect your natural hair. This curly hairstyle for medium hair will look great on you if you have a small face.

13. Medium Curly Hair for Round Face

Beautiful blonde curls are sure to turn heads when you go out. This medium hairstyle is the best look for round faces; pair it with nude lipstick for a bold statement.

14. Shoulder Length Curly Ponytail

Is your curly hairstyle getting in your way? Try tying your curls into a ponytail hairstyle. If you want to get the curls out of your face, a hair tie is essential.

15. Medium Curly Hair with Highlights

For an edgy look, try coloring your new curly hairstyle. Going blonde on parts of the hair makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s better than the same old colored style.

16. Mid Length Brown Curly Hair

Mixing brown and black curls is sure to bring out an edgy hairstyle. This style is excellent if you want to try something new with your curls. It will compliment your beautiful face.

17. Medium Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Want an elegant curly hairstyle for your wedding? Hold up both sides of your hair with a cute pin and leave the rest of the curls open to flow effortlessly.

18. Curly Crochet Hair

Curly crochet hair is your best friend if you want your natural hair to rest. This shoulder-length curly hairstyle looks good with more curls to one side. Try this funky style next time.

19. Curly Ombre Hair

Looking for a new curly hairstyle this season? Adding ombre colors is a unique take to a basic medium length hairstyle. It will make the curls more stunning for an edgy look.

20. Loose Curls for Shoulder Length Hair

A shoulder-length curly bob hairstyle looks good on slender faces. If you don’t want curls, try loose curls for a change. Add a few bangs at the front, and you have a new go-to look.

21. Curly Pigtails

This half braid and low pigtail style are perfect for a sunny day. The curly pigtail is a hassle-free look that keeps the curls away from your face. Plus, it is too adorable.

22. Medium Length Curly Braid

A beautiful look to try is the medium-length curly hairstyle. One way to style it is by adding a braid in the middle part to make the curly hair stand out more.

23. Medium Curly Blonde Hair

For the women who don’t want a long curly look, this shoulder-length curly hairstyle is perfect for you to try. A blonde color brings out your eye color and facial structure.

24. Black Medium Curly Hair

You can never go wrong with black hair, then add curly strands for a more stunning medium length hairstyle. Rock it with a bold red lip for a classy look.

25. Middle Part Curly Hair

For a simple everyday look, part your hair right in the middle. This curly hairstyle takes less than a minute to achieve and blends well with minimal makeup and accessories.